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Medal of Honor feels and looks like it's set in Afghanistan, especially when the squad starts making its way through a canyon, flanked by enemies on the surrounding cliffs. In some ways, a fairer comparison would be Bad Company 2, as the in-mission chatter between Medal of Honor's characters evokes that game. Download Medal of Honor: Airborne For PC 1.7 GB direct links to Download google drive - MEGA - Highly Compressed. Free download with instructions to install Medal of Honor: Airborne in any Windows pc. Medal of Honor: Airborne took the series in a very interesting direction. This offers more of the war-torn first-person shooter action you love, but it is far less linear than the previous games. Download Now: How to Download and Install Medal of Honor: Airborne Free PC Game Hindi/Urdu #PCGames #ARealGamer #Games.

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Medal of honor airborne mac free download windows 7

Medal Of Honor Airborne Mac Free Download Windows 10

When Medal Of Honor finally arrived on my desk, it was one of the happiest moments of my year so far. I was stunned when I first saw the game at E3 last May, and needless to say, when I played the single-player game I was suitably pleased that my expectations were justified. One thing I hadn’t expected, however, was the quality of the multiplayer game.

For a start, there are plenty of servers to choose from either via the game’s in-built server browser or through GameSpy Arcade. Lag is minimal even with a high ping rate, which makes for a fluid and exciting game. There are four game types to play: free-for-all, team match, round-based match and objective-based match. These are all types of game we have seen before. Free-for-all is a traditional, every-man-for-himself game and plays brilliantly on the smaller maps even if there is an overemphasis on sniping. Team match is, quite obviously, the same game but with two teams (Axis and Allies) and objective mode is similar to that of the bomb maps of Counter-Strike.

Medal Of Honor Airborne Guide

The round-based match is basically a team deathmatch game, but with each team having to reach a kill target before the opposition.

Medal Of Honor Airborne Mac

One thing that could have worked well is Capture The Flag, and it’s a shame that it’s missing since its inclusion would have made MOH complete. Even so, Medal Of Honor is, unlike most other shooters, every bit as good in multiplayer as it is playing by yourself. If you think of yourself as a gamer and you don’t already have a copy of Medal Of Honor then you’ve been giving yourself airs way above your station. This is a game that absolutely everyone should own.

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