Action Replay Rom Gamecube

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Action Replay

Also known as: Pro Action Replay (JP)
Developer: Datel
Publishers: Datel (US/EU), Karat (JP)
Platforms: Unlicensed GameCube, Unlicensed Wii
Released in JP: 2003
Released in US: November 3, 2003
Released in EU: 2003

This game has a hidden developer message.
This game has regional differences.
This game has revisional differences.

Action Replay MAX (2003) Action Replay MAX EVO (2004) Action Replay MAX EVO (2009) Xbox. Action Replay (2002) Action Replay MAX; GameCube. Action Replay (2003; later Wii firmware blocks this on consoles running in GameCube mode - specifically, the updated MIOS blocks this, but if you're in a position to rectify that, you don't need to anymore).

The GameCube Action Replay was originally announced in North America under the GameShark brand, but this never materialized as InterAct went defunct shortly after, leading Datel to market the device themselves using its original name.

Hidden Message

Present at offset 0xA0 of the 2007 variant of the Action Replay disc is a message from Datel, asking Nintendo not to block their product in future Wii system updates.

Gamecube action replay rom dolphin

A later Wii system update blocked Action Replay.

Regional Differences

To do:

The Japanese release of the 2003 variant has one less main menu option.

Action Replay Rom Ps2

Revisional Differences

Following a series of updates, the 2007 variant is a substantial overhaul:

  • Wii compatibility (until Nintendo blocked it).
  • Redesigned, more colorful menus.
  • The notorious removal of the ability to enter your own codes.
  • Integrated SD Media Launcher functionality.
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