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How to get there

The ARIA Player version 1.872 installs with Finale v25.5 and all Garritan instrument libraries (excluding the CFX Concert Grand and CFX Lite). This is the minimum version required for these products to work as expected.

Download aria player for finale download
  1. Choose MIDI/Audio > Audio Units Banks & Effects.
  2. Click the pop-up menu for one of the banks and choose Garritan: ARIA Player.
  3. Click the Edit button for that bank.


  1. Ensure MIDI/Audio > Play Finale Through Audio Units is checked.
  2. Choose Window > ScoreManager.
  3. Under the Device column for an instrument, choose ARIA Player.
  4. Click Edit Player under the Sound column).

What it does

Whenever you are using Finale's included Garritan instrument sounds, Finale assigns all sounds in the ARIA Player automatically. Finale does this whenever you start a new document with the Setup Wizard, or when you add or change a sound in the ScoreManager (as long as a Garritan Sound Map is prioritized highest in the Sound Map Priority dialog box–see Sound Maps).

Noteman says: All manual sound assignments in the ARIA Player are overwritten in favor of the Sound Map Priority whenever the Reassign Playback Sounds command is applied to the document. (See MIDI/Audio/Reassign Playback Sounds for details).

You need to use the ARIA Player to assign sounds manually if you want to deviate from a Garritan library's Sound Map assignment for a particular instrument (for the best experience in using a standalone Garritan library with Finale, see Setting up Garritan sound libraries in Finale in our Knowledge Base). Or, you may simply want to use the ARIA Player as a reference to identify the range or the keyswitches of a sound. The ARIA Player allows you to manually assign Finale's included Garritan instruments to Finale channels, view the range of each instrument and its keyswitches, and make adjustments to the properties of the instrument sound. More information about the ARIA Player and additional Garritan libraries can be found at

Download aria player for finale download
  • Ensembles. Save and load ensembles to transfer your ARIA Player setup across Finale documents.
  • [Channels 1-16]. Each of these sixteen boxes represents the channel assignment for one bank of 16 Finale channels. You can load up to eight ARIA Players in Finale’s Audio Units Banks & Effects dialog box, for a total of 128 instruments.

    To load new instruments from Garritan Instruments for Finale, choose an instrument using the popup menus on the left or click empty (or the name of a loaded instrument). Choose Finale Default Bank, followed by the appropriate instrument. For other Garritan libraries, the 'Notation' subset of instruments are specially designed for use with Finale's Human Playback feature.

    If you load more than one ARIA Player, channel 1 in each player window will equal the first channel in its channel range. For example, if you select Garritan: ARIA Player for Channels 17-32 (Bank 1) in the Audio Units Banks & Effects dialog box, channel 1 displayed in the ARIA Player will equal channel 17 (Bank 1, Channel 1) in Finale. The staff for this instrument will need to be set to Bank 1, Channel 1 in the ScoreManager.

  • [Volume]. You can use these sliders to adjust the MIDI controller data (#7 Volume or #10 Mod Wheel). Note that you can leave these controls alone and use Finale's Mixer to manage the volume, panning, and other playback parameters. See Mixer.
  • [Keyboard]. The ARIA Player virtual keyboard will allow you to audition the sound of each instrument in the document by simply clicking on the keys on the screen with your mouse. If you have a MIDI keyboard connected, you may play the samples using your keyboard as well. (To do so, MIDI Thru must be on. See MIDI Thru dialog box. Also, under the MIDI/Audio menu, Play Finale File through Audio Units must be checked. If you don’t hear any sound when playing the keys on the keyboard, turn up the Mod wheel. Use the keyboard to reference the instrument range and the keys used for keyswitches. See keyswitches.
  • Controls: Click the Controls tab on the right of the ARIA Player to display the Controls view, which contains various control knobs (depending on which instrument is loaded):
    • Porta (CC20): All wind and string instruments have this graduating slide function (CC#18). This is especially useful for instruments like the trombone and the strings where slides are a normal characteristic. It can also be useful with other wind instruments to simulate the way movement by larger intervals “settles into” the destination pitch.
    • Length(CC21): This controller allows you to adjust the duration of notes.
    • VAR1 (CC22): This controller allows you to introduce random variability in intonation. This can make a big difference, especially in fast passages where real players almost never achieve accurate intonation from note-to-note.
    • VAR2 (CC23): This controller allows you to introduce random variability in timbre. The two variability controllers can go a long way toward eliminating the dreaded “machine gun” effect of rapid repeated notes. Proper application of the VAR controls can also help the user create convincing double and triple tongued passages in the brass.
    • ModWhl(CC1): This knob controls the Modulation Wheel controller, which for most instruments affects volume.
  • Settings. Click About to view additional information about the ARIA player and to monitor ARIA's usage of your computer's resources.

Download Aria Player For Finale Download

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    The ARIA Player is the official sample playback software for Garritan libraries. It was built from the ground up to fully take advantage of the ARIA Engine. It can be used as a standalone to record and playback live or as a plug-in (Audio Unit, VST, RTAS) with sequencers or notation programs such as Finale. It features Conexant’s Endless Wave technology for hard disc streaming of multiple stops and ranks.
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    Garritan Concert & Marching Band breathes life into everything from piccolos to sousaphones, and offers the broadest range of concert and marching percussion options. This sound library was created specifically to capture the energy and timbre of these ensembles. Ideal for educators teaching band, band students, Band Directors who write drill routines, or musicians who want to add band instrument sounds to their tracks.
    Finale is the world-wide industry standard in music notation software. Anywhere music appears on the printed page, Finale likely created those pages. Finale helps the choir to sing, the band to march, the students to learn, and the orchestra to raise the excitement level in the latest blockbuster movie.
    The award-winning Garritan Jazz & Big Band library is the first virtual software instrument library that truly captures the distinctive jazz sounds, ranges, and techniques of authentic jazz and big band groups. Express yourself with this unique collection of trumpets, trombones, saxophones, keyboards, basses, and rhythm sections.
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    From Garritan, the worldwide leader and pioneer in sample libraries, developed in conjunction with Plogue Art et Technologie Inc., Garritan’s ARIA for Pro Player has a focus on exceptional sample playback with simplicity and playability. Includes a complete suite of orchestral, big band, and General MIDI samples.
    (discontinued) The Authorized Steinway Virtual Concert Grand Piano is a sample-based software instrument developed in collaboration with Steinway & Sons, maker of some of the world’s finest pianos. It accurately captures the distinctive sound of the hallmark Steinway & Sons concert grand piano – with authenticity and musicality.

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