Shiro Wa54-u Driver Free Download

Shiro Wa54-u Driver Free Download
  1. Shiro Wa54-u Driver Free Download 64-bit
  2. Shiro Wa54-u Driver Free Download Pc
Shiro wa54-u driver free download windows 7

Shiro Wa54-u Driver Free Download 64-bit

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Shiro Wa54-u Driver Free Download Pc

  1. Download shiro-core-1.2.5.jarApache Shiro Downloads
  2. Download shiro-web-1.2.5.jarApache Shiro Downloads
  3. Note the location of the JAR files and shiro.ini. I placed it in the root of my Spark download
  4. Update the file with the Shiro JARs and add an entry for the path where the shiro.ini resides
  5. Start the Spark master sbin/
  6. Navigate to the Spark master dashboard
  7. Authenticate with credentials in shiro.ini

Note this was developed / tested with Apache Spark 1.4.1, but should work with newer versions as well.

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