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Updated December 2018

Download DoulCi Activator V2.3 for Windows. Download DoulCi Activator V2.3 for Mac. The DoulCi Activator Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tool is the world’s first Alternative iOS 9.4 iCloud Server, in addition to the world’s primary iOS 9.4 iCloud Activation Bypass. Using doulCi bypass Server is a very simple process. Just Add the 'MAGIC LINE' to your 'hosts' file on any operating system you are using to make it recognize the mac server 'default Apple Albert server' as an iCloud bypass server 'doulCi server', and then after just one step you will have your iCloud locked device bypassed.

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How to use the Tool to Unlock iCloud and iPhone

Download the DoulCi Activator tool for iCloud bypass on any iPhone, iPod or iPad. Connect your iOS device to your computer, run the DoulCi Activator script and let our iCloud bypass servers do the work in 20 minutes. The only way to unlock free and 100% permanent iCloud is to download the DoulCi iCloud unlocker from our official website. The DoulCi team is ready for a new challenge. With the new beta version of iOS 11.3 released and our obsolete tool DoulCi Activator Tool 2016, we decided to bring back the DoulCi Activator server (iCloud Unlock Server) in combination with a new DoulCi 2018 activator tool (iCloud Bypass Tool) iCloud blocked iPhone or iPad with iTunes during the activation process.

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What do we do


If you are tired of having to reset your phone every time you forget your password, we are the solution to your problem. Our Doulci also works to unlock iCloud on Macbooks, Airbooks, iPod Touch, iPhone, iMacs and Apple’s Power PC. Our program works on any version of Apple IOS and any device. We have covered everything in this tool! We do not care how Apple resets the devices and blocks people if they have a contract. Our Doulci Activator is the perfect solution for this problem. Although you may have problems to reactivate the service, Apple products are extremely useful with only Wi-Fi. We hate that thousands of these devices have bricks because of the ridiculous costs. With the launch of the iPhone 6, Apple installed a mobile blocking system for all Apple devices. Unfortunately, this meant that they could turn off the devices for all kinds of reasons. In addition to this, they also created software that erases everything on the phone if users enter the wrong password many times, and it does so without synchronizing their information if they do not have access to Wi-Fi. Although we can not convince Apple to fix its code, and its CEO even tells the federal government that it can not be done, we decided to fix it ourselves. We hope that this tool helps you to solve the blocking of iCloud of ridiculous property of Apple so that you do not have to block your device. Before the iCloud eliminator, there were few options for the owners of the Apple device. They could sell their device in pieces, change motherboards or sell them to a different country to recover part of their lost investment. Worse yet, most people simply throw away their devices or sell them for little money. Do not fall victim to Apple.


Our tool does not present risks for identity theft or fraud to our users. Simply follow the simple steps and settings and you can start using our tool today! We do not need account information, personal information, phone numbers, emails or software downloads to use our product. We believe in creating simple and easy-to-use software that is completely transparent. By placing our product online for use, our users enjoy the advantage of having access to a powerful iCloud eliminator from any browser. Please, do not use our tool for any illegal activity. This trick was never intended as a solution for stolen phones blocked. There is a great chance that the device will be tracked anyway, so we recommend avoiding the theft of iCloud devices or anything else that does not belong to you. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

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Howdoes itwork?

You can ignore the iCloud activation lock with the DoulCi activation tool. It’s easy to use and all you need to do is have your device connected to iTunes and download DoulCi Activator 2018 , After the download, follow our instructions to unlock your device in iTunes.

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