Bundy Clarinet Serial Number List

Hi all, a friend of mine just acquired a Bundy resonite clarinet, mady by Selmer in Elkhart, with a serial # of 138374. Can anyone point me in the direction of more info on this horn? Need an ID on a Bundy Serial #. Bundy Contra-Alto Clarinet. For serial numbers for models 27, 40 and 45, see the Noblet 27 page. More serial number information is found on the Noblet N page.

  1. Selmer Bundy Clarinet Serial Number List
  2. Bundy Clarinet Serial Number List
  3. Bundy Clarinet Serial Number List
  4. Selmer Bundy Clarinet Serial Number List

Years and Serial Numbers are Approximate.
Buescher Trumpet Serial numbers are most often found on the 2nd valve casing - OR if that is buffed off, check on one of the valves themselves! Pull out a valve and look on the section just below the button and stem. In MOST Buecher trumpets in the 1950s and earlier, you can find the serial number here as well.
Please see the Bell Logos section to see samples of each Bell Logo.

Selmer bundy clarinet serial number list

If your Buescher Trumpet/Cornet bares an engraving of an ELK on the bell, please see the note below the serial number chart.

Serial NumberYear Manufactured

Logo Type

Model Introduced: 'True Tone' 1890-1932
1 1888-1904
1903 Fire in Elkhart plant destroys all prior records
Model Introduced: 'Aristocrat' 1932-1963
Model Introduced: 'The 400' 1937-1966 (?)- Serial Range 283xxx - 438xxx
About this time Selmer Purchased Buescher

*1950 Serial number is different on various sites.. so I have listed BOTH numbers, I think the number MORE accurate would be 326000.

Please note that there are a FEW exceptions to this chart.
1) Some of the modern Buescher labeled trumpets from the 1970-present that have serial numbers that do not correspond to this chart. Most seem to have the 'Upsidedown Nike' Bell Logo and are model BU-7. Selmer must have done a serial number 'reset' at some point.


2) I have also noticed some of the 1960s 'Side Scroller' and possibly 'Top Scroller' logoed trumpets/cornets that have serial numbers in the 100,000 range. These obviously are NOT subject to this serial number chart. These are most likely mid to late 1960s instruments.
3) Most (if not all) Buescher trumpets that have the 'ELK' logo have a separate serial number listing. The Valve Block on these instruments are made by Elkhart and thus have a completely different numbering system.

Any Trumpet or Cornet with the engraving of an ELK (see below) will NOT match up on the Buescher Serial number list. They also bear the inscription 'BUILT BY BUESCHER'. These instruments had their OWN serial numbering system. Most were made post World War II possibly up to 1960. If you see one of these horns and the owner is claiming they are from the 1920s or 1930s or before, then they are using the wrong serial number chart. I do not know if an Elkhart Serial number list exists or not.

Big Thanks to Dr Rick's Vinllage Flute and Sax Shop website for providing some of the serial numbers and years produced.
I also gathered information for this page from MusicTrader.com website that cites Albert Mensinga as the source for MANY of the serial numbers.
If you happen to have any additional information that would make this chart MORE accurate, please feel free to email me.

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Note: From 1987 to present, add 50 to the serial number prefix to calculate the year of manufacture.1980 - 1986 serial numbers are for student trumpet and cornets only. Other cup mouthpiece serial numbers are not available at this time. A lower quality French Stencil clarinet— if reconditioned, can make a good horn for a beginner, and would be worth $140-180. A really good quality French Stencil clarinet, if restored, will be suitable for an intermediate player and might be worth $225-300. I hate to see vintage clarinets like yours made into lamps or wall art! Bundy Selmer Clarinet + Vandoren Paris B46 mouthpiece Serial Number- 95776 The clarinet sounds great. Selmer quality is known for being a very durable great sounding beginner clarinet. Cork and pads look good. There are no nicks or chips and instrument is very good shape. The body of the clarinet appears to be wood. Serial # perhaps covered up by a ring installed to repair a crack. Probably made by Couesnon, with batch number L1. Barrel: 61.8mm Bore LH joint top: probably 15.0mm past the end cap which has a hole opening of 14.8mm. Bore LH joint at bottom: 15.0mm Intonation results.

What is the Value of your Clarinet How to unlock samsung gt e1200 phone lock.

This question of course gets asked by most people because they think their beloved clarinet from years past is worth far more than what they bought it for or that they found a clarinet at a garage sale which must be worth a ton of money because they are lucky and bought it.

