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It was modeled after Dan’s famous “Giorgio” letters from his Magnetic Marketing Kit. “Icing” worked exceptionally well for Forrest, and has gone on to become the single most successful client-generating marketing tool in the history of the fitness industry. Fitness Marketing Systems grew rapidly to over 3,000 customers world-wide by 2005. GetFree-Download '22Power.com' GetFree-Download (Dan Kennedy's - Magnetic Marketing Only for $22). Dan Kennedy Magnetic Marketing Seminar 3 Letter Sequence (1.5hrs) Watch this before Google Video takes it down! Here's how to get ideal prospects to contact you. Let's say you have a list of prospects who would be your perfect client.

Dan Kennedy Magnetic Marketing System


I have taken 11 different businesses and 4 different sales careers, in 6 different business categories, and treated each one as a private, paying client, and created complete direct marketing/Magnetic Marketing Systems for each one, including all of the “power documents”: prospecting and sales letters, ads, postcards, and so on.

And these documents are all marked “Copyright Free,” which gives you permission to take them and use them, virtually as-is! (When I am paid to develop ONE collection of documents, for one client, I am typically paid $7,500.00 to as much as $15,000.00 plus royalties, so there is over $75,000.00 worth of copywriting services provided in this Kit!)

Now, here’s the best part: Information and ideas are fine, but let’s bridge the gap to implementation. It turns out that 90% of all businesses and sales careers fit one (or more) of these categories so perfectly and …YOUR business or sales career will match up with (at least) one of these categories so perfectly, you will be able to “steal” and use those “power documents” and strategies outright, just as if they were created for you … only very minor adaptation necessary!

Please pay attention to this point! At each seminar, after each speech, I am surrounded by people, each asking if the Kit applies to this business, that business, each believing theirs to be so “different” it must not be included.

So, to repeat: 90% of all businesses and sales careers are covered by this Kit! For most, at least one category is such a perfect match, there’s instant application with little or no creative adaptation.

The Kit covers business-to-business selling situations, to-consumer situations, retail, restaurants, professional practices, real estate, automobile sales, even financial services sales (where there are compliance issues), direct sales and network marketing, industrial, big ticket items, on and on. And just about everybody who gets this Kit finds one category to be a very close match … they learn and “borrow” from ALL the materials, AND they are able to instantly and easily apply the tools from the one category best matched to their business.

Included in these Copyright-Free Documents, in one of the business examples, are the now-famous “Giorgio, Romance Director” Letters that I show at most seminars, that every audience falls in love with! You’ve just got to see this “marketing masterpiece!”

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Dan Kennedy Magnetic Marketing Download Torrent Pirate Bay

Respond boldly, creatively, intelligently and responsibly and take advantage of the grand opportunities emerging in the New Ecomony with Dan’s NEW 5-Step Strategy. Developed in response to the fact that our economy will never return to the way it was, Dan created this Strategy by combining the tested strategies and proven concepts from his Magnetic Marketing SYSTEM with his past 35 years of “in the trenches” experience testing strategies and tracking results. Take the next step with new, more creative and agile thinking and more tough-minded and disciplined methods that are in sync with the realities of the New Economy and the demands of its consumers and clients.

– Sell at Higher Prices Than Your Competitors Without Resistance
– Prosper and Thrive Even During Challenging Business Environments
– Make An Additional $100,000 Applying Advanced Strategies.

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