Food Lion Employment Handbook Requirements

CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - American grocery store chain Food Lion has changed its policy regarding uniform requirements after the story of one employee’s resignation went viral. Food Lion surely requires its prospective employees to undergo pre-employment drug testing. This drug screening is usually done right after an applicant is given a conditional job offer. Prospective employees then are provided with a written copy of the drug testing policy of the company. Food Lion is a company that is keen to provide its associates and employees with on-job learning experiences, that can later convert into professional growth opportunities. Food Lion is interested in supporting the growth and learning of its team, and it has actually taken steps like offering performance based incentives, paid leave, health. Job Description: To safely deliver grocery and perishable product to Food Lion, LLC stores as scheduled and safely transport backhauls to distribution centers. Safely operate tractor trailer while maintaining the company’s driving performance standards.

Food Lion is a leading grocery store that runs more than 1,100 outlets in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic States. The company employs associates exceeding 63,000 who serve up to ten million clients every week. To improve their services, Food Lion has a heritage of offering pocket-friendly prices and situating their stores at convenient locations. The company offers equal employment opportunities with a chance for each associate to develop their careers. This article provides you with adequate knowledge about the Food Lion job application process, openings, working hours and salary information.

Food Lion Company General Career Info

The company offers a total of six career areas that you can look into during your Food Lion job application.

There are open positions in the retail segment which provide employees with fast-paced retail operations to develop their careers. After completing the Food Lion job application online for one of the jobs in this section, you will take part in store management, in-store duties, and other required roles.

The second area of interest is the corporate sector. Qualifying applicants get to work at the Food Lion corporate office at Salisbury, NC. The job description involves coordinating retail operations cutting across 1,100 stores. Accounting, category managing, customer and community relations, corporate communication, marketing, branding, human resource and supply chain management are some of the positions you can consider in your Food Lion online job application under the corporate category.

There is also the pharmacy section which employs licensed pharmacists to promote ethical and professional activities while offering customer services. Those interested in the distribution and transportation jobs can begin the Food Lion job application online. Under this category, there are central order processing, dispatching, inventory management, reception, security and driving jobs among others.

Food Lion also offers internships in the retail management training program. It involves a year-long structured training on leadership skills and management.

Food Lion Job Application Guide

In this section, we provide you with step-by-step instructions on the Food Lion job application process. First, you need to visit the Food Lion career page. Also, make sure to browse the company cultures, and the different job offers to establish which one you are most suited for.

Once you are ready to begin the Food Lion job application process follow these steps:

  1. Pick a career in the retail, corporate or distribution categories on the official Food Lion career page.
  2. You can also use the job-search feature to find specific jobs. Refine your search by using targeted keywords such as the operating branch of the company, business unit, working hours, details on part-time or full-time opportunities, location, and zip code.
  3. Pick one job offer in the search results list. Click on the title to get further application details you may need in the Food Lion job application online.
  4. Click on the ‘Apply Online’ button after which you will be prompted to fill the Food Lion job application form.
  5. If you are doing this for the first time, you will have to create an account. Fill the name, address and SSN fields as well as your username and password to complete the process.
  6. In the next stage of the Food Lion job application process, attach your resume to the Food Lion job application form. The CV will provide the human resource team with details about your qualifications and skills.
  7. Answer the pre-employment queries. They are meant to determine whether you are eighteen years and above or whether you are in a position to relocate depending on the job requirements.
  8. Submit the Food Lion online job application process by including references and information about education/past employment.

It is imperative to note that you have more than one chance of submitting the Food Lion job application. The more jobs you apply for, the more you increase your chances of getting employed.

Food Lion Company Job Openings

Customer Lead

This job involves providing fast, reliable, and friendly services to the Food Lion customers. Employees are required to help customer service managers and their assistants in maintaining quality client services. They also optimize sales by ensuring exceptional customer service and support.