First let’s take a look at which clarinets are worth some value. If you have anything other than a professional Buffet, it is worth far less than what you paid for it, this may include garage sale prices. And then many professional Buffets sell for less or the same as the retail price 25 years ago. Sims 4 new cc. If you have an intermediate clarinet, there is nothing about it that makes it a professional clarinet and worth more, period. If the clarinet has been in the family for decades then there is an emotional attachment and you think it is worth more
than it is, then keep it.

Selmer Bundy Clarinet Serial Number List

We are mainly talking about it’s true sale value in an open market. Clarinets are a dime a dozen, and like cars they lose half their value once purchased, no matter if you drove it or not. After that it’s mainly downhill. Of course over time you may recover value such as a Buffet R13 from say 1960 was bought for $180 is now worth $800 in undamaged and playable condition. But that’s a long time to wait, and few other instruments actually increase in value.

Others people I correspond with have been told their clarinet is worth far more than what I tell them it is worth and they are perplexed. They want me to buy it at their price but I won’t get anywhere near what they were told it is worth. Let’s differentiate between a few items first – INSURABLE VALUE and the actual AS-IS value in an open market such as eBay.

Most of the time people get an insurable value, or a retail sale value of the instrument. You will get this from non-instrument people that get the $$ value from some “magical” book. Other times they get it from a Retail store based on the retail environment’s selling the item in a retail envrionment. Most people simply do not understand that.

The price a retail store tells you is what they would sell it for AFTER they
have fixed it up. Otherwise, you should just ask them to buy it right then and there. I doubt they will. That should give you a good indication of how accurate their appraisal is.

Bundy Clarinet Serial Number List

As an example, a customer asked me the value of her Noblet 40 clarinet.

eBay-wise it is worth about $60 – 120 depending upon condition and the market but someone told her it was worth $1,200 and she was
shocked. Well, the $1,200 is the insurable value of the clarinet.
Basically, if you needed to replace it with a brand new clarinet and wanted insurance to cover the potential loss, you would insure it for $1,200.

Now keep in mind, clarinets are a dime a dozen used and as soon as your drove that brand new $1,200 clarinet off the retail floor (just like a car) it is now worth at least 50% less if you were to try to sell it in the open market immediately afterwards, but probably far
less because an independent seller is not offering a warranty, potential 30 day return, 90 day free adjustment, etc. You may get lucky and sell it to another new student but not in an open
market. A brand new $1200 clarinet you would be lucky to get around $650 for it on eBay.

So in our pricing guide, which you should take as a Guide and not as a defacto standard is based on observations of clarinet price sales from a variety of locations. The prices do not include any clarinets with damage or repairs as repairs can lower the value significantly even if the seller thinks it’s fairly insignificant. Keywear can also lower the value significantly. Anything that makes an instrument look heavily worn or used can lower it’s value. So the prices below are on good visual appeal and no cracks or any type of damage.

  • An Open market such as an “Auction” or eBay (or similar locations) will always be the cheapest (no warranties, no play before buying, no nothing);
  • A Closed market, such as a teacher selling to a student; professionals to other professionals, etc can rival Online Stores for prices. But this can provide the same services such as a Retail Store but it all varies. Teachers will mostly always value instruments higher as they normally help and work in retail environments;
  • “Online Store” will be more as they probably bought the instrument in an open market, added some significant value (like a total refurbishment) and offers after sale services such as warranties and trial periods; And individual user can say things but normally cannot match a professional shop.
  • “Retail Store” will be even higher with their ability of you play testing (and higher overhead),
  • “Insurable Value” which has nothing to do with the resale value. Just the insurable value related to replacing the instrument with an equivalent new instrument of lost or stolen.

Bundy Resonite Clarinet Serial Numbers

Prices may reflect instruments with alternate side Eb keys, silver plating (which always raises the value versus the same instrument without silver plating. The prices EXCLUDE any instrument with any type of repair or poor visual representation. A repair (such as a crack repair) is always worth less, even maybe FAR less than one without any repairs. This doesn’t reflect anything about the instrument, just it’s value – after all, if there were two cars with the same mileage, make, year etc that you were looking at and one was in a major accident but was repaired, which would you choose and why ?
For example, R13s sell for $800 and up. I bought a cracked R13 for $400 simply because it had a fixed crack but plays perfectly fine.

Prices do vary of course on where you sell something. But for the most part these prices are accurate. You may want your instrument to sell for more, so good luck. Best option to get the most money out of something is find a student buyer that does not check things on the internet, or have a teacher sell it for you. And make sure your instrument you are selling looks it’s best that it can and plays as well as it can. Visual aspect sells a lot to unsuspecting buyers.

