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Binauralizer is a spatial audio plugin (VST, AU, AAX) for binaural panning and downmix of multichannel audio. It uses Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs) specifically designed to simulate sound location/width with great accuracy and naturalness.

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TEAM R2R WiN: 127 MB MAC: 56.4 MB Binauralizer is a spatial audio plugin (VST, AU, AAX) for binaural panning and downmix of multichannel audio. TEAM R2R WiN: 127 MB MAC: 56.4 MB Binauralizer is a spatial audio plugin (VST, AU, AAX) for binaural panning and downmix of multichannel audio. It Tags AAX AU Makers Noise Pack Plugins R2R VST More. Vst license - Vst plugin makers.

Binauralizer has a new companion plugin called Binauralizer Studio. The Studio version is not designed for panning, it handles binauralization of multichannel formats with height (7.1.2, 7.1.4, … 22.2).


  • Full 360° panning with LEFT/RIGHT and FRONT/BACK effects
  • Pad for simultaneous control of source WIDTH and POSITION
  • SOFA importer for custom HRTF filters
  • Sampling frequency up to 192 kHz
  • Inputs : MONO, STEREO, SURROUND (5.1 or 7.1)
A word about SOFA

Binauralizer includes a SOFA importer, with a drag and drop interface. This lets you choose “the head you want” for binaural rendering. Several SOFA files are accessible on the SOFA conventions website. They have been measured on different humans or mannequins. Just drag and drop them into Binauralizer option window to replace the default filters. For example, a SOFA measurement of the Neumann KU 100 is provided here (credits Fachhochschule Köln).

Merging Pyramix v11.0.4


Merging Pyramix v11.0.4 611 Mb

Binauralizer Vst Crack Ms Office

Pyramix 11 heralds further developments of its toolkit for 3D immersive audio. With a new FX Rendering feature infor multitrack and multi-effects processing, along with the implementation of plugins series, opening the world of HOA panner and binauralizer directly within the Pyramix 11 mixer.

Pyramix 11 proves beyond doubt that it has all the functionalities needed to be the one and only DAW to handle such diverse audio applications.

Binauralizer Vst Crack Windows

ANEMAN: Audio NEtwork MANager
ANEMAN is a powerful tool to discover, connect and monitor your audio network. It informs you when you can and cannot make connections, and even gives you the PTP status of each device. With the Sample Rate zone, you can now have multiple sets of devices on the network that will follow their own masters Sample Rate.
Merging devices are not the only products compatible with ANEMAN. We already have many partners;

ANEMAN integrates in a single comprehensive application all the features and functionalities previously in EasyConnect and MTDiscovery and much more.

AES67 support for Windows/ASIO
Our famous driver for ASIO has been enhanced and is now fully compatible with AES67 devices (48 frames).

RAVENNA/AES67 support for Linux/ALSA
Same quality driver as for MAC (Core Audio) and PC (ASIO). Merging is now launching a Linux driver.

Multichannel timeline based advanced effects processing
Construct your own signal flow processing throughout your VST (VST3) and your VS3 plugins, from mono to any multichannel process. Apply it directly to the clip in the timeline while keeping the edits/fades (according to choice).

It is a TAB; it can be opened and processed while doing other operations. Save the configuration and the settings in a unique file for a total recall in this or another Pyramix 11 project.

Binauralizer Vst Crack Download

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