Print To Email Driver

  1. Press (SCAN).
  2. Press or to select the [Scan to PC] option, and then press OK.
  3. Press or to select the [E-mail] option, and then press OK.
  4. If the machine is connected over the network, press or to select the destination computer.
  5. Press OK.

    If the LCD prompts you to enter a PIN, enter the four digit PIN for the destination computer on the LCD and then press OK.

  6. Do one of the following:
    • To change the scan settings for this document, press Options or Copy/Scan Options and then go to the next step.
    • To use the default scan settings, press Start.

      The machine starts scanning. If you are using the machine's scanner glass, follow the LCD instructions to complete the scanning job.

    • In order to change scan settings, Brother's ControlCenter software must be installed on a computer connected to the machine.

  7. Select the scan settings you want to change:
    • [Resolution]
    • [Document Size]
    • [Remove Bkg. Clr]

      (available only for the [Color] and [Gray] options.)

  8. Press OK.
  9. Press Start.
    The machine scans the document and saves it as a file attachment. It then launches your email application and opens a new, blank email message with the scanned file attached.

Free Print To Email Driver


Printer will not print any emails from my computer (I use Yahoo mail), but it does print from Word, Publisher, pdfs, etc. However, I am able to print emails and other documents from my iPad and iPhone. Thanks for any advice. Open the Control Panel by typing 'control' into the Windows search bar and clicking Control Panel. Click Devices and Printers or View devices and printers. Click Add a printer and select your printer from the list (it is usually a combination of your printer's make and model number). Follow the prompts to install the printer drivers automatically. AirPrint allows users to wirelessly print photos, emails, web pages and other documents without the need to install device drivers, saving time and making for a seamless user experience. Both your Apple device and your PIXMA Wireless All-in-One must be connected to the same wireless network connection.


Just click Print and select CutePDF Writer as your printer. It’s that simple.
  1. Select a file in any application that prints and open it.
  2. Choose “File” > “Print”.
  3. Choose “CutePDF Writer” as the printer in the print dialog box, and click “Print”.
    (Do Not select 'Print to File' option.)
  4. Enter a new file name for your PDF and select options. “Save” to your desired location.

( Ver. 4.0; 3.16 MB)

FREE software for commercial and non-commercial use! No Adware, No Malware!

Installation Requirements

  • Supports Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit/64-bit).
  • Supports Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019.
  • Requires PS2PDF converter such as Ghostscript (recommended).
    You can get the free AGPL Ghostscript here.
GNU Ghostscript is a free open-source interpreter for the PostScript language and the PDF file format.
It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.
You may obtain the latest version of free GPL Ghostscript and its source code here.

What's New

  • Added support for Server 2008/2012/2016/2019 and Terminal Server.
  • New version 4.0 allows you to change Document Properties, add Passwords with security settings and do much more.
  • Added support for basic programmatic access.
  • Seamlessly integrate with CutePDF Professional.
  • New version works with the latest version of Ghostscript.
  • To use with other PS2PDF application, please refer to FAQs.
  • Supports foreign language Windows better.
  • No longer include Ghostscript. You may download and install it separately.

Have specific and advanced needs above and beyond that of other users?
Integrate PDF creation ability into any application, solution, service or terminal server
(e.g. Citrix) environment and more. Custom Redistribution now available!

( Ver. 4.0; 3.16 MB)
(Ver. 3.2; 1.56 MB)

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Creating a PDF with this free PDF converter couldn't be easier.
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'Cute Indeed'
This is the blessing I've been waiting for. Very simple. very good!
I have used many of these kind of Programs even one supplied by Adobe and I can tell you I have had many hardships with those programs. But this little PDF converter has Consistently Printed All that I wanted to Print WITH OUT EVEN 1 ERROR - even for the documents that the Adobe PDF printer crashed on!!! COOL BEANS... COOL COOL COOL COOL
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