Sims 2 Faster Skills Mod

1.) Sim Sorcery – Working wand for magic sims– The wand adds a new pie menu option to sim menus called “Magic”, which can have up to three sub menus under it. It uses the magic skill originally created for the “Harry Potter Project” to track their capabilities, but these spells are not HP specific. The spells included here are as follows (the required magic skill level is in brackets)
2.) Playable Sims Can Witchify– This mod allows Sims to ask other Sims to make them into a witch (in the same way that one can ask the NPC High Witches).
Thus, if a playable Sim knows the Magus Mutatio Spell, you do not need to be controlling them in order for them to cast it. If the Witch is visiting on a lot, controllable Sims can request to be made into witches.
3.) Buyable Reagents– There are 2 options. MTS2_NDR_Simol_BuyableReagents makes reagents buyable under the Hobbies/Misc. category for their standard prices ranging from 20 to 50 Simoleans. As an added bonus, folks with OFB can set reagents for sale on a business lot and restock them from the catalog. Or MTS2_NDR_Asp_BuyableReagents makes reagents appear under Aspiration Rewards ranging in price from 200 to 500 aspiration points each.
4.) Red Warlocks– Why wear grey? Those who follow the path between White Magic and Black Magic wear RED! (In some games and fiction anyways)
5.) Witch Hats Enabled for Outerwear– Like the title says, enables witch hats for use with outerwear- all ages and genders that have witch hats.
6.) No Reagents Needed for Spells– Self Explaintory
7.) No Witch Idles– Self Explainatory
8.)Dutch Spellbook Correction– This package will correct the wrongly formatted spellbook text in the Dutch version of the game.
9.) UK Installation Spellbook Fix– If you run a UK installation of Apartment Life then you may have noticed that the rhymes within the spellbook are not formatted correctly. Instead they just sprawl across the page. This package will replace the text in the spellbook so that it now displays with the correct formatting. No more poorly crafted spellbooks for you!
10.) Reagent Creation Text Replacement– Changes the text in reagent spells to be more grammatically correct.
11.) Negative Witch Skill Symbol Replacement– This package replaces the negative symbols that appear over a Sims head when realigning to red. The evil symbol has been changed as well.
12.) Faster Reagents– Witches make reagents in half the time.
13.) Make 5 Reagents– Witches automatically make reagents in batches of five rather than one at a time.
14.) No Neutral Spell Alignment Shift– Neutral spells such as Cleanius Corpus and Creatum Nutrimens won’t cause any alignment shift
15.) No Witch Names– Witches no longer have titles like “The Evil Witch”. It should remove titles from witches who already have them.
16.) Spectral Servant Animation Fix– Fixes an animation error thrown by spectral servants.
17.) Friendship Not Needed To Become Witch– This mod allows sims to become a witch without needing to be friends with a witch.
18.) No More Witch– This mod prevents the NPC witch from appearing.
19.) Witch Appears More Often– The mod changes the default 15% to 35% to enable NPC Witches to show up a bit more often on community lots.
20.) No Motive Decay From Cauldron– This mod prevents the decay of the motives while the witches make the reagents, potions and light sources at their cauldrons.
21.) All Spells Unlocked– This mod lets witches, warlocks/wizards do all good an bad spells no matter their alignment.
22.) Witch No Change Outfit On Level Up– This mod prevents witches from changing their outfit when they go up a level. The alternate version also prevents new witches from losing their own clothes when they’re turned into witches.
23.) Cast Spells Faster– This mod decreases the time it takes to cast all spells.
24.) No Motive Decay While Casting Spells– This mod prevents sims motives from decaying while they are casting spells.
25.) Less Chance of Appearing– A little outdated with NPC visitor controller but could be useful if you don’t to use NPC Visitor Controller.
26.) Child/Toddler Witches-A TON of really cute and fun looking interactions you can do when turning your child or toddler into a witch!
27.) No name modifications for Witches and Warlocks– This mod prevents sims from being named as “mean witch” or “good warlock” or else, if they are into witchcraft. With this mod, any sim turned into a witch will keep his normal name. But If your sim is already a witch, changes will only occur if you cure them first and then turn them into a witch again.
28.) No more magic aura for witches and warlocks– This mod prevents witches and warlocks from getting a magic aura when they reach a high alignment score.
29.) Witchcraft KIT, cast spells and turn a sim into your Zombie slave– With the entire KIT, you can cast spells using the mask and have a Zombie slave…
30.) Advanced Moon Ha hye tal mask (witchcraft !)-This strange mask has several powers : it can summon fire on someone, make him sleep or pee, drain his spiritual energy, and kill him by starvation…
31.) Corruptus Locus No Roaches-“Corruptus Locus” won’t spawn roaches.
32.) Custom Potions Made Better– A mod of the witch cauldron so your witches can make CC potions and the NL perfume. A tweak of Cyjon’s faster reagents so it won’t slow down the making of CC potions/NL perfume. And finally, a custom “buy potions” social so the matchmaker NPC and witches can sell the new potions too. Playable witches need to have whatever they’re selling in their inventory but they’ll be properly credited the money. It’s not technically incompatible with my “witches are potionsellers” mod, but I included Maxis potions and reagents in this mod so “witches are potionsellers” will be redundant for those with this mod.
33.) Flyable Broom– The first object is a buyable broom found in General/Cars for 150 simoleons: by default it’s the neutral witch broom, but you can “set alignment” to make it match the alignment of your current sim or let it automatically correct its alignment when you direct your sim to use it to fly. It will pick up any broom DRs you have. Once it’s placed your witches can click on it and “fly to…/”, prompting them to go over, place the broom in their inventory, and then leave the lot via broom. The mod makes it so the “fly to…/” self-interaction is replaced by “walk to…/” unless the witch has that broom in their inventory. Once they return home you can remove the broom from their inventory again and they’ll go back to walking. For those with my “witches don’t fly when near hole in ground” mod, that has been incorporated into the “witches only fly if have broom” mod and can be removed.
34.) Last Spell Mod You’ll Ever Need– The idea is that you download this and BCON tune the mod based on which features you want. The features are described under the readmore..
35.) Pandorasim’s Witch Spells As Neutral Spells With No Reagents–
36.) Pescado’s Creaturefixes Without Anti-Roaches/WCD Failure– Creaturefixes now won’t stop evil witch NPCs from generating roaches on community lots.
37.) “Study Skill” Option for Witches– Allows Sims to study witchcraft skills without choosing an alignment.
38.) Witches Are Matchmakers– Well now all witches can sell potions! The blind date mod comes with a version that allows bigfeet to ask for dates, for those with bigfoot romance. Both mods properly give witches their money too, so it can give them a little supplemental income.
39.) Witches Conjure Grilled Cheese Mod– Self explanatory lol.
40.) Witches Get Voodoo Dolls– With this mod your new witches will automatically get a voodoo doll and the corresponding vacation/regular memories. Pre-existing witches can still be given a voodoo doll through boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (right click -> spawn -> voodoo doll) or downloading a buyable voodoo doll.
41.) Witches With Max Skill Don’t Need Reagents– This mod comes in four versions depending on if you have spells for non-sups, spells for non-sups and plantsims, just magical plantsims, or none of the above.
42.) Sindarin spell text default replacement mod– This mod replaces only the text of spells that exist in the game. Your game will be showing everything in your installation language, up until the moment you click Cast spell. From then onward it’s Sindarin-only, including the spell book.
43.) EZ Spells– Changes the text on the witches spells, cleans up the form of the spells so there is a pattern to the names.
44.) Witches Can Gain Energy By Meditating– With this mod your witches have option to meditate to gain energy. They will gain ¼ energy meter per hour. They will stop meditating when their energy need is full. Moreover, you can choose which staff they will be using. Different Sims can use different staves. Available staves: wooden, treemancer, watcher, magic and evil. Sims will use wooden staff if other hasn’t been chosen. New interactions are clickable on active Sim if they are a witch/wizard. New menus are Witch…/Meditate to gain energy and Witch…/Select staff…/. Staves don’t match perfectly all animations, sometimes Sims will stab themselves with it.

