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Hiawatha bicycles are a type of vintage bicycle made between 1930 and late 1970.

Your Frame was made for Gambles (Hiawatha) by Huffman. Those dropouts were produced beginning in the late 1940's and I believe the serial number makes the bike a 1952. 37Fleetwood has a new site with lots of Huffman information, check it out here.


Hiawatha brand bicycles were sold by Gambles Hardware stores from the 1930s until the 1970′s. Most Hiawatha bicycles were manufactured by the Cleveland Welding Company or the Shelby Cycle Company, however some were made by Murray Ohio and Huffman Manufacturing. The most sought after Hiawatha bicycle is the late 1930′s Arrow model, built by Shelby. It featured extreme styling and was similar to the Shelby Airflow model.

The first Hiawatha Bicycle was introduced during the 1930s and was called the Arrow. The bike was manufactured by Huffman Manufacturing Company in Ohio. The company originally manufactured things that would be used in a service station and was credited with inventing the first sturdy spout that could be used to fill 50 gallon drum oil tanks. The company switched production over to bicycles as the Depression started, banking that the bicycles would become a popular mode of transportation during the Depression. They were right.

The Depression brought much business to Huffman Manufacturing, so much so that they were unable to keep up with the demand. Eventually however, the company managed to streamline its operation and made it possible to not only keep up with production, but increase production and reach over the $1 million mark in sales.

Gambles Hiawatha Serial Numbers


During the many years of its production, the Hiawatha bicycle came in various models. Hiawatha made bicycles for both men, women and children. Playing to type, Hiawatha bycycles designed for men are study and robust while women's Hiawathas are elegant and light weight by contrast.

Hiawatha Arrow bicycle

Three of the most famous models of Hiawatha are the Arrow, Airflow and Flyer. The Arrow was made under the brand name of Shelby.

The Arrow bicycle grabbed lot of attention from the customers across the USA. This was the reason Shelby continued its production till late 60's.

Gambles Hiawatha Serial Number Lookup

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Gambles Hiawatha Serial Number Lookup

Some well-maintained Hiawatha Arrow bicycles are still in use, and can be purchased on a reasonable price. The price is ranging from $200 to $500, depending on their condition and the modification done on the bicycle.

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