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MixMeister Fusion set the standard for combining live DJ performance with the pinpoint precision of the best music production software. Version 7.7 includes breakthrough new features like an enhanced timeline, improved time-stretching and support for Mac OS X. WavePad Sound Editing Crack program is a full-featured pro tool. Thus, It is the best audio and music editor program for Wins and Mac. From this editing tool, you can cut, copy, and paste the music. Also, help to edit videos Format it is a wave or mp3 editor as well as compatible other file formats like gsm, Wma, AIF, OGG, and many more. Music Editing Master is efficient audio-editing software for all users. It has a wide variety of configuration options that allow you to comprehensively edit your audio tracks. It's easy to make the changes and retouches you need using this collection of tools. Download the latest version of Music Editing Master! Music Editing Master is one of the TOP-10 software products on our website and featured as one of the best titles in Audio & Video for Windows PC.

It's the most flexible system for any user, format, or platform
MusicMaster is found everywhere, from Austria to Zanesville, Top 40 to Classical, student stations to leading networks. Our clients include web streams, terrestrial and satellite radio, in-store audio, music television, syndicated networks, national broadcast groups, and more.

Meet Our Fans
You'll get a better product for your listeners in a fraction of the time
MusicMaster's highly scalable design and intuitive user interface are the cornerstones of its success. Because it is designed in full collaboration with our clients, it 'thinks' more like you do, making it easier than ever to get your ideas on the air.

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You can seamlessly connect with all your other systems
MusicMaster easily interfaces with your other systems, such as automation, traffic, research, and media libraries. What's more, many automation systems around the world have developed an enhanced real-time interface with MusicMaster that adds even more powerful functionality.

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'Until I started using MusicMaster, my music scheduling software was just a utility. Now I see it as a weapon that helps our radio stations win. '

Steve Jones - VP/Brands and Content, Stingray

For nearly 40 years, we've been advancing the art and science of music scheduling.
MusicMaster is so versatile, you can do anything from edit a log in the palm of your hand to oversee a centralized network. With our unique flexibility and leading development, no matter what you need, MusicMaster is the right choice for you.

  • Professional Edition

    Our flagship product designed to meet the needs of any broadcaster, no matter your size, experience, format, or platform.
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  • Client-Server Edition

    Specialized for large radio groups who manage a single corporate Enterprise library and oversee programming across a network.
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When you switch to MusicMaster,
you get us too
From the start, we'll set you up for success with a custom implementation and training program with minimal interruption to your workflow. From then on, our dedicated support team is available for questions and advice (we also take requests!). Learn even more with on-site training, free regional workshops, video tutorials and online resources.

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'I look forward to new demands from our PD, since with MusicMaster our slogan is Everything Is Possible.'

Michael Breit
Head Music Editor - Saarlaendischer Rundfunk, SR3
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'Of all the music schedulers I have used, MusicMaster is the most satisfying and complete system. As a consultant, usually my first recommendation is to 'Get MusicMaster to schedule your music'.'

Juan Carlos Hidalgo
Regional Mexican PD, Radio Consultant - Spanish Broadcasting System
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'Everyone at MusicMaster makes me feel like I'm their only client.'

Dave Beasing
Former Program Director - 100.3 The Sound

Music Editing Master Serial Keyboard

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'We chose MusicMaster because it plays with everyone. We can continue to use it no matter what software we run our 'On Air' side with.'

Steve Green
Senior Producer / Music Programmer - CINC 105.5/NCI-FM
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'With MusicMaster, each programmer has the ability to build a database designed specifically for him or her. It has helped me better my programming, create a better rotation, and therefore increased my ratings.'

Chayan Ortuno
Program Director - Univision
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'I love MusicMaster because I get bonuses.
Ever since we started using the software, our ratings have gone up!'

George Cook
Program Director/Brand Manager - KKDA-FM
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'Thanks MusicMaster for making our lives easier so we may fill the extra time with other work.'

Jeff McCarthy
Vice President of Programming - Midwest Communications, Inc.
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'I've had the chance to use numerous programs over my long career, and not one system has ever even come close to being as flexible, configurable or as much of a time-saver as MusicMaster.'

Corey Tremere
Program Director - Newcap
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'If it's in your mind, it will work in MusicMaster.'

Phil Michaels-Trueba
Program Director - WHQT, Cox Radio - Miami
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'It has been amazing to see over the past years what a difference scheduling with MusicMaster has made in actual ratings!'

Megan Phillips
Director of Music Scheduling - Timeless Cool Custom Programming
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'In my 20 years in radio I've used all kinds of music scheduling systems. None of them has afforded me the control over exactly how I needed the stations I program to sound better than MusicMaster does.'

Al Skop
Director, Music Programming - SiriusXM Radio
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'I could talk all day about what has made me a MusicMaster guy after pledging allegiance to [our former system], but you wouldn't listen until you heard what your station COULD sound like.'

JJ Holiday
Program Director - KCLD-FM
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'MusicMaster is much more in line with today's programming - the way we operate with multiple radio stations. The people that design the software asked us what we need, and they built it.'

Brian Figula
Program Director - KOIT/KUFX
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'Editing is faster, we're getting better rotations and it's way more fun to use. I honestly don't know why we waited this long to switch.'

Mark Pooley
Music Director Alumnus - 92.5 JACK-FM (CJAQ-FM)
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'MusicMaster is my partner. I can tell the software what I need to do and, in turn, it shows me the absolute best way to make it happen.'

Jon Badeaux
Alumnus - KHJ, KDAY, Clear Channel, Sandusky
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'I have completely fallen in love with this software. If you are thinking about upgrading, you will not be disappointed with MusicMaster.'

Jeff Wolf
Operations Manager - Border Media Austin
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'One thing that MusicMaster has been able to provide to CMT and many other MTV networks is the opportunity to customize the software to look at the texture, environment and type of video.'

Music Editing Master Serial Keygen

Evan Kroft
Dir. Music Programming & Talent Relations - CMT - Country Music Television Alumnus

Music Editing Master Serial Key Generator

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'Since we have been using it, the quality and the diversity of our programming has significantly improved.'

Miguel Cruz
Programming Director - M80 Rádio
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'I love it so much I'm probably going to pop the question soon.'

Brandon Young
Programming/Content Director - Alpha Media KYKX-FM
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'MusicMaster is the first music scheduling software platform I've given my complete trust to. It can take the audio-perception you have for your station in your head and create nearly perfect logs, day after day.'

Tom Gjerdrum
Operations Manager - Backyard Broadcasting
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'If you're looking for user-friendly program packed full of tools to make your station stand out in your market, then add MusicMaster to your station staff.'

Music Editing Master Serial Keys

Matt Wilson
General Manager - KWHQ-FM - KSRM Inc.
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'Making award-winning local radio isn’t just about the music mix… it’s about everything in-between and all around it. MusicMaster has played a critical part in helping us effectively make great radio every day.'

Vince Benedetto
President - Bold Gold Media
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'After using MusicMaster for that first month, it was hard for me to imagine scheduling without it. I am constantly learning new and better ways to do things.'

Chris Collins
Program Director - Holladay Broadcasting
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'Music Master does most of the heavy lifting for me and keeps us at the top of the Nielsens.'

Evan Shipe
Music Scheduling Czar - Emmis Austin Radio
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'As a corporate PD with multiple formats to work with, there is no better program for me to use. It has exceeded my expectations in so many ways, it would be hard for me to consider another program.'

Drew Scott
Corporate Program Director - Martz Communications Group
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