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'PCRTT' is a posix compliant port of the CSA-Rainbow-Table-Tool from colibri. Work in progress. There is nothing working out of the box. You can generate rainbow table, but it is not certified that all is working correctly for now (I have not tested the resulting table from OpenCL/CPU) Why the port?: Firstly, because I wanted to try to port it. Rainbow table attack free download. Ransomware Recovery Tool Ransomware Recovery Tool is one of the most proficient and effective recovery tool to recover files.

  1. Csa Rainbow Table Tool Download Mediafire
  2. Csa Rainbow Table Tool Download Windows 7

Main Features

  • Highlight columns in comma (.csv), tab (.tsv), semicolon and pipe - separated files in different colors
  • Provide info about column on hover
  • Automatic consistency check for csv files (CSVLint)
  • Multi-cursor column edit
  • Align columns with spaces and Shrink (trim spaces from fields)
  • Run queries in SQL-like language


If your csv, semicolon-separated or tab-separated file doesn't have .csv or .tsv extension, you can manually enable highlighting by clicking on the current language label mark in the right bottom corner and then choosing 'CSV', 'TSV', 'CSV (semicolon)' or 'CSV (pipe)' depending on the file content, see this screenshot
Another way to do this: select one separator character with mouse cursor -> right click -> 'Set as Rainbow separator'

Supported separators

Language nameSeparatorExtensionProperties
csv, (comma).csvIgnored inside double-quoted fields
tsvt (TAB).tsv .tab
csv (semicolon); (semicolon)Ignored inside double-quoted fields
csv (whitespace)whitespaceConsecutive whitespaces are merged
csv (pipe) (pipe)
csv (...)~ ^ : ' = . -

Content-based separator autodetection

Rainbow CSV will run spreadsheet autodetection algorithm for all 'Plain Text' and '*.csv' files. In most cases this is a very cheap operation because autodetection usually stops after checking only 1-2 topmost lines.
Autodetection can be disabled at the extension settings page.
If a file has less then 10 non-comment lines, autodetection algorithm will skip it; the value can be adjusted in settings.
By default only comma, tab, semicolon and pipe are tried for autodetection, but you can adjust the list of candidate separators, add the following line to your VSCode config and edit it by removing or including any of the supported separators:

If the autodetection algorithm made an error and highlighted non-csv file, you can press 'Rainbow OFF' button inside the status line.

Customizing file extension - separator association

If you often work with spreadsheet files with one specific extension (e.g. '.dat') and you don't want to rely on the autodetection algorithm, you can associate that extension with one of the supported separators.
For example to associate '.dat' extension with pipe-separated files and '.csv' with semicolon-separated files add the following lines to your VS Code json config:

Important: language identifiers in the config must be specified in lower case! E.g. use csv (semicolon), not CSV (semicolon).
List of supported language ids: 'csv', 'tsv', 'csv (semicolon)', 'csv (pipe)', 'csv (whitespace)', 'csv (tilde)', 'csv (caret)', 'csv (colon)', 'csv (double quote)', 'csv (equals)', 'csv (dot)', 'csv (hyphen)'

CSVLint consistency check

The linter checks the following:

  • consistency of double quotes usage in CSV rows
  • consistency of number of fields per CSV row

To recheck a csv file click on 'CSVLint' button.

Working with large files

To enable Rainbow CSV for very big files (more than 300K lines or 20MB) disable 'Editor:Large File Optimizations' option in VS Code settings.
You can preview huge files by clicking 'Preview... ' option in VS Code File Explorer context menu.
All Rainbow CSV features would be disabled by VSCode if file is bigger than 50MB.

Working with CSV files with comments

Some CSV files can contain comment lines e.g. metadata before the header line.
To allow CSVLint, content-based autodetection algorithms and Align, Shrink, ColumnEdit commands work properly with such files you need to adjust your settings.

Aligning/Shrinking table

You can align columns in CSV files by clicking 'Align' statusline button or use Align command
To shrink the table, i.e. remove leading and trailing whitespaces, click 'Shrink' statusline button or use Shrink command


You can customize Rainbow CSV at the extension settings section of VSCode settings.
There you can find the list of available options and their description.



Enter RBQL - SQL-like language query editing mode.