The Chart Below this one was based on 2008 through 2009 values. Since then, actually since 2008 clarinet values for the most part have been going down. The second chart below this one was the original one compiled from 2008-2009.

2017 Chart

(P) = Professional
(I) = Intermediate
(B) = Beginner
Model Info
Bb unless otherwise noted
(xx) = year
Online Store
overhauled, warranty, return policy
Retail Store
overhauled, warranty, play testing on site, etc
Insurable Value
Brand New Replacement insurance value
(I) Noblet 40 – early $25-120

2011 Chart

Bundy Clarinet Serial Number List

(P) = Professional
(I) = Intermediate
(B) = Beginner
Model Info
Bb unless otherwise noted
(xx) = year
Online Store
overhauled, warranty, return policy
Retail Store
overhauled, warranty, play testing on site, etc
Insurable Value
Brand New Replacement insurance value
Buffet (P)R-13$800 – 1,400$1,600+++$2,200 + $2,800
Buffet (P)Vintage model R13$1200+
Buffet (P)BC-20$1,600+
Leblanc (P)L-7$325-425$800+$1,200+$1,200
Leblanc (P)L-7 “A”$700$1,400
Leblanc (P)LL (model 1176)$350$700+$1,000+$1,200
Leblanc (P)LL “A”$450-800 (have seen large fluctuations for perfect
Noblet (I)45 Artist$150$5-600
Noblet (I)45 Laureate (bell engraving)$165$5-600
Noblet (I)45 “A”$400

From 2008 – 2009

Bundy Eb Clarinet Serial Numbers Lookup

(P) = Professional
(I) = Intermediate
(B) = Beginner
Model InfoAuction
(xx) = year
Online Store
overhauled, warranty, return policy
Retail Store
overhauled, warranty, play testing on site, etc
Insurable Value
New Replacement value
Buffet (P)Albert keywork$800 – 1,200$1,600+++
Buffet (P)vintage wrap around$250-350 (09)$ 500$ 1200
Buffet (P)vintage – single post RH side keys$300 – $400 (09)$ 600+$ 1400
Buffet (P)vintage pre R13$400-$460 (09)$ 800+$1100+$ 1800+
Buffet (P)early R13s$350-600 (09)$1000+$1400+$ 2400+
Buffet (P)R13s$800 -1400 (09)$1200+$1500+$ 2800+
Buffet (P)RC
Buffet (I)E11
Buffet (B)B12
Buffet (B)Evette plastic$ 75-125
Buffet (B)Evette wood$125 – 175
Buffet (B)Evette Master Model$200-250
Buffet (I)Evette & Schaefer (E&S) wood$200-250
Buffet (I)E&S Master Model$ 250-275
Malerne (P)professional 4*$150-200$450-600
Malerne (B/I)standard$50-125$250-300
Leblanc (P)vintage Symphonie models$330 +$650+1600
Leblanc (P)Concerto$ 600$1000+1900
Normandy (B)Resotone$ 30 – 50$225+900
Normandy (B)4$50 – 100$295+$395+1000
Noblet (I)40s oval emblem

$ 50 – 100

Noblet (I)40 (all wood pieces)$50 – 100$425+$500+1200
Noblet (I)45$130-200$600+1500
Selmer USA (B)Bundy$ 225900
Selmer USA (B)Signet$ 2751000
Selmer USA (I)Signet 100$40 – 100$ 3001200
Selmer USA (I)Signet Special$ 50 – 100$ 3501400
Selmer USA (I)Signet Soloist$150 – 200$ 4251800
Selmer Paris (P)55$1000

Selmer Paris (P)

BT$300 – 400$ 550-650$10002000
Selmer Paris (P)CT$ 400 – 650$ 700 – 900$1000-15002400+
Selmer Paris (P)Series 9$400 – 550$ 700 – 900$1000-15002800+
Selmer Paris (P)Series 10$400 – 550$ 700 – 900$1000-15002800+
SMLprofessional 5*$160-200

Selmer Bundy Clarinet Serial Number List

Bundy Resonite Bass Clarinet Serial Numbers List

Can anyone help me find out what year a Selmer Bundy bass clarinet #6572 is from? It seems that I've tried everywhere.
Well after a closer look, silly me, it says G.M. Bundy and the serial number is still #6572. Anyone know if was made by Selmer made or by someone else?
I'm thinking of selling it and don't really know it's value. It's Grenadilla wood, 2 repaired cracks - repaired by Jimmy Yan - and in good playing condition. Low Eb.
Any info would be appreciated from our knowledgeable members.
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