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Although Kodi add-ons can be easy to install, it does mean finding a repository that holds them. These can be hard to locate because of all the clampdowns they face from governing offices.

Files for kodi.repo. Name Last modified Size; Go to parent directory: Download&installMeinkodi.zip (View Contents) 01-Feb-2017 05:22: 672.9K: XunityTalkRepository. Select the latest repository version, if there’re multiple ones. If the repository file includes multiple levels of directories, click down to the bottom of the directory and click on the Kodi repository ZIP file you intend to download.

Here we have compiled a list of working repos, so you don’t have to do the hard work trying to find them.

With these repos, there are plenty of add-ons that cover the best working Kodi add-ons to date.

With these, you can vastly increase the chances of finding working streams to watch live sports or the vast number of movies and TV shows that come from each Kodi add-on.

Before heading off in search of the best Kodi repository, we advise using a VPN service to encrypt your connection to make you safe from snooping government agencies or your ISP. As you can guess, none of these repositories include the official Kodi repo.

We should also show you the two ways you can add these repos to Kodi.

Installing a repo from a file

The first way you install a Kodi repo is to get the installation file off the internet. This can then be installed locally on your computing device.

The precise location of the repo installation files will vary depending on the repo of choice. Howe, after this the installation process is almost the same for all of them.

  1. Find the repo installation file you want, and download it to your hard disk.
  2. Start Kodi, and select the Add-on option from the left menu bar.
  3. Click the Open box icon under “Add-ons” in the top left.
  4. Select “Install from zip file.”
  5. Navigate to the download location of the repo installation file. Select them for installation.
  6. Once you download this file, don’t install from zip file, because Kodi does that during installation.

Installing a repo directly in Kodi

This method can be done on a computer. However it is more often used on dedicated Kodi boxes where Kodi fetches the repo files rather than you downloading them.

  1. Open Kodi and select the “System” icon (like a gear), top left of the left-hand
  2. Select “File Manager”
  3. Select “Add source,” and click on .
  4. Enter the URL into the correct field and click “OK.”
  5. Name the media source and click “OK.”
  6. Navigate back to “File Manager,” and select the new-added Kodi sources.
  7. You are presented a list of available un zip repo files in that location, select one and install it from there.

Best Kodi Repos

If you choose to download manually, all of the Kodi repositories zip files can be found in the links under each repo.

Maverick Repo

The Maverick repo might not have masses of add-ons in it, but it has some very useful ones.

With its namesake Maverick TV being one of the best video add-ons you can find. The team always come up with new surprises, and you can find other add-ons included.

URL: http://mavericktv.net/mavrepo/

Dimitrology Repo

The Dimitrology repo is a long-standing repo and has faced highs and lows during its time. It used to be home to hundreds of the best Kodi add-ons. It then went offline which stunned vast numbers of Kodi users.

Dimitrology is back and back with a vengeance, and now you can use this repo to add another Kodi add-on repository.

URL: http://dimitrology.com/repo

Simply Caz Repository

For TV-related add-ons this might be the best repository for Kodi. Users can find legal and reliable add-ons where they can watch TV on demand which is harder to find these days.

Simply Caz is making this turn to legality in the way of fending off any governing body and copyright groups.

URL: http://repo.cazwall.com/sc/

Supremacy Repo

There is a broad range of add-ons in this repo, it has Kodi builds, movies, TV shows and much more. There is plenty of top add-ons such as Neptune Rising, Planet MMA, Magic Dragon and many more.

Kodi Repository Zip File Download

URL: http://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo/

Kodi Zip File Download Repository

Echo Wizard Repo

Best Kodi Repositories .zip File To Download

This was recently shut down but has resurfaced with some new tools and features. The maintenance tools it has can do almost anything to your Kodi setup.

The closest thing we saw to this is Kobra installer where you can download any add-on directly from Kodi and the use of this add-on and installer.

Echo Wizard repo also comes with an add-on installer to make things much more comfortable to install from zip file, and in one place. It might be the most useful repository for Kodi to keep it maintained and running efficiently.

Download Kodi Bae Repository Zip File

Kodi Repos Not Working

Here are a couple of the best fusion repos which were well known, but what was once working Kodi repos are down at present.

Kodi Zip File Download Repos
  • Blamo repository – on and off so worth checking:
  • Noobs and Nerds
  • Smash Repository

Using a VPN for Kodi Repos

Because most of the add-ons are delivering copyright-protected content, it is advisable to use a Kodi VPN for your computer or your device.

What this will do is encrypt your data, so no ISP or government agency who checks for these copyright protected files from being illegally shared or downloaded, from being seen.

The best VPN for this job is ExpressVPN which is ranked at the top of most reviews. It delivers robust connections with the fastest download speeds to prevent buffering while streaming.

Signing up for this VPN is straightforward and take very few steps. It can even be more straightforward than adding one of the above repos to Kodi. Here are the steps to sign up for this recommended VPN service.

Best kodi repositories .zip file to download
  1. Head to the website and select a plan (now with 3-months free)
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Select payment method
  4. Receive email and download the client software.

As soon as you install the client, it gets to work, and you are protected from the very start. You can then find the best Kodi repo that has all the best add-ons for your favourite content.

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