  • Training of the front-end associates as well as providing pioneering customer services to ensure satisfaction
  • Providing correct bagging procedures based on the grocery type
  • Ushering in customers, smiling and engaging them to provide an excellent shopping experience
  • Responding to customer calls to provide the required assistance
  • Ensuring pricing accuracy and retrieving shopping carts from the parking lot


Since the job involves direct contact and interaction with customers, applicants must display excellent communication as well as customer service skills in their Food Lion job application. You must also have a diploma or degree from an accredited institution appended to your Food Lion job application forms. Other requirements include physical abilities such as being able to move or lift up to 75lbs occasionally.

Working Hours and Salary Information

This job is part-time, and it attracts an hourly salary of between $8 and $10.

Store Manager

A store manager at Food Lion performs duties like budgeting and handling the returns of the assigned Food Lion outlet. He is also responsible for optimizing the sales as well as profits by initiating promotional or branding programs in collaboration with the customer service team.


  • Administering leadership and motivation in the assigned store to promote a culture that reflects the Food Lion objectives
  • Being in charge of all the operations in the assigned store
  • Providing instructions either directly or indirectly in a Food Lion outlet
  • Creating an environment for progressive learning of associates and interns
  • Establishing a store management team to offer consistent implementation of the company policies and practices


This job requires applicants to demonstrate strong leadership as well as people skills. Therefore, when undertaking the Food Lion job application process, provide necessary documents and information in your CV that may prove these skills. Applicants should also have excellent planning, analytical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities to make it in this managerial role.

Work Hours and Salary Information

This is a full-time job with 8 hours of work from Monday through Friday, but there are also weekend shifts depending on the job demand. The average employee salary is $62,018 annually plus other compensations which may bring it to $82,798.

PT Produce Associate

You will be working at the Food Lion produce department. The job involves performing roles that are geared towards achieving perfect production conditions.


  • Maintaining product standards per the Produce Standard Practice Manual
  • Ensuring sales optimization through standard practices of enhancing the customer experience
  • Administering adequate quality control, product quantity and assessing their conditions
  • Regulating the pricing based on production costs


This job has both physical and technical requirements as outlined in this section of the Food Lion job application online. Applicants should be fit enough to handle loads of up to 60 lbs. They should also be able to analyze the existing situations, find out the negative issues and come up with adequate solutions. Finally, they should also be adaptable enough to meet the Food Lion productivity standards.

Working Hours and Salary Information

The PT produce associates of Food Lion receive an hourly salary worth $8-$10. The job is part time with work hours ranging from 5 to 8 hours per day.

PT Sales Associate

The sales associate is tasked with offering friendly and accurate services to the customers. It requires the employees to be polite when dealing with clients and cooperate with fellow associates towards the realization of better sales.


  • Promoting the company sales by providing cutting-edge customer service
  • Using set procedures for handling cash, checks, bonuses and coupons to attract more clients
  • Come up with strategies for accurate payment tracking
  • Abiding by the Food Lion regulations policies and standard practices.


Every applicant should be able to read, write and perform simple arithmetic operations. There is also a need for great communication and selling skills. Since the job is demanding, they are also required to be able to meet the Food Lion production standards.

Working Hours and Salary Information

Food Lion sales associates are paid around $7-$10 per hour. The job is part-time and includes 5-8 hour shifts every business day depending on the amount of work.

Produce Sales Manager

The primary goal for these employees is to achieve the needed weekly or monthly sales while ensuring customer satisfaction. They also maintain the quality standards of the products and service offered by the associates.


  • Supervising the produce associates directly
  • Developing a detailed inventory of the available products
  • Enhancing the productivity of the produce department while collaborating with the produce associates
  • Acting as a role model for the customer service and support department


All the applicants should have taken part in a computer-based training as well as training aid programs. Additionally, they should be able to perform simple mathematical functions. Physical work may be involved requiring employees to lift goods of up to 60lbs.

Working Hours and Salary Information

Food Lion pays the produce sales manager an hourly salary ranging from $8 to $18. You should also know this is a full-time job with an hourly non-exempt FLSA status.

Additional Information

Company Hours

Food Lion Employment Handbook Requirements Pdf

Food Lion is open every day from 7.00am to 11.00pm every day.

Company Contact Details

If you experience any problems accessing the Food Lion job application resources, visit the customer support page for help. Alternatively, you can reach the help desk at 1-800-210-9569.

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