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2950s work fine when upgrading the IOS using CNA. On all 2960s I get Failed to execute the command archive download-sw /overwrite /http iosFile If I run the command using telnet and tftp server it works fine. I have tried by deleting the old image then trying upgrade using CNA, but no luck Any Id. Learn how to upgrade the firmware (ios) on Cisco 2960s Switch using PuTTY, TFTPd and a console cable. Console Cable – StarTech ICUSB2321F Switch – Cisco 2960s.

The Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) is a robust platform that provides a high level of reliable performance within most network infrastructures. Like most software, the IOS requires updates to resolve security issues, defects and also to add additional features. Updating the IOS on a Cisco 2960 is a straightforward procedure when connected to the Cisco 2960 command line interface (CLI) using a serial console cable.

Things You’ll Need

  • Microsoft Windows 7 computer with 9 pin serial port, TFTP service installed, and connected to the same network as the Cisco 2960
  • Microsoft HyperTerminal install on the Windows 7 computer
  • Cisco serial console cable
  • Cisco IOS image stored in the root directory of the TFTP service application
  • IP address of the Microsoft Windows 7 computer
  • Privilege Exec mode password for the Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch

Instructions to Upgrade a Cisco 2960 IOS With a Console Cable

1. Attach one end of the Cisco serial console cable to the 9-pin serial port on the Windows 7 computer. Attach the other end of the Cisco serial console cable to the Cisco 2960 serial console port.

2. Select the “Globe” start button on the Windows 7 computer, then select “Computer” and then navigate to the location where the Hyperterminal application files are stored. Double-click on the “hypertrm.exe” file. The “HyperTerminal” program will appears.

Cisco 2960s Ios Download

3. Enter a name for the connection in the “Name:” field presented in the Hyperterminal window that appears, and then tap the “Enter” key. Select “Connect using:” and then choose the “Com port” in the drop down list, that is being used to connect the Windows 7 computer to the Cisco 2960, and then tap the “Enter” key.

4. Select the “Bits per second:” drop-down box, and then choose the “9600” setting from the list that appears. Select the “Flow Control” drop down menu, and choose the “None” setting in the list that appears. Tap the “Enter” key.

5. Touch the “Enter” key and the Cisco command line interface (CLI) appears.

6. Enter the “enable” command at the command prompt, and tap the “Enter” key. Enter the Privileged Exec password when requested, and then tap the “Enter” key.

7. Enter “archive download-sw /overwrite /reload tftp:// IOS-file-name.tar” on the command prompt, substituting the “IOS-file-name.tar ” with the actual name of the IOS update image file that is stored in the root directory of the TFTP service on the Windows 7 computer. Tap the “Enter” key to execute the command.. The new IOS image copies to the Cisco 2960. After the IOS image file has been transferred to the Cisco 2960, the switch automatically reboots and starts running the new IOS image.


Anytime Cisco releases a new IOS image for its network switch (or router), it is recommended that you upgrade it.

This article explains 7 easy steps to upgrade IOS image on a cisco switch or router.

Since you’ll be upgrading the IOS image, make sure you have physical access to the switch and you are in front of it. Use a console cable to connect to the switch.
Please note that the steps given below will be similar to both switches and routers. However this examples shows how to upgrade ios image on a cisco catalyst switch.

1. Verify Current IOS Version

After you login, go to enable mode, by entering the enable password. This example uses two cisco catalyst 3750 switches configured in stack mode as shown below. So, while upgrading you should upgrade the image on both the flash cards.

If you have only one cisco catalyst switch (non stack mode), follow all the steps mentioned in this document, but you’ll be doing it only on one flash card.

First, verify the content of the flash cards, using “dir flash1:” command.

As you see above, both the flash cards contains the current IOS image file, which is version “122.35.SE5”

Verify what version of IOS image your switch is currently running. Most likely this will be same as the current IOS image file that you see in your flash card. As you see below, it is using “12.3(35)SE5”

2. Download Latest IOS Image from Cisco Website

Download the latest IOS image for your cisco website
Go to -> IOS Software -> Select your Siwtch (for example: Cisco Catalyst Switch 3750G-24T) -> Click on “Download IP BASE” -> Select the latest version that you want to download (for example: 12-2.55.SE1).

While you are on this download page, copy/paste the MD5 given to your system. After we download the IOS image and move it to the switch, we’ll verify the MD5 checksum before installing the image.

3. Delete Old IOS Software Image from Flash

Since we’ll be downloading the new ISO image and moving it to the flash card, we need some space. So, delete the current old image from the flash card.

In the above delete command, /f stands for force, and /r stands for recurssive.

On a side note, you should be using some software to monitor your switch status. If you are not doing it install Nagios, and monitor your switches.

4. Copy the IOS image to Cisco Switch

To transfer the IOS image from your laptop to Cisco Switch, you should run a TFTPserver on your laptop (or on the system where you’ve downloaded the IOS image).

If you are running a TFTPserver on your laptop, and connected to the switch using a console cable, assign a ip-address to your laptop, and put your laptop on the same network as the switch.

Copy the ISO image to the flash as shown below using the “copy command”. This will ask you to enter the address of the remote host (which is your laptop in this case), and the source filename that needs to be transferred (which is the ISO image you downloaded from cisco website).

Once you’ve copied it, make sure the file is there on the flash card.

Just to make sure nothing went wrong during the copy, do a MD5 check-sum on this, and compare with the MD5 that you noted down from cisco website while downloading the IOS image. To create MD5 checksum of a file in Cisco catalyst switch, use the “verify” command as shown below.

If you are running two switches in stack configuration, do the same on the second flash card.

5. Modify Switch Boot path-list

Now it is time to tell switch cisco to use the new ISO image to boot from. Before changing the boot information, verify the current configuration, and change it using the “boot system” command as shown below.

6. Save Config and Restart the Switch

Verify the current boot information, save the current configuration, and reboot the cisco switch as shown below.

7. Final Verification after IOS Upgrade

Finally verify the current IOS version of the switch, after the upgrade, it should display the new version as shown below.

Make sure to verify your interface and vlan status, to make sure everything is running properly without any issues.

Cisco 2960s Ios Download Ipsw

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Cisco 2960s Ios Download Apk

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