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Most trial software add a key in your system registry by tweaking it. When you uninstall a software after it’s trial period has expired, all files are deleted except the keys in the registry. Therefore when you try installing it again, it detects the key and gives you a message like for e.g, “Your trial period has expired”. Delete those entries and reinstall the application after trial expiration. Use trial resetter application: Trial resetter applications reset the registry entries during Windows boot time.So the trial software keeps extended for unlimited period of time. Time stopper: Time stopper is a trial resetter application for Windows softwares. At first download RunAsDate software in to your PC (Windows 7, 8.1, 10 with 64 bit) After complete the download process, run and install Now right click on RunAsDate and click on Extract as zip Now RunAsDate zip and click on Browser option and select the targeted software to reset trial software registry.

You may have got bumped into lots of games and Software which were awesome, but they were only available in trial mode. What I actually mean fro that the particular game or Software is only available for particular period of time and mostly, it’s a 15 or 30 day trial period. The time period is mostly same, but it varies sometimes depending on the author of he software. The trail version mostly doesn’t have the whole functionally or features of the original thus extending the trial period becomes more important. So, the catch is that the software stops working since the trial period is over. But it is possible to extend or reset trial period of any software, and you just have to find the serial number.

Now, the problem is that any serial number is not easy to find and its even difficult to find a serial number for free. But guys no one has to worry because that’s the article is all about today you’re going to find out how you can Extend or Reset Trial Period of any Software. Actually, there are numerous method for the task, and most of them are legit and working, but I have mentioned two methods which are simplest to apply. So let’s jump to the method directly.

Steps to Reset or Extend trial Period of any Software

Method – 1

Reset Trial Period by Time Stopper Software –

To do we are going to use an Application which is called Time Stopper. Now, Time Stopper is a very unique Application and the reason I’m saying this because it actually stops the trial period. Once the trial period is over, then the Application won’t work. The Application is rated four stars on Google playstore and it is sizes only 1 MB To use the Application you have to read and follow the below mentioned steps –

  1. First of all, you have to Download the Time Stopper Application in your PC or laptop.
  2. Now, turn on the Time Stopper and click on browse. Then you have to look for exe file which is in program file.
  3. There you will see an option called Choose a date and choose the date of Tomorrow. You can even choose your desired date.
  4. Now, you have just to write the name of your Software and then click on Create desktop shortcut. Now you have to always use this open the trial version software.

I need to tell you that once you create the shortcut of the trial Software using the Time Stopper then you have to always open the software, using the shortcut folder only which is created by Time Stopper or else the trial period of the software will end instantly, and that will be a big mess. You also delete the the shortcut in the desktop or anywhere else of the trial software which was created before the installation Time Stopper.

How To Reset Expired Trial Software

Method – 2

Extend Trial Period by RunAsDate software –

RunAsDate is quite similar to Time Stopper, but it is portable software so you don’t need to install it. You can run the Software in your desired date and time. Bu using this software you can use multiple Applications at the same time all being used with different date and time. The software does no change with the running date and time in your computer or laptop. The work is only done in the specific Application of your choice. The Application is rated 4 stars in Google playstore and it is sized just 31 KB. Below I have mentioned all the steps you need to know to use RunsAsDate.

How To Reset Trial Software Again

  1. First of all, you have to Download RunAsdate Software and copy it in a new folder.
  2. Now, hit the browse option and you will see the list of Applications.
  3. Now you will see option to feed your desired date and time. After doing that you have to click on Run Button to let RunAsDate run the Application on the date and time which is set by you.

In addition, you need to be always aware of it that once you run your trial Software using RunAsDate, you won’t be able to open it directly or else the trial period will end instantly. So, if you don’t want that to happen you can create a shortcut of the trial software in the Desktop or anywhere and delete the old shortcut which was created before installing RunAsDate.

How To Reset Trial Software Mac

So those two methods I thought are the best. Both of them are easy to pull out and if you find any other method of doing the task in a better way then you’re most welcome but, as far my knowledge and research is concerned finding a simpler method than those is a difficult task

Why Extending or resetting your trial software is needful?

Sometimes, you may think that it is not required because in that trial period you have used and experienced the whole functionality, features and each and everything the Application has to offer but, that’s not the case every time many Application doesn’t work in their full potential in the trial period, off course because at that time its free. So, if you give a try to above mentioned methods then you can redeem or avail the full potential of your favorite Application. Another very prominent reason for doing that it’s free. You can actually save a lot of money by following the above mentioned methods. If the application is really cool the this is for sure that the extension is going to pull a lot from your pocket but, that can be easily avoided.

Final Thoughts –

How To Reset Free Trial Software Mac

Finally, I will like to say that the method mentioned above are completely functional. By using both the methods, you can easily extend and reset the trial period of your desired software. The methods are highly useful for people who badly wants to extend the trial period of the software. The original extension can be very expensive sometimes and that is a serious problem.

How To Reset Software Trial Version

Thus, was my thoughts on Extend or Reset Trial Period of any Software. If you have any suggestion or any question you can comment them in the comment section.

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