Nissan Electronic Parts Catalogue Free Download

Here UOBD2 share the ETKA 8.1 free download source,hope it is useful for you.

ETKA 8.1 – Elektronischer Ersatzteilekatalog / Electronic Parts Catalogue

This is a full version of the Original VW/SEAT/SKODA/AUDI Electronic Parts Catalogue including the latest updates

The Crutchfield electronics catalog offers products such as car audio and video, home audio, plasma and LCD TV’s, cameras and camcorders, home theater and so much more. They have vehicle-specific instructions, dash kits and wiring harnesses for over 15,000 vehicles and include them free with most car stereo purchases.

(Audi: 1249 / Seat: 775 / Skoda: 781 / Volkswagen: 1249 / Price: 91), which you can install native or virtual [VM]

Nissan Electronic Parts Catalogue Free Download Pdf

on every Windows 7/8/10 32Bit/64Bit System.

This is the latest ETKA 8.1 GERMAN(!!!) Release including an Online Updater and an Update Link to keep you up-to-date.

Download link:

(This download link upload by forum member,it was divided into 112 part,you need to download it one by one,and can not download multi-file at the same time,otherwise you need to open you wallet to create a premium account.And this software only German,unsure safety )

Here is the ETKA8.1 Installation Guide:

(Many forum members feedback that they get into trouble when they install this ETKA8.1 version,it cost them much time to do it,and installation failure finally )

Nissan electronic parts catalogue free download online

Better Solution Optional:

(Multi-languages,test work 100%,and supply after-sale service for installation problem)

And for the ETKA 7.5 Plus free download link check here:

EKTA 8.1 Installation Instructions:

Download all .rar Files, extract it and start ETK_8.1-XTR.exe

Password for archive/download (not for Installation): XTR3M3

The Installation Wizard will guide you through the installation.

Password for Installation (not for archive): [email protected]_8.1

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