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Simple Ludo Game Code In C Codes and Scripts Downloads Free. CLiteOO (Lightweight OOP in C) is a framework and toolkit to write object-oriented code in C language. C ADT(Abstract Data Types) is a simple template library written in C which implements commonly used.

  1. C Ludo Game Source Code Free Download Free

Tank Game in C++ is s simple application developed as a gaming project in C++ programming language. Tank Game can be called “tank war game” too, as it seems to be inspired from the battle city game to some extent. This project can be used to learn C++, its features and application in simple game development. The source code is completely error free and well tested for the bugs.

Numerous comment lines have been embedded in the source codes to help you understand the project better. You can find an in-depth explanation of Tank game development along with the step-by-step process required to complete this final year project in the download files.

Sources for the wyrmsun real time strategy game and the wyrmgus engine it runs on Code license: GPL 2.0 Media license: GPL 2.0 and CC-BY-SA Official site Also included is source code for the Open Adaptive Music Library which wyrmgus uses OAML license is MIT Official open adaptive music library site Topics: RTS, lua source code, cpp source code. Create a Ludo Game In JavaScript HTML and CSS with Source Code Welcome, all we will see How to create Ludo Game in JavaScript HTML & CSS from Scratch. Dice Game in Javascript. Now let us see the project in detail one by one. To download Source Code just click on the download button below each project image. Bank Management System. As the name suggests this project is based on the bank system where you can perform operations like opening a bank account, managing transactions like debiting and crediting money.

Further explanations on how to run and play the game have also been provided. Simple download the project file, unzip the downloaded file and go through the “tutorial file”.

Download Tank Game in C++ with Source Code and Program Files


Download Tank Game in C++with Source Code and Program Files


Tank Game – Project Introduction:

Tank Game is a war game which is played by two players at a time and both of them are given tanker and powers for fighting on other person’s post. Every tank has a command place from where you start playing. While playing Tank Game in C++, major tasks you have to do is collect the items which are placed around the arena and get score as much as possible by fighting the opponent.

The more you collect gold or attack and destroy the enemy base camp or enemy tank, the more score you earn. The decision of the winner is taken based on the points or scores earned by the player by the end of game. I have listed the scoring keys or points awarded for specific events below. And, you can find more about the game in the download file itself.

To run the game, simply open the terminal, and type “make play“.

Header Files Used:

These header files are the building blocks of the project source code. Each of them has been designed to perform certain specific task in game controlling. You can find detailed description about header files in the “tutorial file” obtained from the download link provided within this post. The major header files which has been defined in the source code of Tank Game in C++ are listed as follows:

  • Arena.h
  • Constants.h
  • DecisionMaker.h
  • DecisionMaker1.h
  • DecisionMaker2.h
  • Info.h
  • Map.h
  • Misc_Classes.h
  • Tank.h



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The use of effective graphics has made the game interesting to some extent. I hope, you’ll use this tank game in c++ for academic purpose – learning game development techniques using C++. The overall project has been tried to make bug free, so your valuable suggestions and feedbacks regarding this game can be mentioned in the comments section.

Project: Simple Ludo Game In Javascript

-To download simple ludo game project for free(Scroll Down)

This game is a simple javascript project. This is a simple and entertaining game you could probably have in your bucket list. This game contains mainly javascript and some CSS for making it look beautiful. Here, by the name of the game you have figured it out what is this game about.

C Ludo Game Source Code Free Download

By the name of this game, you probably know how to play this game. Here, as usual, you have to roll the dice which is on the right of ou browser. If you get the number 6 rolling the dice you will get a chance to advance your token forward. Hey, guys, this game does not contain the rules that are applied for killing and saving the token. So you can validate that part.

To run this game you will need a browser installed on your system . Download and open this project in your code editor. Then there is an index.html file which you can modify. Run that file directly from the index file. Use Google Chrome or FireFox for better user experience. Also, this is a multi-player game, both of the players being humans.

This game consists of a lot of JavaScript validations. This game is fun to play and even fun if you can modify it with a little bit of CSS.

In whole this project uses a lot of javascript and javascript libraries. If you can validate this game for a proper ludo gaming experience. This Game in Javascript with source code is free to download. Use for educational purpose only!

Project Demo:


C Ludo Game Source Code Free Download Free

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