Gucci Belt Serial Code Check

  1. Gucci Belt Serial Code Check

Louis Vuitton Date codes are always located on the different parts of the bag. The most typical but not exclusive can be pockets (next to the sewing). The date code can be stamped on a leather tag inside, to the lining or to the vachetta (white leather) parts. Check the serial number. Gucci watches have their own markings that help certify their authenticity. If you know the serial number of the watch you're looking to purchase, you'll be able to contact a jeweler or Gucci watch retailer to verify the authenticity of the watch prior to making a purchase. The Code In the inside part of the belt there is an authenticity code, but it doesn’t mean that if a Gucci belt has this code it’s authentic, because even good replicas very similar to the original one can have a code, but for this reason look carefully at the picture below.

There are some designer items deemed of the moment—the kind that earn It status—and those that seem to be an evergreen covetable piece. Gucci belts fall into the latter category, if you ask us. While shapes, sizes, and styles vary greatly over the years, the often logo-emblazoned belt is one of the brand’s most ubiquitous pieces and perhaps considered an entry price point for those not ready to make a commitment to, say, a full plucked-from-the-runway look.

But regarding flattery, nearly exact imitation is not appreciated as far as a Gucci belt is concerned. So in the search for a few pointers about how to tell if your next purchase—either new or vintage—is the real deal, we called in an expert. Victoire Boyer Chammard is Vestiaire Collective’s Senior Authenticity Expert and is well versed on the telltale signs and what to keep top of mind. Scroll down for what she has to say and what to be on the lookout for.

“To authenticate a Gucci belt, the first step is to be sure that the model exists!” Chammard warns us first and foremost. In other words: Do some research. If the belt in question claims to be from 1996, fire up Google and go hunting to see if, in fact, former creative director Tom Ford is behind the design.

“Check the quality of the material and the stitching to ensure it's clean and straight,” Chammard explains. “The stitching on modern belts should be perfect and clean, however on vintage styles, it could be different and not super perfect.” While this may be better to observe if shopping in person, do your best to inspect the belt from all angles, even if by photo. “If you're shopping online, always buy from a trusted site that can guarantee quality and authenticity,” she adds.

Gucci Belt Serial Code Check

Gucci Belt Serial Code Check

The final bit of caution: “Study the typography and the logo, the quality of any metal parts (zips/bag feet, etc.), and the serial number (if you have one),” says Chammard. “Remember that the standard of a vintage item is very different to a new-season piece, the signs are different. The biggest giveaway for Gucci pieces is the typography: Vintage Gucci typography is gold and italic, different to the Gucci we know now.'

If you're ready to commit to a purchase, peruse some of the current vintage styles available right now on Vestiaire.

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