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  1. Happy Weed Game

Deal weed to and interact with the weirdest and trippiest medical marijuana patients or hire the Joint Buddy to do it for you. Advanced Gameplay Grow weed, promote your weed firm with fliers, keep your customers happy by handing out free joints, watch out for shoplifters and thugs and complete various tasks from your corporate bosses and more! All of our marijuana games are free to play as many times as you want, and we have several more cannabis-related games in development including games that are designed to help proliferate the truth – good or bad – about cannabis consumption, marijuana history, medical marijuana, drug laws and much more.

The Best & Most Unique Weed Games On the Web


The ONLY weed games online that are 100% marijuana-themed, including requiring you to smoke when you screw up! Our online marijuana games feature parody weed games, shooter weed games, intellect and memory marijuana games, 3D weed games and several other types of stoner games. ALL of our weed games are 100% FREE for you to play, with no strings attached.


Play Crop Defender
Play Haze Invasion
Play Mighty Mites
Play Stoned Mario
Play Stoned Pacman
Play Stoned Hangman
Play Stoned Memory
Play Stoned Kings
Play Too Stoned Russ
Play Weed Pong

Defend Your Marijuana Crops in CROP DEFENDER

In Crop Defender online marijuana game, you must defend your cannabis crops from multiple attackers and threats. This includes cops, thieves, fungus, deer, insects and drought. To make this pot game even more difficult, you must use a different weapon to destroy each type of enemy. From rifles and crossbows to poison and an industrial bong, you must choose each weapon wisely in a race against time.

Repel an Alien Attack in HAZE INVASION

Aliens are invading and the only thing between them and you is a field of marijuana plants. You must fire flaming arrows at the cannabis plants near the aliens until the become too high to advance on your position and are rescued by their ever-present mother ships. Haze Invasion is a 3D “forever” marijuana game that only gets more intense the longer you survive. Special weapons include strength and speed power-ups, as well as the ability to summon a flaming asteroid strike.

Protect Marijuana Crops from Destruction in MIGHTY MITES

In the year 2015, radical right wing republicans in the US government develop and unleash armies of genetically engineered Super Mites designed to eradicate marijuana crops worldwide. In this weed game you must defend these cannabis crops by remotely controlling nano-ships armed with insecticide cannons. But because each mite undergoes mitosis when damaged, every mite killed results in smaller mites branching off and continuing their attack on you. Special effects include the ability to warp to other parts of the field, temporary invincibility, and the ability to acquire additional ships in the event yours is destroyed by a Mighty Mite.

Get Cops High & Collect Weed in STONED MARIO

Our flagship marijuana game is Stoned Mario: 6 levels of beating bad guys with the power of bongs, pot smoke and more. This pot game takes the classic Mario to its next joint-smokingest level. In this parody weed game, you must control Stoned Mario as he makes his way to the jail to free a friend who was busted for growing pot. Along the way you cannot hurt your enemies; you can only get them high using the power of a special bong and joint in order to defeat them.

Avoid Your Enemies & Eat a Ton of Weed in STONED PACMAN

This online marijuana game is way better than the classic. That is, if you like smoking pot. It’s fun to run from ghost cops, bouncers and a nagging Mrs. Pacman, but overall the game is pretty challenging. This stoner game is a parody of the original and requires you to eat a ton of pot leaves and collect special prizes as you go along, all the while trying to avoid your enemies. Magical bongs allow you to eat your enemies, but only for a short time.

Solve Word Puzzles & Try Not to Die in STONED HANGMAN

Stoned Hangman tests your ability to guess a lame marijuana-related phrase while getting progressively higher if you choose the wrong letter. In this memory-based weed game, each player takes turns guessing letters to fill in a blank phrase or group of words. You’ll be given a clue, but they’re not always easy so expect that you might wind up hanging from a noose more often than not…

Test Your Short Term Memory in STONED MEMORY

Stoned Memory mirrors the classic, but this is a true weed game as it actually tests your short term memory. Make a wrong guess? Gotta smoke some more. Good luck with that. This online marijuana game is for 2 players but can be adapted to 4 when played in teams, as Team 1 and Team 2 have completely different sets of cards. Grab your bong and get ready to test your memory in this reefer-remake of the classic kid’s game.

Marijuana Version of Drinking Game Classic: STONED KINGS


Stoned Kings is a weed game that plays on the traditional card version of the drinking game, but you don’t actually need the cards. You just need a lot of weed. This cannabis game is simple; each player takes turns selecting a card and following the corresponding instructions. If you can’t handle this easy game, then you’re probably too stoned already.

Happy Weed Game

Keep Our Too-Stoned Editor Upright in TOO STONED RUSS

In this online weed game you control our editor Russ Hudson as he covers marijuana events in Amsterdam, Denver and Barcelona. Keeping Russ upright isn’t easy! This stoner game requires you to have a very steady hand and the ability to focus your concentration sharply; even when baked.

Try this Twist on the Classic in WEED PONG

Weed Pong is just like Beer Pong, but in this marijuana game, you toss the ping pong ball into bongs, and you have to smoke weed when your team falls behind. This pot game can be played with two teams of people, with one person from each team playing at a time. Players must carefully align the randomized blue circle above a bong and hit “spacebar” at just the right time in order to make their shots.

We have several more marijuana games in development, but we are always open to collaboration with third party game and software developers. At this stage we are looking to produce several more flash or HTML based weed games, as well as development of some 3D stoner games based in Unity, and the expansion of our existing cannabis games. We are also actively seeking collaboration with parties interested in making our weed games available for download on mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids, etc.

Even if you’re not a developer or software engineer, if you have ideas for new weed games, please let us know. This includes ideas for online marijuana games as well as physical weed games like board games or marijuana card games.



Below, please find a bunch of old-school marijuana video games that you can download and save to your computer. Some are fun, some are lame, and some are pretty trippy. Enjoy!

Get your hippy high!
File Size: 401 KB

Chronic 2K
Buy, sell and trade virtual drugs!
File Size: 494 KB

Ganja Farmer
Save your plants!
File Size: 1.04 MB

High Grow
Grow virtual weed!
File Size: 1.03 MB

Crop Command
Marijuana Missile Command!
File Size: 68.8 KB

Honey Bear
Test your pot knowledge!
File Size: 1.08 MB

Hurry, hide your stash!
File Size: 258 KB

Los Marijuanos
Marijuana Pac-Man!
File Size: 971 KB

Stash Invaders
Marijuana Space Invaders!
File Size: 818 KB

THC Calculator
Will you pass your test?
File Size: 29.6 KB

Virtual Drugs
9 virtual acid trips!
File Size: 333 KB

Weed Party
Get George Bush High!
File Size: 6,061 KB

BUD SAYS: If you have suggestions for more/cool free marijuana video games, please hit me up. I’m always looking to expand the collection!

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