Align, Shrink

Align columns with whitespaces or shrink them (remove leading/trailing whitespaces)

ColumnEditBefore, ColumnEditAfter, ColumnEditSelect

Csa Rainbow Table Tool Download Mediafire

Activate multi-cursor column editing for column under the cursor. Works only for files with less than 10000 lines. For larger files you can use an RBQL query.
WARNING: This is a dangerous mode. It is possible to accidentally corrupt table structure by incorrectly using 'Backspace' or entering separator or double quote characters. Use RBQL if you are not sure.
To remove cursor/selection from the header line use 'Alt+Click' on it.


Input a comma-separated string with column names to adjust column names displayed in hover tooltips. Actual header line and file content won't be affected.'Virtual' header is persistent and will be associated with the parent file across VSCode sessions.


Uses the current line to adjust column names displayed in hover tooltips. Actual header line and file content won't be affected.This is a 'Virtual' header and will be persistent and will be associated with the parent file across VSCode sessions.


Set a custom name for the current file so you can use it instead of the file path in RBQL JOIN queries

Colors customization

You can customize Rainbow CSV colors to increase contrast. Instructions

SQL-like 'RBQL' query language

Rainbow CSV has built-in RBQL query language interpreter that allows you to run SQL-like queries using a1, a2, a3, ... column names.

To enter query-editing mode, execute RBQL VSCode command.
RBQL is a very simple and powerful tool which would allow you to quickly and easily perform most commont insert column-aligning whitespaces.

  • Ability to visually associate two same-colored columns from two different windows. This is not possible with graphical column alignment
  • Disadvantages:

    • Rainbow CSV may be less effective for CSV files with many (> 10) columns.
    • Rainbow CSV can't correctly handle newlines inside double-quoted CSV fields (well, theorethically it can, but only under specific conditions)
    Csa rainbow table tool download windows 10


    Related VSCode extensions

    These extensions can work well together with Rainbow CSV and provide additional functionality e.g. export to Excel format:

    Rainbow CSV and similar plugins in other editors:

    • Rainbow CSV extension in Vim
    • rainbow-csv package in Atom
    • rainbow_csv plugin in Sublime Text
    • rainbow_csv plugin in gedit - doesn't support quoted commas in csv
    • rainbow_csv_4_nedit in NEdit
    • CSV highlighting in Nano
    • Rainbow CSV in IntelliJ IDEA


    • Library and CLI App for Python RBQL
    • Library and CLI App for JavaScript RBQL

    Csa Rainbow Table Tool Download Windows 7

    Simple Guide to biss decryption (Finding Keys)
    Finding Biss Keys is very simple if we use the right tools.
    Tools to decrypt Biss keys.
    1- CSA Rainbow Table Tool version 1.15 (i find it better than 1.16).
    you can get it from here
    2- Nvidia graphic card with cuda support, in that link all nvidia cuda support cards http://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus
    3- Chain files, it takes long time to download the more the files the less time and the higher chance to get keys, 48 Gig will make you have a 70% chance to get keys in short time, 192 Gig will make the chance 99% in getting keys in almost 5 minutes. (will post links to chain files)
    4- High definition satellite card, and Progdvb to record a TS file for the channel we need to decrypt then we run CSA Rainbow program to decrypt the biss kiy
    in this link is a how to record a TS file. http://www.satsupreme.com/showthread...ile-by-ProgDVB
    as in the image above the program is divided to parts
    Settings :
    you will find the graphic card type
    Calc Chains :
    we use it to make new chains while the computer is idole, the more chains we have the better chances to decrypt the biss kiy
    Add to Rainbow Table :
    in chain dir we choose the directory with chani files, then we push the MERGE which will generate an RBT file the program will use to look for the kiy inside.
    every time we add a new chain we push merge to include it in the RBT file.
    Search Crypt8 in TS
    in TS File we point to the recorded ts file we recorded
    in PID we type the Video PID of the channel
    then we push start
    the program will show more than a crypt8 kiy, we choose the one with higher count
    Crypt8 will look like that 34 68 ab e5 f6 67 89 a2
    Search CW
    in Crypt8 we paste the one we got before
    in RBT Dir we point it toward our RBT file we generated earlier out of merging chains
    push START and wait, the bigger the RBT file the less time you will wait
    in CW you should find the biss kiy after waiting.
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