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BHIM APP iOS Download: As per NPCI Reports BHIM application for iOS, iPhone, iPad Available now at Download BHIM app for iOS. On Friday, 30 December 2016, PM Modi launched the Bharat Interface for Money (Bhim) app, a simple and convenient utility that allowed users to make cashless transactions across banks. The app quickly saw a surge in users with the servers going down briefly. The app reached the number 1 spot on Play store listings. The application has launched only for Android smartphones, and users of iOS and Windows Mobile have been demanding for the launch of the app on all platforms.

In case your phone doesn’t support VoLTE and you are using the JioCall/Jio4gVoice app, this should be your answer: Most apps that allow UPI, register using a process where an automated SMS has to be sent by the app(in your case phonepe, bhim).

BHIM APP iOS Download – iPhone/iPad/iOS Version

As per and NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant Reports BHIM app for iOS to launch in next 10 days, to feature multi-lingual support.

We are now available on the app store. Get ready to #GoCashless with BHIM. #DownloadNow: #AppStore #iOS

We are now available on the app store. Get ready to #GoCashless with BHIM.#DownloadNow:

— BHIM (@NPCI_BHIM) February 11, 2017

BHIM APP For iOS – Is iPhone/iPad/iOS Version Available?

Amitabh Kant, who is CEO of NITI Aayog, has revealed that the BHIM application will be rolled out to iOS platform within 10 days at apple app store and will feature multilingual support. While Kant had already revealed that the app will be available for iOS users, this is the first time he has shared a timeline and disclosed new features. The latest development comes shortly after the BHIM app saw a massive response from Android users. The app has already seen more than 2 million downloads on Google Play Store and is currently the top app on the store. Though the initial roll-out hasn’t been without glitches with multiple people complaining about problems with login and authentication, the app was updated to fix them.

Bhim app available for iOS

The application should be available on January 20. The description of the product and the FAQ initially listed as the application being available on iOS as well. These descriptions have now been tweaked on the official sites. The changes seem to indicate that the application has been developed, and is waiting with Apple for approval for listing, a process that is notoriously opaque.

How to send and receive money with UPI on iPhone Without BHIM App

BHIM app will launch on iOS in 10 days, but here’s how to send and receive money now using UPI. The process also works on feature phones.

The process makes use of the USSD-based mobile banking, which has recently been upgraded with UPI integration. It may not be as seamless and easy as using the BHIM app, but it’s the best option right now if don’t own an Android smartphone, and still want to send or receive money using UPI. Following are the steps you need to follow for transactions using the new USSD platform.


On your iPhone or feature phone, dial *99# and in a couple of seconds you will be greeted with a welcome screen that first asks you to choose a default language — English or Hindi. Once selected, the next screen is where you will need to link your bank account. Here the options you get are, Bank Name, First 4 letters of IFSC, 3 letters Short Name, and 2 digit numeric code. The easiest option is three, where the first three letters of your bank’s name should suffice. In my case, entering HDF was enough to link to my HDFC account. The idea here is that your phone number is linked to your bank account, and the platform quickly creates a link between the two.

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