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French for Beginners: This book and its accompanying MP3 Audio are not for sale. The book is not aimed at any public examination in view, but is only for those who want to acquire a second or third popular international language at the beginners’ level for the purpose of travel, pleasure, or business. Free french childrens ebooks in.pdf format DarrylHJ I have been downloading books from this website to read on my iPhone, granted I am 31, but they are helping!

get a feel for good writing style and grammar, all at the same time!
You can learn French while you read interesting stories!
We've found suitable French texts for every level and taste!Start browsing now and become a French bookworm!

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  1. On this site you can find a selection of French literary works, including classics from authors like Marcel Proust or Gustave Flaubert. Each text is also available as a PDF document.
  2. In the special section 'Langua française', TV5 Monde provides a number of different articles about French literature. Pictures and videos illustrate the content of the articles.
  3. If you're looking for French poems, songs, and fables, this is the site for you! This site is also excellent for children. Choose a low number under 'Histoires à lire' if you would like to read easy texts.
  4. On this site you can find a number of different texts for beginners and advanced French learners. An audio recording of the text can be played, and there are English translations to help you understand.
  5. Le Monde is one of the most famous daily newspapers in France. It provides current, authentic, and challenging articles about many different topics. This website is especially suitable for advanced learners, who can use it to practise reading in an authentic context.
  6. This famous magazine that deals with current events in France and around the world is excellent for practising reading comprehension in short articles.
  7. Aside from a substantial amount of videos, France 24 also publishes articles about current world events. Read these articles to practise understanding new words in an authentic context.
  8. On the homepage of the radio broadcaster, France Info, you can find many different current news articles. You can choose between different categories to find an article you find interesting.
  9. This site provides a huge assortment of French literary works, including classics from authors like Marcel Proust or Gustave Flaubert. Every text is available as a PDF document.
  10. This site provides an overview of current articles from a number of different news outlets.
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