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Nissan Silvia (S15) owner story — cruising.

Culinare Half an hour before narrated in the previous post ...
PSI looks at me straight in the eye.
The old man has a look that conveys peace and serenity that seems reserved for the wise elders.

Culinare Rocket Chef Manual

'Let me explain why I returned with my wife ...
And I start to improvise. I speak and do not stop. I listen to justify myself. The PSI does not stop me. I listen carefully. Make some notes.
I think I speak for about twenty minutes.
Then I stop and pat the cat sleeping on the desktop, right in front of me. Next to the cat, there is a plush doll is shaped like a puppy. The PSI is
me what I'm looking at me and says,
That 'friend' gave it a patient. Luckily it seems that along.
I smile at the occurrence of doctor and I see you read your notes and ask me
- ¿Sebastiàn fue un hijo deseado?
-Mucho, a N le costò quedar embarazada. Fue un año y medio de busqueda.
Mientras escribe, me hace una seña con la mano para interrumpirme que denota un 'es suficiente, no siga' o 'eso no es lo que estoy preguntando'. Así que me detengo.
-¿Y la nena?
-Tambièn, se llevan 4 años de diferencia, fue deseada, ninguno de los dos fue un accidente.
Anota algo en el papel.
-Le voy a hacer un dibujito.
Hace un dibujo en un papel. Un dibujo muy simple, con palotes dibuja un hombre encima de lo que parece ser una mujer. Ahora le hace a ella unos pelos largos que no dejan lugar a dudas, los palotes de abajo representan una mujer.

Culinare Rocket Chef Manual

'This is a pair fifando. I said and I see in the picture are in the possession of the missionary.
Then draw another couple next to strokes, said: 'This is another
fifando partner. And I see that the couple are in the possession of the puppy.
I observed and asked me:
- How to pose like you more?
'If my wife, I like this. And I point out the pose of the missionary.
- Why this?
'Because I want us to look in the eyes when you do that much more when we orgasm.
- And with the other women?
'With the other women but I like the pose of the dog. Because I find it much more orgasm.

Free Culinare Rocket Chef Manual

- With the other women takes longer?
- Double or triple. Even with some I could not finish.
'The eye contact when having sex is the ultimate expression of love.
Manichaeism offered us consumerism, of wanting to forcibly separate the soul from the body, fail miserably here in the moment when two people gaze into their eyes while they do it is at this point that is transformed, GARCH making love. The terms of the doctor
cause me smile. Do not imagine using the word 'Garches patient with posterior shift. Surely not.
When I leave the office, I open the door and I see myself in the mirror in the hallway with a smile on his face. But I find sad and desolate look of the patient next shift. A nice lady in her forties who has a dark eye circles and reflects a pain that erased a slap me smile.
I say a 'Hi!' it is more an attempt to cheer than a greeting.
Manual She tries to smile and you only get a semi answering with another wry smile Hello.

The same look, the same semi N forced smile when I offered to try again one last time.
I go down the hall thinking that N was a month ago, as that woman,
and now this splendid, with a twinkle in his eyes.
Closing the door of the office and meet with the bright sun in the afternoon
that forces me to wear your sunglasses, the image of woman brings a reminder of a few days ago, when N gave me a sweet kiss on the mouth that woke up one morning
together and said,
- Thanks! ... for rescuing me in time.

Culinare Rocket Chef User Manual

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