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Here's my plan/ideas if I/anyone works on this:
New Years (would trigger at midnight)
Fishing Tourney (win)
Boy's Festival (Buy a Samurai Suit)
Girl's Festival (Buy a Hinaningyo)
Cherry Blossom Festival
Mushrooming Season (Find all 5 mushrooms on one day)
Halloween (Get a Spooky Series item from Jack)
Toy Day
Villager in an igloo during winter
An event I have marked as 'event' where you get a present in the mail from a villager of the opposite gender.
First bug
Half bugs
All 32 bugs
First fish
Half fish
All 32 fish
Nook upgrades:
Nooks Cranny -> Nook 'n' Go
NnG -> Nookway
Nookway -> Nookingtons
Paying for your house:
initial loan
1st expansion
2nd expansion
I think that's it in AF?
Special Visiting Characters:
Cray Redd
Casual Friday (Take off uniform while working)
Retirement (Finish Job)
Striking Gold (Dig up 1,000 bells from a glowing spot)
Exterminator (Kill 2 cockroaches in your house)
Get reprimanded from Mr. Resetti
Make a Villager angry
Have KK Slider play KK Song (Totaka's Song)
Get a fossil identified
Get all bells from a money rock
Get stung by bees
Something with the Happy Room Academy (certain score?)
Something with the Famicom Games (suggested by Euclide)

The Sino-Singapore Jingwei client (Wu Xiaowei) was released for half a month, an increase of more than 80%. Are you excited about such a financial product? Such a product has been on sale recently, but it is neither a stock nor a fund, but a game.

I just want to confirm if it's worth getting 3.0 for Animal Forest translated rom. Animal Forest (Doubutsu No Mori) english patch rom crash #43. (make sure the file extension is.n64) and it should work:) thanks and keep up the great work! Animal Forest N64 English Cart. Animal Forest English Translation with download SpaceTrixx. Visiting Resetti in. Animal Crossing/Forest N64 Rom English Translated (Link In. old N64 game looks pretty good, except for the inventory screen which is completely black or corrupted depending on which video plugin. Some elements on this page did not load. Because of gamebreaking glitches including a softlock in dialogs and a hardlock when loading the character, the English translation isn't compatible with the set. If a completely working patch is known it will be added. If you play on RAProject64 please use GLideN 4.0. It doesn't crash and the graphics are fine. English existed for Animal Crossing: Population Growing and after that. ROMs are Read Only Memory, is usually obtained from the game's ROM itself. So no, there is no English Doubutsu no Mori, or Doubutsu no Mori e+ (the e+ was on GC, and the original was the one on N64). Dōbutsu no Mori e+ (どうぶつの森e+1), often called Animal Forest e+ by English-speaking fans, is a Japan exclusive update of the GameCube port. When Nintendo decided to port Animal Forest+ to the GameCube, the American version, Animal Crossing, had much more content than the Japanese version. Nintendo of Japan was so impressed with the results of the translation done by Nintendo of.

This game is called 'Gather!' 'Animal Forest Friends' is a new work released by Nintendo's nearly 20-year-old 'Animal Forest' series on March 20. Therefore, the game is referred to as 'Animal Forest' by the majority of players. It is a game with small animals. In the slow-paced game of operating life on an uninhabited island, the pre-sale price of the physical cassette is about 320 yuan.

Netizens rose to 600 yuan in half a month

The release of 'Animal Forest' means 'out of the circle', and related content can be seen everywhere on platforms such as Weibo, WeChat Circle of Friends, and Station B. Even the scene of reselling kohlrabi in the game is on the 'hot search'. Sina Weibo netizens who are already on the island said, 'The biggest fun is not competition and fighting, but tranquility and comfort. I have been playing for almost a week, and my mood is getting better every day.'

Animal forest n64 english patch download

Due to the huge sales during the epidemic and the lack of stock, the price of this game cartridge kept rising. The Sino-Singapore Jingwei client search e-commerce platform found that most of the hot sellers have adjusted the price to about 600 yuan, which is an increase of more than 80% compared with the pre-sale price. There are also e-commerce sellers with a price of more than 400 yuan. After inquiry, they learned that it is the pre-sale price, and they can only ship it on April 30.

E-commerce platform screenshot

'Has it risen to 600 yuan? When I bought it, I used a coupon of about 330 yuan.' Xiao Hao, an 8-day player of 'Shangdao', told the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client that he saw that the current price has a financial success. feel. Like Xiao Hao, many netizens call 'Animal Forest' a financial product. Some netizens felt that it was not suitable for them to buy the game immediately, 'I bought it for 350 yuan, sold it for 495, and made more than 100.'

Baidu Post Bar Screenshot

According to a report from the Securities Daily, the average return of 3,175 brokerages with reasonable financial products with data available in February was 1.13%, that is to say, the growth of 'Animal Forest' in half a month has outperformed wealth management products.

According to the Japanese video game magazine 'Fami Pass', 'Animal Mori Club' was only sold for three days, and the physical version of the cassette sales in Japan reached 1.88 million sets, plus the digital version of the total sales of about 2.5 million sets, driving the Switch The sales volume of the main engine has soared to nearly 400,000 sets. At the same time, the first week after the release of the game also topped the sales list in the UK, becoming the fastest-selling game in the history of Nintendo Switch.

