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Bridge squeezes complete is an authoritative material on squeezes written by Professor Love. It has been re-done by Linda lee etc. A must read for any aspiring bridge player.

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This is a list of bidding systems used in contract bridge.[1][2] Systems listed have either had an historical impact on the development of bidding in the game or have been or are currently being used at the national or international levels of competition.

Bidding systems are characterized as belonging to one of two broadly defined categories:

  • natural bidding systems and
  • artificial bidding systems.

Nevertheless, each contains elements of the other given the number and variety of treatments and conventions that have been developed by bridge bidding theorists.

Natural four card majors systems[edit]

  • 5-4-4-3 System
  • Baron, an English system developed in the 1940s by Leo Baron, Adam Meredith and others.
  • CAB, acronym for Two Clubs, Ace-asking and Blackwood
  • EFOS, the Economical Forcing System developed by Eric Jannersten and others in Sweden in the sixties and seventies
  • EHAA, acronym for Every Hand An Adventure
  • Goren

Natural five card majors systems[edit]

  • 5-5-4-2 System
  • 5-5-5-1 System
  • Aces Scientific
  • Alpha
  • Five Card Majors
  • Romex

Strong club systems[edit]

  • Black Club
  • Canary Club
  • Hybrid Club
  • Icelandic Precision
  • Neapolitan Club
  • Power Precision Club
  • Schenken Big Club
  • Super Precision Club
  • Ultimate Club

Artificial one club systems[edit]

  • Betangina
  • Lea System
  • Power Club
  • Swedish Club
  • Trefle Squeeze

Strong diamond systems[edit]

  • Magic Diamond
  • Leghorn Diamond (Livorno)
  • Mirror Diamond[3]
  • CS System

Bridge Squeezes Complete Software For Beginners

Weak opening systems[edit]

  • Carrotti
  • Delta
  • No Name
  • Regres
  • Säffle Spade, a forcing Pass system

Artificial systems[edit]

Losing trick count systems[edit]

Bridge Squeezes Complete Software Downloads

  • Imperspicuity[4]

Other systems[edit]

  • MMMMajor Bridge Bidding System[5]


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