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Agfa D-Lab 2 Plus Service Manual and parts list Agfa D-Lab 2 technical docs. illustrated parts list English: Agfa D-Lab 2 technical docs. illustrated parts list.

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Multifunctional and fast

The universal device for specialist photographic retailers and photographers is suitable for processing smaller and larger image quantities as well as for production of individual value-added image products. Just like all current Noritsu inkjet models, it can print on one side or both sides. For duplex printing of paper rolls, its output range is from 9 x 13 cm up to the panorama format 30 x 91 cm. Up to 950 images in the 10 x 15 cm format can be output hourly “from a roll” (rated performance at 720 dpi). Paper rolls can be printed on single or dual lane, depending on the format.

Paper rolls are available in common photo paper widths of 102 to 305 mm. Paper feed depends on the width of the paper and can be freely selected from 89 mm to 914 mm in millimetre steps. Thanks to its 30 cm paper infeed, images up to 30 x 91 cm can also be produced with the QSS Green II – up to an impressive 127 per hour at a resolution of 720 dpi (rated performance). Resolution can be selected either at 720 dpi or 1440 dpi.

Sheet paper is available for duplex printing. Adapted to the output products, paper rolls and paper sheets are available in various paper thicknesses and surfaces. Tried-and-tested piezo-inkjet technology with “Dot Size Manipulation (DSM)“ is used as the printing system. It can vary every printing dot in 5 different sizes and can also include paper white as a “sixth option”.

The cartridge can also be swapped during printing. The device is delivered with a sorter with 12 trays, each for 50 pictures up to 152 mm in width, and the LED visual display of job interruption. Data can be transferred from current storage media by the operator at the EZ Controller, by the customer using “High Photo Transfer” terminals in the shop or online thanks to “HPT software”.

The Latest additions to our. High quality print engine A laser engine is used for the QSS series to produce vivid, high quality silver halide prints of dpi. A selection of new film scanners to choose from film scanners sold separately With the QSS series, you have three new film scanners to choose from. Can be used as a network printer. Furthermore, pictures are used to explain many of the instructions for start up checks and shut down checks, and warning messages are easy to locate and read. Based on the tried-and-tested D and combined with automatic sheet-turning device D, duplex printing of sheets, for instance for photo books and calendars, is now even easier and more convenient.

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Noritsu Qss-1501zu Minilab Digital Printer

This translates to 79 million pixels for an A3 size print Having a printer that produces prints of noritsu qss printer halide quality provides a big advantage for the photo retailer. However, not all papers are supported.

Indicates image formats supported when using the computer system supplied by Noritsu Koki. Traditional Photo Lab Solutions Noritsu traditional wet process printers are the industry standard.

Estimated Processing Capacity Note: Furthermore this improvement in terms of graininess has the effect of producing a better portrayal of contrast, texture and depth. By using our pages, you agree. In addition to noritsu qss printer choice of capacities, these printers allow for smooth high-speed processing during noritsu qss printer times as well as slower times, and the same consistent high quality photos are provided at all times.

Noritsu Qss Printer Driver Download

All these extra pixels result in finely detailed prints that have a dimension that is not available with other printers. Hardware Dry labs, photochemical labs, film scanners, thermal sublimation printers, customer terminals.


Only specified paper can be used with each type of chemical. This extensive variety of compatible qs media enables it to be used as printer dedicated to making prints from digital media. The QS S HD was developed noritsu qss printer our certified product development syste noritsu qss printer, which is constantly striving for improvement and is always aiming to develop versatile machines that go beyond the present market needs.

NoteThe inch order noritsu qss printer does not support the above-mentioned LED lamp function. This means finer detail, smoother color gradations, and amazing prints for your customers.

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The actual capacity you achieve may be different. Devices and aids for the production of individual photo books, photo calendars and other value-added image products.

This enables the control strip to be processed automatically when processing begins. Devices may vary depending on country and equipment, and may deviate in individual points from the data noritsu qss printer here. Letting your customers know about the extensive variety of print services available at your shop is a great way to expand your business possibilities. It is the most compact and high speed all-in-one duplex digital minilab in the market.

By using our pages, you agree. Detailed, binding processing format and performance specifications as per device specifications and current, device-specific device manual.

Noritsu Qss Printer Driver Download Windows 10

Noritsu qss printer noritsu qss printer a power-packed 0.

Noritsu qss printer device is delivered with a sorter with 12 trays, each for 50 pictures up noritsu qss printer mm in width, and the LED visual display of job interruption. It combines the same basic features as the popular QSS series with the following two new features so as to meet an even wider variety of customer needs.

Using non-Noritsu Genuine papers may void product’s warranty. Can be used as a network printer.

Noritsu QSS Green II – Noritsu by Mümken Sales

We see many people pick shots that are special to them and preserve them in ways noritsu qss noritsu qss printer enrich their lives. Automatic functions Auto daily setup Daily setup is carried out automatically using the noritsu qss printer timer. Colorimeter The colorimeter is built into the processor.

Paper widths up to mm 12 inchstandard delivery with two trays for paper rolls, duplex printing from paper noritsu qss printer stack, paper deck with easy-to-clean absorbers; standard delivery with 12x sorter with norjtsu display of job interruption.

Photographic beauty is subject to the limitations of the camera and the photography techniques, and the criteria for labeling something beautiful also varies from person to person since beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder.

Noritsu Qss Printer Driver Download Mac

For example, Digital ICE and Digital Masking are used to automatically correct dust and scratches on film, and you can set values for insufficient peripheral light, color aberration, and distortion, and make unrestricted correction of lens aberration. Nroitsu QSS PRO Digital Printer can be used to make prints from noritsu qss printer media inserted in the noritsu qss printer computer, or you can connect multiple computers to it and use it as a network printer.

Noritsu Qss Printer Driver Download Windows 7

The pursuit of beauty may seem like noritsu qss printer an intangible and unattainable dream. We use cookies on this website.

Noritsu Qss Printer Driver Download Free

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