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Unlock your Samsung phone with these codes provided by Samsung Mobile Data Servers factory engineers and reset your locked mobile sim network free of charge. Cell operators from all over the world are locking their mobile phones to work only in their own network. Samsung j1 6 sim network unlock code free sm-j120f unlock code free ( j1 2016) 2017 - Duration: 2:41. Mr Solution 95,187 views.

We’ve developed a free method to unlock Samsung Galaxy J1 free. Is not necessary, anymore, to pay to unlock your phone if you follow few easy steps from our method.

If you have recently bought a Samsung Galaxy J1 and planning to go abroad for a trip or for business purpose, you must be worried about the network lock that Galaxy J1 comes with but do not worry anymore because I will show you how to unlock Samsung Galaxy J1 free through our sponsor.

You can find more information about our win-win system on the home page of our website. We use a new way to unlock your device, where a client receives a free network unlock code in exchange visiting our sponsor.

Well, before you go ahead and try unlocking your phone for free, you need to understand what is network lock?
Network lock means that your phone can only work on a specific network and in case you wish to use a SIM card from other networks, it will ask for an authentication code that will unlock the network for you.

Normally, it will show you that the SIM card is not working and with a proper code, you can authorize your phone to use that network. Once unlocked, you will be able to use any network from different service providers without any problem at all.

Well, if you really wish to unlock your Samsung Galaxy J1 Free from your carrier, the fastest and easiest way will be to use network codes. The most important benefit that you can have while using this method is that it does not cause any harm to your mobile or does not try to change things so that you lose the warranty on your new device.

So, even though you use network codes, you can easily get your phone unlocked without any problem at all. To get your free unlock code for your Samsung J1, you will need to have your IMEI number. In case you do not have the phone case, you can dial *#06# on your phone and you will have your IMEI number. It can also be found from the phone settings.

Depending on which country you bought the phone from, you can use a particular service on your J1. But once you unlock the phone, you will be able to use the phone on various networks across the globe with ease. Here are some of the network codes that can be useful for you:

Network Unlock Code or NCK: It can unlock SIM LOCK
MCK or Unfreeze: It can reset your phone freeze. This normally happens if you have entered wrong code for too many times.
Service provider Code or SPCK: it can reset the second level lock.
NCK, MCK, or SPCK for Samsung Galaxy J1

Before you can actually go ahead and unlock your Galaxy J1 without costs, you will need to know which code you need to use and when. In case your device is only network locked, you can easily use the NCK. But if you see that the code counter is blocked due to entry of multiple wrong codes, then first you will have to use the MCK code to reset the counter. Once done, you can use the NCK to unlock your J1 network. In case your device keeps blocking a subnetwork too, then you might have to use the SPCK as well.

SIM network unlock pin Samsung Galaxy J1

In case you get your device blocked accidentally, it might be possible that you are unable to use any network at all. In this kind of situation, your device will ask for a SIM network unlock pin. Unless you provide with the correct code, it won’t be possible for you to use that phone. If you wish to buy unlock code, make sure to check the unlock time and price at which the code is available. Although both will vary depending on the network, but you can eventually get the network unblocked.

What is MCK code?

Samsung J1 Sim Unlock Code Free Robux


Well, if you enter wrong codes multiple times, it may so happen that you phone will be freeze or as it is known to be as Hard locked. In this kind of a situation, you will have to use a MCK code and then a NCK code in order to unlock your network lock. Remember that for different countries and service providers, the codes are always different and you will have to purchase the from a service provider as well.

Unlocking instructions on How to unlock Samsung Galaxy J1 Free

So, now that you have an idea about what’s NCK and when you need to use a NCK code, it‘s time to know how you can actually unlock your Samsung Galaxy J1 free. Well, the process is pretty much simple:

Step 1: Choose a SIM card that won’t work with your Samsung Galaxy J1. Any SIM card provider except the one that works will do. Enter the SIM card in your phone and restart it.

Step 2: Once your phone starts, you will see a screen with a message that will read “Network Unlock Pin”. Enter your codes but remember to maintain the sequence – Unfreeze Confirm, NCK Confirm. It might so happen that you Galaxy J1 won’t accept the code at the very first time. For that you will have to keep trying a couple of times and it will be accepted. In case you have a RGCK code, you can use it the same way like the NCK one.

While unlocking your Samsung Galaxy J1, if you encounter a “Service Provider Pin” message, then you will have to follow the code sequence in this manner – Unfreeze Confirm, SPCK Confirm. Similarly, like the NCK one, you might have to try it a couple of times before the code gets accepted.

Step 3: Once step 2 is completed, you will have a free unlocked Samsung Galaxy J1 in your hand.

The above steps can surely unlock your Samsung Galaxy J1 and you will certainly be able to use an network on any country for sure, but before you actually think of going through all these steps, you have to make sure that you understand the use of NCK, MCK and SPCK codes very well and in case you are not really able to understand how to use them please contact us. Just make sure to have enough info about how to unlock Samsung Galaxy J1 Free.

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How to remove the SIM Network lock with Pin code

Samsung J1 Sim Unlock Code Free

The procedure which can unlock your mobile phone consists of two steps.

The first step is to generate the network unlock code with the official application and then to apply it on the smartphone.
But you have to carefully follow the instructions because you can use this application only once.
We have provided clear and easy instructions which you can follow to make sure that you do the SIM network unlock correctly. That is our first method.


  1. Download the software SIM Network unlock pin and install it on your computer or laptop. You can find in our Download Page.
  2. Start the program
  3. Once the application is started, read the onscreen instructions
  4. You will need to enter the IMEI number of the mobile phone, the model of the phone as well as the country and the name of the mobile operator to which the device is currently locked to
  5. Now, with USB cable connect the smartphone and the device to which you have installed the program
  6. Now press on the Generate Unlock Code button
  7. Wait several minutes while the code is being generated
  8. Once the code is made up, it will be shown in a new window
  9. Add a new SIM card, and turn ON the phone
  10. Enter the Unlock code
  11. Restart the phone and enjoy using it with your new SIM card

The second method is to use an online Sim Network Unlock Pin code calculator, generally for free. This is special software made from some group of hackers who work online on the server. You can get on this link below:

Compatibility info

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