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IMO for Jio Phone Free Download: We all like face to face chatting i.e. Video calling rather than a voice call, Right? After the launching of Jio 4G networks, Video calling is not a big issue. Today, most of the people had the Jio network and Jio phone. Actually, Jio Phone is a basic handset but with the accessibility of a 4G network. The cost of the Jio phone also very cheap Rs.1500 only. So, lots of the people buy Jio Phone today. Some people like to use all the android applications on their Jio phone and they search for it. People mostly search for how to use Whatsapp, Facebook,IMO messengerapp etc. Are you tired after the searching about IMO for Jio Phone? Don’t worry guys. We will see how to use IMO for Jio phone in this article.

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IMO messenger or video calling app is the most popular application in the Play store today. Millions of people in the world download and use IMO for various devices like PC, MAC, IOS, and Blackberry etc. There are many video calling applications available in the market like Viber, Line, Skype, Tango, We-chat etc. But, IMO for Jio phone is the best and it became popular because of its unique feature. Face to face chatting with our loved one is an amazing thing. But we have to enjoy the chatting without interruption. Today, there is a lot of network problems arise frequently during the calls. Some applications may connect your video call only you had full signal strength. But IMO for Jio phone will give the non-interrupted video call experience with the low cost of data.

Bounce Game Download For Jio Phone

IMO for Jio Phone download:

In the list of social media messenger applications, Whatsapp picks the first place because of its unique features. Likewise, in the list of video calling application, IMO picks the first place. Actually, IMO for Jio Phone will provide you the two facilities are messaging and video call experience. Like Whatsapp, you can make a group in IMO and make a group video call with your friends, family, and others. Are you bored with text chatting, you can use Stickers and emoji’s to express your feelings and thoughts. Lots of stickers and funny emoji are available in IMO application.

You can able to connect with your friends or family members who are in the long distance also using IMO for Jio Phone. IMO application is available for the various platforms like IMO for PC, IMO for MAC, IMO for Windows phone, IMO for Blackberry, IMO for iPhone/IOS, IMO for chrome etc.

How to Download IMO for Jio Phone:

After the deep search and tried lots of experiments to use IMO for Jio Phonebut none of the methods are working. You already know Jio phone is running in the Kai-OS which is totally different from Android and other operating systems. So, this Kai-OS does not allow any android application on Jio Phone. The developers are still working to make IMO for Jio Phone. You may use it in the future. So, here I share the best alternative way to IMO for Jio Phone. That is how to use Whatsapp on Jio Phone.

IMO for jio phone (Kai-OS)

How to Use Whatsapp on Jio phone: – IMO for Jio Phone alternative


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  • First, open the default web browser on your Jio Phone.
  • Now, Open Google search engine to search a simple query which is “Browser Ling” type this in the browser and open the first result.
  • Open the website to use Whatsapp on Jio Phone
  • Now, you need to type the URL: and select the options which are shown in the below.

Bounce Tales Game Free Download For Jio Phone

  • After that select Windows 7 or 8.
  • Now, select the Chrome browser and click the “test now” button.
  • After that QR code will show, just open your Whatsapp account in the Smartphone and go to right top three dots and click Whatsapp web.
  • Now, scan the QR code using the camera.
  • After the scan complete you can see the Whatsapp on Jio Phone. Enjoy the Whatsapp on your Jio Phone.

I hope this article gives you useful information about the alternatives of IMO for Jio phone. There are large numbers of messaging and video applications available today. But IMO is the best one for video calling and chatting on both mobile devices like android, windows phone, and blackberry. If you face any error while you downloading, comment us on below comment box. We will help you.

Bounce Game Download For Jio Phone Download

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