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ThunderSoft DRM Removal is a DRM removal software that helps you convert DRM protected M4V videos from both iTunes purchases and rentals to a lossless standard MP4 file. With this software, you can receive DRM-free MP4 files within minutes. Besides, it helps other iTunes media, movies, TV Show, Audiobook, and Apple Music. Nov 26, 2020 With the help of Epubor, All DRM Removal users are able to remove DRM from Adobe, Kindle or Sony eReader devices effortlessly while keeping the same formatting settings. Since the software comes with batch support, it will help you to remove DRM Serial key from multiple documents and eBooks. Three-in-One Audio DRM Removal. Are you looking for a free DRM removal tool to crack the annoying DRM? UkeySoft Audio DRM Removal can be used to strip DRM from various protected audio files permanently, so that you can freely enjoy any Apple Music, iTunes M4P songs, and AAudible AA, AAX audiobooks on any popular device and player without limit. Windows License Key Dump is the free command-line tool to recover the product/serial Keys of all versions of Windows including new Windows 10 version and 200+ other popular software.It automatically detects and decrypts the license/serial keys of over 200+ popular software including Office, SQL Server, Adobe, Nero and many more. 3 popular free DRM removal tools for DRM-ed videos, music and ebooks will be introduced below, and for your benefit, they have been reviewed with a pros and cons list. In the end, alternative software will be recommended to help you better record iTunes videos, music or audiobooks.

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Many people tend to collect digital movies directly from iTunes. One of the greatest moments for iTunes users is that iTunes movies go on sale. Usually, you can buy $4.99 iTunes movies in HD during a sale. However, after buying a movie from iTunes Store, you may notice that you cannot watch the purchased iTunes movie on popular media players like VLC or Windows Media Player, and can only play the media content on your Apple device or iTunes. This is due to that the iTunes videos are encrypted in a DRM-ed M4V format.

In such cases, is it possible to remove DRM restrictions from iTunes M4V videos so that you can play your iTunes purchased and even rented items on any devices offline? This article is writing to deal with the problem. I'll cover a lot of information you need to know about removing DRM from iTunes videos. I'll also run you through a 5-step process for stripping DRM from iTunes movies as well.

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Part 1. A Popular DRM Removal Software – TuneFab M4V Converter

To help you in removing DRM from iTunes movies, I'd like to introduce TuneFab M4V Converter to you. TuneFab M4V Converter is one of the top DRM protection removal programs which is capable of bypassing DRM restrictions and producing a widely-used MP4 file. In addition to converting movies available on iTunes Store, it also helps you create a DRM-stripped file from TV shows that you purchased from iTunes.

#1 Convert iTunes Videos in High Quality

You may worry that the conversion may cause a drastic loss in quality. But with TuneFab M4V Converter, you can get an MP4 file which is the same as your original SD, 720P, or 1080P HD iTunes movies. It supports converting iTunes M4V videos at a fast speed to save your time while maintaining the original playback quality. Also, you can keep all the subtitles, captions, and audio tracks of your purchased iTunes movies.

#2 Watch iTunes M4V Videos Offline on Various Platforms


The M4V video content that you convert by using TuneFab M4V Converter can be played on multiple devices including Android smartphones, Windows, and more at any time and anywhere. Now you can enjoy your purchased iTunes movies in HD quality offline.

#3 Save iTunes Rental Movies

The biggest highlight of TuneFab M4V Converter is that you can extend your rented iTunes movies beyond 24 hours and even save these iTunes rentals in your computer forever. Now you have a chance to watch your iTunes movies and TV shows without iTunes. Notice that DRM removal should be done for personal usage. You may invite trouble if you make any commercial or sale-related use of the media after the DRM removal has been performed.

Part 2. Graphic Tutorials on How to Remove DRM from iTunes HD Movies

Below is a simple guide to remove DRM protection from iTunes HD movies. You need to be mentioned that the free version is allowed to convert the first 5 minutes of your selected iTunes videos.

STEP 1. Download and Install TuneFab M4V Converter

Before you using TuneFab, make sure that iTunes is installed on your computer. When TuneFab M4V Converter is successfully installed, launch the program. And iTunes will be launched automatically as well.


STEP 2. Add iTunes M4V Files

Click on 'Add Files', and then all your purchased or rented iTunes M4V videos such as movies, TV shows, and music videos will be shown in the left panel. Click to select the iTunes video that you want to convert, and hit the 'Add' button.

Note: Before you convert your desired iTunes M4V videos to MP4, the contents in your iTunes Library should be downloaded to your computer.

STEP 3. Select an Output Folder

Your iTunes movies, TV shows, and music videos are set to convert to MP4 by default, therefore, you don't have to select the output format for your iTunes videos. Now, just click on 'Options' on the navigation bar to change your output folder according to your needs.

STEP 4. Choose Audio Tracks and Subtitles

Click on the gear icon on the left side of each item, and you can select to preserve the audio tracks and subtitles that you want. Also, you can skip this step and all original subtitles and audio tracks will be saved by default.

STEP 5. Start to Remove DRM from iTunes Videos

After you adjust all the settings, click on 'Convert' on the menu bar, and with several minutes, you can have your iTunes M4V video as an MP4 file without DRM protection. It may take some time if you select multiple iTunes movies to convert. Click the 'History' button and you can see all the converted files.

If you want to have an intuitive tutorial, please check out this video tutorial:

How to Remove DRM from iTunes M4V Video

Part 3. What is DRM? And Is It Legal to Remove It?

Digital rights management, short for DRM, is not a new thing. The term refers to a set of access control technologies for restricting the use, modification, and distribution of copyrighted works like computer programs and multimedia contents.

DRM methods usually are employed in digital music and movies. For instance, when a movie is DRM protected, you may find that you fail to screenshot the video. When it comes to iTunes videos, the DRM method, which is known as FairPlay, is mainly by limiting device compatibility. Added FairPlay DRM protection, iTunes M4V files cannot be edited, converted, and played on many common devices. This is also the reason that makes iTunes DRM removal a difficult task.

There has been endless discussion on whether it is legal to circumvent DRM protection of digital copies. Generally speaking, the DRM technology helps content creators retain ownership of their works and prevent illegal distribution. But it also brings inconvenience to content users.

Free Drm Removal Serial Keygen

Just take Apple's FairPlay as an example, the technology seemingly locks you in its proprietary ecosystem. You cannot play the media that you've brought from iTunes Store on devices other than Apple products, which is a bit restrictive. And you may start to think about why you cannot get full access to the content after you legally paid for it, even if you just want it to be played on Windows or any other non-Apple devices. This seems to be against the concept of consumer rights.

And if taking a look at the copyright law, the fair use doctrine indeed leaves room for making a private backup. In other words, it is okay to make a copy for personal use if you just want to watch an iTunes M4V movie on non-Apple devices. But if you are thinking of using the video commercially after decrypting it, then that is definitely forbidden by law.

Besides, laws, when it comes to copying copyrighted materials, vary from country to country. This article is not intended to promote piracy. Therefore, you should be aware of these laws and comply with them before you act.


This is all you need to know about decrypting an iTunes M4V video. After getting a DRM-free iTunes video, you can transfer the converted video to any devices you have for enjoyment. If you have any questions about this tool, feel free to leave comments below.

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