Download Vse 8.8 Patch 8

The version of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) installed on the remote Windows host is prior to 8.8 Patch 14 Hotfix 116778. It is, therefore, affected by a privilege escalation vulnerability.

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McAfee (mac´-uh-fee) VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) is the anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware software licensed by the college for use on all college-owned Windows computers, 32- and 64-bit, both physical and virtual. The current Windows version is 8.8 patch level 5; but old computers with patch level 1 get updated to patch level 2 upon connection to the campus ePO server. (Patch levels 3 and 4 were tested and found to be unreliable.) Our license also allows use on student personal computers here on campus, and personal computers owned by faculty and staff. Our license also covers the Mac OS X platform.

Product Details

A summary of the specifics of the product.

  • McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) for Windows XP and 7, patch levels 2, 5, or 6. (For Windows 8 and later, see below.)
  • On college-owned desktops, McAfee Agent, which is patch level 3
    (or earlier is added for control by our ePO (ePolicy Orchestrator) server;
  • Here is the marketing product page;
  • ITS is currently supporting only version 8.8 patch level 2 or higher;
  • Here is a PDF datasheet that describes what's new in version 8.8;
  • Support starts here: ; you can search the knowledgebase without an account;
  • Several free tools are available here, mostly notably Stinger, which can remove many common infections.

System Requirements

All the current versions (listed above) run on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, 32- or 64-bit versions, any edition. They generally require that the latest Service Packs be installed; for example, Windows XP should have Service Pack 3. In addition, current versions run on most Windows Server operating systems.

College-owned computers with VirusScan for Windows are managed by our ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) server at . You can see this on a Windows client computer because the usual VirusScan system tray icon (a blue V on a white shield background with a red border) is replaced by a McAfee icon (a white M on a red shield background with a white border).

Windows 10, 8.1, and 8 do not need McAfee VirusScan; they come with a comprehensive anti-virus, anti-malware application built in, called Windows Defender, whose user interface is available through the Control Panel or System Tray. (This is not the same limited Windows Defender that came with Windows 7; it's like the Microsoft Security Essentials that was available free for home use on for Windows 7 and XP.) McAfee VirusScan 8.8 was not compatible with Windows 8.* until patch level 5, so we do not recommend using McAfee VirusScan at all with Windows 8 or later.

ITS no longer supports or provides VirusScan for Windows previous versions 8.7, 8.5, 8.0, 7.1, 7.0, or 4.5, which went all the way back to Windows 95 and NT. Support for VirusScan 8.7 was dropped when it hit end-of-life Dec 31, 2015.

Licensing Information

This is a commercial product for which ITS negotiates a campus license agreement based on a specific number of computers. Our current license agreement covers all physical and virtual computers running Windows or Mac OS X, as well as all computers on campus owned by students (the 'Student Use Option'), and home computers owned by faculty or staff.

Licensing Restrictions

Computers owned by the college; computers at the college owned by students; personal computers owned by current faculty and staff

Usage Restrictions

Can be installed, used, and updated only on the computers described under Restrictions.

Home Use

Faculty and staff can install this software on ...

Lab and Classroom Availability

McAfee VirusScan 8.8 is installed on all Windows computers in classrooms, with the McAfee Agent installed after that for management.

Installation Instructions

Labs and Classrooms

To request this software be installed on a refreshing lab/classroom contact xxx

College Owned Equipment

Download Vse 8.8 Patch 88 Download

Starting with version 8.8, the latest version will be available through the KBOX user portal. This unattended installation (no prompts), which runs SetupVSE.exe, should display a progress bar and an OK dialog when done. In the process of contacting our campus ePO server, you may see the icon in the system tray change, as described above. Remember to install the McAfee Agent after installing VirusScan on college-owned computers.

Link to protected information for ITS instructions.

Personal Machines

Here is the ITS antivirus software page, from which the current Windows (and Mac) versions can be downloaded.

The current Windows download is McAfeeVirusScan880p5.exe, which is just an archive of the many installation files (created with an old free utility called Package-For-The-Web, PFTW). This 130MB file can be downloaded, copied to a USB flash drive or burned to a CD, then run on any computer, where the prompts will guide a Windows Administrator-equivalent through the installation process. After installation, a Windows Administrator-equivalent can run the VirusScan Console from the McAfee menu off the Programs menu to adjust settings.

Note: Toward the end of the process, the installer will use any network connection on the computer to try to download the latest virus definitions (signatures) using its program McUpdate.exe. For VirusScan to be effective, its virus definitions must be kept up to date (e.g., several times a week, at least), and that will require an active network connection. As installed, VirusScan will try at different times to do this download: when the computer starts up, and between 12:10 and 12:50 pm daily.

Who To Call

The ITS HelpDesk at x5999 fully supports the installation and use of this software package. Sande Nissen prepared the package for campus distribution.

Questions, Tips and Tricks

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise will update successfully when your college-owned computer is off campus, as long as it is online (on the Internet) when an automatic update is scheduled to start (at startup, and daily in the noon hour). Alternatively, you can start the update yourself by right-clicking the McAfee icon in the system tray and choosing 'Update Security...'. It will first try to access our campus ePO server; if that fails (after about 7 minutes), it will try to access the McAfeeHttp server instead, and that will succeed. While off campus, you should initiate the update yourself every day or so.

How to run an On-Demand Scan...

How to check the On-Access and On-Demands scan logs, and the update logs, for errors...

Technical Troubleshooting

Failed to migrate to new ePO server

If a Windows machine was not connected to the K1000 during the last two weeks of October 2015, it may have missed the migration from the old ePO server to the new one. If your computer was missed, contact the ITS HelpDesk x5999 for assistance. Here are instructions for ITS workers on how to recognize these failures and how to fix them.

Cannot download latest virus definitions

If a Windows computer you want to scan has a recent version of VirusScan, but does not have a working network connection, you can download the latest virus definitions on another networked computer, then transfer the downloaded XDAT file to the target computer using a USB flash drive with at least 150MB of free disk space. This is the McAfee page that always has the latest virus definitions. After copying the XDAT .exe file to the hard drive of the target system, just open (launch) it, and it will put the new files in the right locations on the hard drive, then notify VirusScan that the files have been updated.

Exclude directories from On Access scan

Here is an explanation of how to exclude specific directories or files from On Access scanning (why, and when?).

Clean up malware

On college-owned computers, just let ITS reimage (rebuild) the computer. There's no way with any cleanup operation to be sure enough that the malware is all gone and the operating system is complete.

On personally-owned computers, follow any VirusScan cleanup with an offline scan and fix, by booting from an external source, as follows.

Clean up malware by booting from an external source

If VirusScan 8.8 with the latest updates, engine, and virus definitions (signatures) cannot remove malware, the next step is to boot from a known good disc (or flash drive) and run the virus detection and removal from there. The easiest way to do this for Windows computers is to use Microsoft's free Windows Defender Offline (WDO), available here for 32- or 64-bit Windows operating systems, including Windows XP. When you run this small utility, it downloads the latest Windows Defender (as included with Windows 10/8.*) with the latest virus definitions. This utility then builds a bootable Windows system on CD, a USB flash drive, or as an .ISO file.

Download vse 8.8 patch 8.2

Take the bootable media that WDO created to the infected computer and boot from the media drive. (For many computers, press F12 during boot to get a menu to choose the boot media.) WDO takes a few minutes to load, then it will show that it is doing a Quick Scan of the infected system, which takes about 10-20 minutes. When this is done, it will report the status of the system, and any changes it made. WDO has the same tabs and options as Windows Defender, so you can then choose to perform a Full Scan of the infected computer.

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