Sims 2 faster skills mod 1.12.2

Sims 2 Homework Hacks

Sims 2 Faster Skills Mod 1.12.2

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Sometimes when we are playing The Sims 4, we really don’t want to wait for our sims to naturally gain their skills. We’d rather just use a series of skill cheats so they can max out the skill and move on to the next! Each of the following cheats will let you choose what level of the skill you want your sim to have. One other thing. If you want your Sims to earn skills slowly, DO NOT let any Sims study physiology. Any Sims that have learned that will maximize body skill in about 5 minutes once they start a body skill building activity.


Zip file contains both the table and the workbook packages. You will need both of them for either one of them to work!

Useful for home-schooled children! This can be used in a normal family home for improving grades, or within the school; but the special classroom table and workbook above are what you need for use with the classroom controller.

Click on the table. Create work for... Then when the work is made, the child should come over and start to do it. If he doesn't seem keen, you can click on the workbook and use the menu option to call him to work. Doing the work satisfies the Do Homework want, and getting help satisfies the Get Help with Homework want. And when he has finished, his school grade goes up by 4 points - for example from C to B+. You can use the book's menu to stop a kid working before he has finished, in which case he will get one school grade point for each 25% he managed to do. If the child is controllable, you can of course also cancel the icon from the queue, and send him to do something else for a little while, leaving the work there for later.

The school work getting done relies partly on the kid being tricked into thinking it will be good value for *all* his motives, so you might need to step in and suggest he eat or go to the toilet if he is reaching desperation level (although I have built in a safeguard against actually starving while working). Also for the same reason, if you use mood booster hacks, you might find him less inclined to do the schoolwork. - alternative to the table (no globals)

An alternative for the table which can be placed on any other dining table or dining table clone of your choice. It is an invisible placemat with a visible pencil so you can see where it is. This has the SAME GUID as the table so you must choose EITHER the table OR the placemat to have in your downloads folder, and delete the other file. Recolourable.


Using these patches (choose one, you cannot have both in your game), whenever a Sim does their homework, extra points very slowly accumulate to all their skills.

NB The skills affected by this are the original ones only: Cooking, Cleaning, Mechanical, Body, Charisma, Logic, Creativity (contains replacement globals) (contains replacement globals)

Children and teens gain skill while doing homework, but cannot actually finish scoring each skill point without using conventional means of skilling. What you will notice if they go to paint or something after finishing their homework, their skill meter will be quite high already. (contains replacement globals) (contains replacement globals)

Allows continual skilling, but will not maximise any skill, so that the Sim can still go and use a skill object briefly and get his Maximise a Skill want fulfilled

The above patches clash with TwoJeffs' 'School Bus - Homework Hacks', specifically 'Homework Sometimes.package'

This bridging patch is suitable for all EPs that TJ's hack is suitable for.

Important points:
1) You still need my HomeworkSkills (one of the two versions) and TJ's HomeworkSometimes installed as normal.
2) You need to make sure the file from this download, known as the bridging patch, loads AFTER BOTH MINE AND TJ's HACK. An idea for how to do this is to create a folder in your top level Downloads, called ZZZsomething and put it in there.

Sims 2 faster skills mod 1.12.2

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Sims 2 Faster Skills Mods

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