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What is an FSC Code? To update the navigation system in your BMW, you will need a special 20 digit code called the FSC code, the FSC code (registration key) is tied to your vehicle’s VIN number. There are 2 versions available. One Time FSC: This code cost less as you can use it only once. Any future map updates will require the FSC code again. Lifetime FSC: Once you enter a lifetime code in your car, you will never need to enter another code again. Once purchased and used, it will allow you map updates unlimited times. You would need just the Map Data nothing else. One Time FSC: This code can be used only once. Any future map update will require new map data and the FSC code again. I found this website talk on BMW FSC code topic: How to generate BMW NBT & CIC FSC code How to generate BMW FSC Code by yourself. FSC reader is designed for reading FSC 1B (Navi Enabler) code and the order of FSC code to update the database navigation system (CIC). Main Features: - Read the code, FSC 1B (Navi Enabler) from the ECU in the cars CIC e-series; - Read the code, FSC 1B (Navi Enabler) of the CIC in the cars ECU F-Series; - Custom code FSC to update the database.

02-17-2011, 11:14 PM
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Lets talk FSC Activation Codes...
There is very little information on the whole process of FSC activation codes... I thought maybe this thread might start a conversation.
My understanding is that this is a system BMW has put in place to attempt to control the loading of software into their cars (actually 'your' car).
For example- the Navigation maps will only load onto the CIC hard drive if you enter a FSC code that bmw creates by 'convolving' the VIN of the car, and the software FSC SWID code...and creating a 20 digit activation code that will only work for your car and that one software version.
(Mods, please note that there is NOTHING PROPRIETARY about this discussion, OK?)
In my present case, I bought the DVDs with the 2011 nav software for $9 from BMW. (Indeed, $9 and change) I am on the hunt for the FSC process... Worse case I can buy it from a dealer for $200, online for $100 (so far)...
Oh, the FSC process also works for things like Sirius. Where you jsut need to turn on or load software.
Interestingly, most dealers are unaware that there is, in fact, an 'end user accessible process'. In other words, they will swear that 'we need to load the maps in the shop, it costs $450'.
But in fact, BMW designed a system that also uses DVDs and can be done without the dealership computer...
Of interest, the navigation maps I am looking at do not contain any kind of license, nor restrictions. One might think BMW is giving up on controlling the map data.... Is it permissible to hack the FSC process? I assume it is, given that it is on my car. And my car comes with EULA that restricts my use of the software on the car.
(PS all this discussion about hacking my own car is (1) not a violation of any law or agreement, and therefore not a violation of this forum's rules...and (2) recognizes such hacking will void the warranty, if detected.)
Anyway, my ramblings....
Bmw Fsc Code Free

Fsc Code Bmw Generator Free

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