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Oil Chillers Spindle Chiller- I MIN. Spindles are important components of most industrial or small-scale machinery and are extremely sensitive to heat. As the machine at hand is in use, the temperature of the spindles rises, causing the machinery to malfunction. Dual winding spindle motor (similar as a 2-step gearbox installed) offers the extra torque output at low spindle speed than conventional belt-driven spindle. Wide span box slide-ways supports this bulky headstock which is circulated by oil cooling jacket to prevent the heat build-up in the motor and to minimize thermal expansion. Spindle and coolant cooling is an important part of keeping your machines operating properly. Using inverter technology, Daikin oil coolers provide optimum cooling capacity while saving energy. All World Machinery Supply also has the unique ability to repair just about any oil cooler line in the market today. Note: The manuals below are your Standard CNC88 Legacy 32MP Machines and do not include Fanuc unless specifically stated in the Fanuc Control Section. User Manual Operators Manual.

Commonly used on CNC machining center to cooling spindle oil, hydraulic oil or lubrication oil.

NOTE: We can convert this unit to HABOR HBO-250PTSBM9 on request. The M variant has external sensor that traces temperature at the machine body casting.

HABOR Oil Chiller Model: HBO-250PTSB9

HBO-250PTSB9 is a new version of model HBO-250PTSB3.
The difference is that the unit is now more compact.


  • Can be used to chill machining center spindle oil, hydraulic oil or machine lubrication oil.
  • Stabilize temperature and improve cutting accuracy
  • Prolong machine life.
  • Simple operation, low noise.


Model: HBO-250PTSB9
Cooling capacity: 1000 kcal/hour, 1170 watt, 4000 BTU/hour
Temperate control: Differential temperature control (Tracing room temperature, setting range - 10 deg C ~ + 10 deg C)
Usage range: Ambient temperature 10~40 deg C, Oil temperature 10~45 deg C
Power input: 3PH 200~230V 60Hz
Compressor motor: 478 w
Fan motor: 200 watt
Pump: 200 watt
Pump flow rate: 4.5 liter / min
Inlet size: 1/2' PT
Outlet size: 1/2' PT
Max. pressure loss of oil outlet: 3.0 kgf/cm^2
Oil viscosity requirement:hydraulic oil and lubrication oil VG6 ~VG32 (4~300 cSt)
Refrigerant: R407C 0.3kg Tank: 12 liter (3.17 gallon)

Oil type requirement

Mac Spindle Oil Cooler Manual Free


This unit accepts mineral hydraulic oil and lubrication oil.
Do not use phosphate, chlorinated hydrocarbon and fire resistant hydraulic oil such as water/glycol oil and W/O, O/W emulsion type oil.
Do not use cutting oil, grinding oil or water soluble liquid.
Do not use for food stuff, medicine or strongly corrosive liquid.
Do not use for gasoline, kerosine or organic solvent.

Oil viscosity

The recommended oil viscosity for this unit is 4 to 300 CST.
For each ISO oil grade the oil viscosity actually varies depending on temperature.
As a general guide, if oil is between 10 to 40 deg Celsius, ISO VG5 to ISO VG32 can be used.

Mac Spindle Oil Cooler Manual Instructions

If oil is between 20 to 40 degree Celsius, then ISO VG5 to ISO VG68 can be used.

Mac Spindle Oil Cooler Manual

Please ask us any questions you have about the operation of this oil chiller. We'll be happy to help.

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Mac Spindle Oil Cooler Manual Pdf

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