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Slime Rancher offers tons of content to explore but, obviously, the most interesting thing is to find, gather, bring up and crossbreed new species of slugs. These are the main “heroes” of the game because despite different personalities all of them look really cute and heart-warming.

What do you want from a computer game? If it’s pure positive, something from tender and funny childish dreams, where everything looks like toys and feels like joys, then you’re right there. Slime Rancher is a story of a rancher Beatrix LeBeau who’s getting to a space ranch far, far away to grow slimes. And it’s a real fairytale full of fun and light.

How to Feed Your Slime

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So, you land on the planet a thousand light years away. Of course, nature there looks unearthly, but could you imagine to what extent? The grass is red, the chickens are strangely similar to ours, and the slimes are the main component of this planet’s fauna. Round, big and jolly, they’re always hungry, so you need to feed them to get some result. Capture them with your vacuum, bring them to the corral, and farm them.

What do they eat? Anything! See them fest on your yard, getting all they can pull out of the ground. Shoot a hen to any of them and see what happens. And even when they eat each other (or rather a different kind of slimes, to be exact), it looks pretty. After meals, they grow and change, and it’s the most attractive part of the game – to see what they become and what they deliver. Running a bit ahead: slimes produce plorts, the concentrated pieces of matter you can sell for money and buy new permissions and tools instead.

Besides that, you grow plants and harvest resources, sell them in a local market, get upgrades and unlock new locations. And each has its share of new Technicolor dreamy creatures. There are four types of slimes with different kinds of each type. Learning them is a special kind of exploration.

Anything sounds realistic in this surreal, colorful universe. So no wonder you use your VacPack, a gun and a vacuum in the same body, to attract slimes (or whatever) and to shoot them away.

While the mechanics are the easiest part to explain, the developers’ fantasy has much more in store. As you explore your slime ranch, you’ll discover new species and try to explore them, sell them, and, of course, feed on each other. This might have looked sadistic in some other game, but this one is too positive for that. Slimes aren’t animated, and they’re even not sure to exist. They are from a cosmic dream far, far away.

Positive feedback and huge sales of Slime Rancher One of the biggest surprises for the developers was the fact that the Early Access version received about 10,000 reviews, 95% of which were positive. This goofy farm was warmly accepted by most game media resources and a lot of fans even became the modders to become this game even more awesome. Slime rancher free download - Slime Rancher, Tips for Slime Rancher 2019, Idle Slime Rancher - Unicorn Factory Tycoon, and many more programs. Enter to Search. My Profile Logout.

How It Looks on Other Planets

There’s not a lot of games so depending on graphical solutions. But Slime Rancher game is about the mood, and so graphics and sounds matter like in no other genre. The developers and designers did their job well. The extra-terrestrial creatures seem made of positive and joy, fifty-fifty. They express natural emotions, and they infect you with them. They want to move, to eat, to multiply – to live, in one word. And that’s what the game spreads.

It’s a first-person view RPG-sandbox fusion (if this game is to be defined at all), and this is great. Walking in Beatrix’s shoes is really fun. You experience this full immersion, and rising up from this game is like waking up from a dream you haven’t seen since your very, very early age. Well, you don’t have to. This game can have you for hours, and you won’t feel tired.

Rancher’s Methods and Tools

It turns out extremely easy to accommodate to the new planets and to ranching on them. When at your PC, just hold your vacuum, we mean – your mouse. The left click shoots what you select, and the right one sucks anything in (if it fits). Use wheel or number buttons to select what object to shoot. By the way, you sell objects the same way – by shooting them to the market. You move throughout your ranch by using the classical WASD combination, and the mouse is responsible for the direction.

The game is also available for PS4 and Xbox One, and the controllers are used the similar way: the right hand selects the direction and controls the VacPack, the left one does the movements.

What it Takes to Travel

While PS4 and Xbox One cause no problems with compatibility, the desktop version suddenly may. But it’s not highly probable. See it: the game is compatible even with PCs running Windows XP, with 4 GB RAM and DirectX 9.0! It also works on Macs and Steam OS Linux, and requirements are about the same everywhere. Slime Rancher download for all these platforms is available via Steam.

The desktop version is compatible with controllers, but they’re no must. Keyboard and mouse controls do just as well.


Almost any Slime Rancher review highlights its positive mood, and they’re right. Easy to master and to control on any device, it’s meant to bring you some colorful dream feeling. If that’s what you need because life is hard, you’re right there.

Slime Rancher Download Para Android

Those who like straightforward games-as-missions may be disappointed. Because this is a game-as-process to enjoy while exploring.

Some Fun Facts

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Like in many RPGs and quests, Slime Rancher offers an inner mail. But the letters add little to its tasks and quests. Instead, we learn more about the protagonist. While she doesn’t say a word while working, these letters tell her story.

The story expands on the market where your partners turn out not to be as anonymous as it seems in the beginning.

Slime Rancher Free Download For Android

There are different modes, like Adventure, Casual, or Rush. The best selection depends on how often you’re intending to play and how much time you’re willing to spend on it.

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