School Days Visual Novel Download

Cross Days is an erotic visual novel game that has quite the history behind it. One of the most interesting things about this game is that back in 2010, it was thought this game was “leaked” and many people who thought they were downloading it were actually downloading a nasty virus that would steal their personal information! Ok, so that has nothing to do with the actual game, but it is a cool little bit of trivia.

In my case I HAD to download the setup and data 1 - 6 in a folder on my desktop. After that the installation proceeded smoothly with out issue. Then when the patch would not install, for v1.02, I had to change the directory it was installing it into. Normally it would be something like this: C: Program Files Overflow School Days. School Days HQ Features: - High Quality remake and graphic upgrade of the original School Days - Fully animated game with dozens of interactive choices and hundreds of branching outcomes - Over 20 possible endings, including harem ends and tragic bad ends. Additional ero scenes in the HQ version, all uncensored for this release.

School Days

And subtitled in English. If it's a torrent, please give me directions on how to download it.:p. School Days HQ is a fully-animated erotic game in which you, the player, must make navigate a complex web of romantic entanglements. As the story progresses, you will be presented with choices - as many as 40 in a single play-through - and be given a limited time to make a decision.

As is the case with all visual novel games, Cross Days is all about the story. This is the third in this series with School Days and Summer Days being the other two games. From what I understand, while this is its own story, it is actually set during the same time as School Days, but with different characters.The story is about a young high school man called, Yuuki. He starts to develop an infatuation with a girl in the school library called, Kotonoha and he is trying to make his move. Things are complicated when he meets another girl called, Roka that he also takes a liking too. You can probably guess where the story is going a mile away, but it does have a bit of charm to it. The story also features a pretty big “twist” that is rather unusual for a game like this to have.

Making Moves and Making Choices

As is the case with other visual novel style games, most of what you will be doing in Cross Days is reading. There is also some voice acting as well which is not all that bad to be fair. As you progress through the story, you get some choices that you can make. These will lead you to one of the multiple endings the game has as well as letting you see one of the XXX sex scenes as well. There is not really much animation here at all and I feel that if it had a bit of animation, it would make it easier to connect to the characters.

School Days Visual Novel Download

With that being said, I did actually go and play this two times as I wanted to try and get it on with both girls. So as far as the gameplay goes, it is about what you would expect from a visual novel game.

Smart and Stylish

I liked the visuals that the game had. It features some nice character designs and it was good to see a more realistic approach to things. Many visual novel games go for a bit of a fantasy or cutesy look these days so it is always nice when one does try and be more realistic in its character designs and environments as well.

I am not sure that I would say that Cross Days is one of my favorite visual novel games, but it is a decent enough one. The story is good, I liked the way the characters looked and in general, I found it to be an interesting time. The series is pretty huge with DVDs and Manga’s and actually, I must have liked the game as I am interested in checking out the Manga which I have heard is even better than this game.


School Days Visual Novel English Download

  • I liked the characters
  • The writing is pretty smart and interesting
  • The visuals have a cool and realistic style to them
  • The XXX stuff is pretty hot
  • In all a pretty solid visual novel game


  • I wish it had more animation
  • I sometimes felt that my choices did not matter much

School Days Visual Novel Download

Overall rating: 8

No idea WHAT I was thinking when I wrote that. XD
I've started working on it again. Not sure if this will be a proper start, and I'll get a large bit of it done before I get bored, or if this will only last about a week. I'm hoping for the former. ;)

Thus, several months later, as an insanely busy year came to a close, he looked back upon that place of memories, and vowed that one day, beyond a fleeting eternity, he might return to mend the shattered dreams that lay behind him.

Well, I got around to fixing School Days. Even though it's quite possibly the most phailgame in the world, I fixed up the bug that didn't allow the player to get the Miyuki or Nana endings (stupid as they are). Now School Days (which I didn't know was the name of a different bishoujo at the time I made it) can be hated in all it's glory! :)

And again. Well, the past few months have certainly been interesting. The most influential thing that I have done, in terms of this project, is play a heap of Visual Novels. (I played Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, True Remembrance and One ~To the Radiant Season~. Wind ~A Breath of Heart~ and Kana, Little Sister aren't working)
Anyway, because of these, I realised what a real visual novel is like. The whole reason I set out on making Ai no Kenkyuu was to create a relatively decent visual novel in flash, since I've never seen one. It's only now, looking back on the script that I made for Ai no Kenkyuu that I realise that it wasn't decent at all. The characters were shallow, and the entire thing was concerned solely with the sex. Most uncool.
So, I'll be remaking the script, starting in about five minutes. I intend to put an actual storyline in it this time, and there'll be some really decent replay value, with multiple storylines. I would like to think that I have at least some skill in writing, so hopefully it will be worth playing.
This should overall speed up the release of Ai no Kenkyuu, if for no other reason than it's inspired me to start working on it again. (Up until recently, it's been in the form of a DVD collecting dust in a bookshelf)
So...yeah. It should be pretty nifty. I'm thinking of making an actual homepage for it, since I'm too lazy to do anything but update anyway. XD
But for now, I'm going to start making some script while I re-download Flash. Ja~

Well...I said I'd keep you posted, and this is me doing so. If you want to know about the new game, then go to my profile page, since I posted a news thingum about it.
I tried to post an alpha yesterday, but it failed, so screw that.

EDIT AGAIN!: I have begun production on a second game similar to this one. Unlike this one, however, I am actually going to put some serious work into it. With this one, I got some pics and threw in a story. I am going to plan a story and all the alternate endings to actually make it a rewarding and intriguing game. I'll keep you posted ;)

EDIT: I have fixed three of the bugs...thanks for the reviews, they help a lot :)

EDIT: I have fixed two more of the bugs. Keep the reviews coming! :)


I have been working on this for a while...It is a game, with dubious interactivity...just so you know, the choices are obvious ones, if you want all four sex scenes, you will have to play it twice, because if you want Kotomi, you can't have Nana, and vice-versa. The game's story is my own, but the images are from the game 'sweet pleasure' Oh by the way, you will probably want to skip the intro, as it is boring.

School Days Visual Novel Free Download

Please ignore any faults in the pics eg. Background changes etc, I did the best with the images I had.

Also, while I am reasonable sure I worked out all the bugs, there could be a few lurking around somewhere, so if there are any, drop me a comment, and I will fix it and re-submit.

It could take a while to load, there are quite a few pics.

Anyway, enjoy!

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