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School Idol ♂ Itoshi no Qtie Cool - DVDPG Non-free, commercial Unknown: Partially voiced: 2014-09-26: 18+ Protagonist Haruka is not voiced despite the fact he is an otokonoko. School Idol QT Cool Non-free, commercial 800x600: Unknown: 2017-02-03: 18+ The localization was handled by Ume Soft itself. Also available on Indiegala. Download SchoolIdolQTCool.rar fast and secure. Rapidgator: Fast, safe and secure file hosting. Downloads start instantly: Not Avaliable: Avaliable. A first year student at Hyakumangoku Prefectural Academy. Together with our hero, forms the School Idol group 'QT Cool'. Personifies the 'cute' side of QT Cool. Enrolling in the academy as a female, Akaru is every bit a woman in both her outward appearance and personality. A woman of few words, she can sound a bit disinterested when she speaks.


The birthrate in Japan continues to drop ... Enrollment at schools everywhere has declined and their administrators are beginning to fear the worst ...

In this midst of this turmoil, at one particular academy, a legend begins to rise.

Faced with imminent closure of the school, a plan was hatched: The creation of a 'School Idol'.

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This idol grew in fame, and the number of students attempting to enroll skyrocketed. With this plan, the school had no trouble keeping its doors open.

School Idol Qt Cool Download Free

In response, other schools followed suit, and a competitive School Idol Club culture was born. School idols increased both the popularity of their schools and whipped students into a frenzy about supporting their home idols.

'This is ... the dawn of the School Idol Era!!'

I couldn't make this up if I tried ...

This is the story of an Idol Club at one such academy. It stars one girl ... and two 'boys' ...

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