Picture Instruments Chroma Mask 2.0.10

Picture Instruments Mask Integrator 2.0.10

If you don't have any applicable images to test our software at hand please feel free to use these sample images. Mask Integrator (10 MB) 360 Webspin (8.6 MB). Dec 03, 2020 There are many popular online and offline tools to make panoramic images, but if you are a GIMP user, this plugin is for you. Unlike other Panorama plugins, it comes with all the essential features that are required to make a beautiful Panorama image. You can merge multiple images, correct colours, blend and even perform distortion seamlessly. Digi-Key offers 11.5M + products from 1,500+ manufacturers. Large in-stock quantities able to ship same day. Paypal accepted, order online today! Chroma Key is the proper term when talking out “green screening” an image, or removing a green or blue screen background. And in DaVinci Resolve, we have two ways to key out a green screen (or any color). The Color page, and Fusion. It’s also very easy to do in either page once you know how.

Chroma Filters Chroma brand filters are widely used by some of the most prestigious astronomers in the hobby along with research institutions that demand only the most precise data acquisition.

Mask Integrator masks and crops subjects automatically during a photo shot. Two shots will be necessary for every subject: the regularly lit subject and a backlight version of it.
The following photographic setups have been useful for switching between lighting situations in the past:Picture Instruments Chroma Mask 2.0.10
  • Freemask or Freemask 1000 by Hensel
  • Other systems which are able to switch between two flash or lighting groups (regular lighting and backlighting)
  • Manual switch between the two flash or lighting groups (please note that this is only applicable for static objects)
Once the system has been set up it only takes seconds to create cropping masks for even the most complex of subjects. While the usual Freemask technique is limited by the cameras consecutive shooting frame rate and therefore limits the models in their movements, Freemask 1000 and Mask Integrator can freeze and subsequently automatically mask and crop even blowing hair.
Overview of the most important features in Mask Integrator:
  • Automated detection and loading of new images if the camera directly loads them into the computer
  • The mask can be optimized by adjusting the black and white point
  • Automatic removal of shading elements at the edge of the image
  • Mask correction brushes
  • Preview of the masked image in front of a white, black, transparent or any other background
  • Scaling and positioning of the mask in front of a background image
  • Corrections in position, scale and adjustments of the mask can be applied automatically to new images upon opening them
  • Color correction and creative looks through 3D LUTs
  • Fine tuning between image and mask (especially for Freemask and Freemask 1000)
  • Save a masked image or a folder full of masked images with one simple click of a button.
Preferred applications for Mast Integrator:
  • Very fast masking of even the most complex subjects
  • Consistent product photos in front of pure white
  • Shooting a subject for another background (compositing)
  • Motto Shoots
Target group:
  • Product photographers
  • People photographers
  • Online-Shops
  • All users of Hensel Freemask, Freemask 1000 or similar systems


  • Title: Mask Integrator 2.0.10
  • Developer: Picture Instruments
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 21.5 MB
  • visit official website
Picture Instruments Chroma Mask 2.0.10



Version History

New in version 1.5.0

  • Send LUT to Photoshop as Color Lookup Adjustment Layer
  • Import Image from Photoshop
  • Send Image to Photoshop

New in version 1.0.14

  • Smoother transition between skin tones and non-skin tones

New in version 1.0.13

  • Refined skin tone separation again and enhanced skin tone range for values over 50%

New in version 1.0.12

New in version 1.0.11

Picture Instruments Chroma Mask 2.0.10 Filter

  • Added support for 16 bit grayscale images
  • Added support for 32 bit grayscale images
  • Added support for single/double precision floating point grayscale images

Picture Instruments Chroma Mask 2.0.10 Pro

New in version 1.0.10

New in version 1.0.9

  • New Feature: Convert images to color profile (sRGB, Adobe RGB, Rec. 709, Rec. 2020)
  • Improved the One-Color-Look feature
  • Improved scaling of the preview images
  • Fixed problems with 32-bit float TIFFs
  • Fixed issue that parts of some images were displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed issue that some TIFFs were saved incorrectly
  • Fixed issue that prevented the application from starting when wrong paths were saved
  • Minor bugfixes

Version 1.0.8

In the Media

Image 2 LUT

Fstoppers Online (EN)


Create Hollywood looks via copy & paste

Load an image having a breathtaking look and Image 2 LUT will automatically generate a professional look from it. To see, how it will work on other images, you can load a reference image into the target area and see how the look is applied to it.

Picture Instruments Chroma Mask 2.0.10 N95

Simple use - professional results

To further adjust the look or create any number of variations from it, Image 2 LUT offers a few very helpful options. Along with the general intensity of the coloring, you can also control its influence on skin tones in the image. You can control the skin tones intensity independently and a loss in contrast from a source image with a faded film look can always be dialled back seamlessly with our software.

The one-color-look option homogenises differing tints in various areas of the image and heavily saturated colors can be protected optionally to achieve a higher brilliance for the look.

Image 2 LUT - spectacular results from a small tool!

Afterwards, you can save the reference image along with the look as a file on your computer or export it as a 3D LUT for further use in other photo and video editing software. Available as output formats are the LUT-formats 3dl, cube17, cube32 and mga. In addition, it is possible to directly send the look to Unlimited Filters.

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