Switch host breaks sales record price increase by nearly 80%

Animal Forest English Patch Download

E-commerce platform screenshot

The popularity of the game has driven the host to sell well. Netizens said that there are only two kinds of people around now: those with Switch and those without Switch. Nintendo's official website shows that the recommended retail price of the Switch host is 299.99 US dollars (about 2130 yuan), but the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client searched multiple domestic e-commerce platforms and found that the price of the non-National Bank version of the Switch host has exceeded 3800 yuan, an increase of nearly 80%, some merchants are out of stock. Similarly, another Switch game 'Fitness Adventure' also sold hot during the epidemic, rising from about 527 yuan to nearly 1,800 yuan.

This hot market has spread to the world. Media reports said that Nintendo issued a statement acknowledging that the Switch in multiple US retail channels has been sold out and promised to publish as soon as possible to meet user needs. On third-party platforms such as Amazon, the cheapest price of the Switch is $ 460, which is much higher than the recommended retail price.

Due to Nintendo's launch of two new color-matched Switch Lite, the launch of the Animal Forest Limited Edition Switch, and other popular games, the Switch and Lite models sold more than 390,000 units in a week, breaking the Switch in March 2017 Initial sales.

The two games are transformed into 'financial products' with the console. How big is the Switch game market? According to Nintendo ’s financial report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2020 disclosed on January 30, as of the end of 2019, Nintendo Switch ’s total sales had reached 52.48 million units, and game software sales had reached 310 million copies. Nintendo ’s net sales in the new fiscal year were 1,022.6 billion yen, a year-on-year increase of 2.5% (the same period last year was 997.3 billion yen), and operating income was 262.9 billion yen, a year-on-year increase of 19.5% (the same period last year was 220 billion JPY).

How about the National Bank switch?Heavy players don't buy it

Under the good conditions, Nintendo raised its performance forecast for the March 2020 period. The person in charge said that by March 31, 2020, the Switch's sales are expected to increase from 18 million units to 19.5 million units. Sales forecasts for related games have also increased from 125 million to 140 million.

So, what is the prospect of Nintendo Switch games in the Chinese market? According to media reports, Nintendo ’s president said at the financial report Q & A that there are currently about 3 million Switch users in mainland China.


Animal Forest English Patch Download 64-bit

For this blue ocean, domestic listed companies have made layout. In December 2019, Nintendo and Tencent jointly announced the official release of the National Bank version of Switch, with a suggested retail price of 2099 yuan. At the same time, the game 'New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Edition' was the first to launch, and said that 'in the next few weeks' there will be two other games on the National Bank Switch.

In addition, the National Bank version of the Switch host provides a one-year warranty service, and provides corresponding three guarantees for peripheral products. Tencent also said that it will assist Nintendo to set up a special network suitable for mainland China, provide WeChat payment as a payment method for National Bank stores, and establish offline purchase channels and player exchange centers.

However, some serious players do not buy the National Bank version of Switch. They said that the game lock area and the small number are the biggest factors that prevent them from buying the National Bank version.

'The National Bank Switch can't be online, nor can it download DLC (update patch), which reduces a lot of fun. And some foreign games don't have physical cassettes and can only download digital versions, then these games can't be played.' Xiaoguan According to the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client, for players who have online battle needs, do not want to miss important updates, and want to buy digital games for external services, the National Bank of China is not a good choice at present.

There are also mild players who do n’t care. Ajan has recently become a user of the National Bank version of Switch. For her, the social functions in the game are not very important. It is enough to play a single game, and the current price of the National Bank version of the Switch is only about half of the non-National Bank. price advantage.

Photo of the new latitude and longitude photo Wu Xiaowei

Xiao Guan believes that for the new players who have just come into contact with the Switch, the National Bank version is more cost-effective. After all, the quality of the hardware is guaranteed, and the payment process for buying games is also much more convenient than when purchasing digital versions of games. And some mild players only Used to play fitness and party games, in fact, does not require online functions. 'If the development of the National Bank version is as mature as the external service, I will support it, but now there are too few games. The National Bank game is currently only available in the' New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Edition ', the hottest' Cypriot 'The Legend of Elda: Breath of the Wild' 'Pokémon: Sword / Shield' has no national version. '

Xu Geng, general manager of Tencent Nintendo's cooperation department, once told the media that 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' and other games are more complicated to localize. At the same time, he also said, 'Under the premise of policy compliance, more There are many Switch games. 'The Sino-Singapore Jingwei client searched for the online game approval information announced on the official website of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and found that since March, there have been' Super Mario Odyssey ',' Mario Karting 8 Deluxe Edition ' Neon Abyss ' 'Rainbow Fall' 4 Switch games have been reviewed.

Game industry analyst Liang Sheng previously told the media that the National Bank Switch ’s biggest attraction for players should be the localization concept. 'As emphasized at the press conference, the National Bank will localize the Switch ’s classic games. Players provide more localized network services and after-sales protection, which are highly valued by players. 'But Liang Sheng also said that localization is an extra point option. As a game providing platform, how to enrich high-quality game content and do well in game local Service is the key to the player's choice.

Animal Forest N64 English Patch Download

Someone knows that netizens said, 'I believe that the national service will get better and better, just like the previous iPhone, slowly buy the national bank.' (Zhongjing Jingwei APP)

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