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We report on the use of our Sniffy program to teach operant conditioning to 900 introductory psychology students. The simulation is designed primarily to teach the principles of shaping and partial reinforcement in an operant chamber. Advanced features are provided for exploring modeling issues and the learning parameters of the model. Students observe the rat’s pretraining behaviors, shape barpressing, and explore the effects of partial reinforcement schedules on a cumulative record. Any of 30 actions can be trained to occur in specific locations in the Skinner box. This paper summarizes details about the software, interface, and instructional objectives.

Sniffy The Virtual Rat Free Download Mac Free

Virtual Rat 3.3.5:: DESCRIPTION. The Virtual Rat is a simulation of the pithed rat experimental preparation for investigating the actions of drugs on the heart and cardiovascular system. “Pithing” refers to the destruction of spinal cord pathways, severing all the nerve connections between the brain and the cardiovascular system, simplify.

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Correspondence to Jeff Graham.

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We gratefully thank Erindale College, the University of Toronto Computer Shop, and Apple Canada for the support that made our teaching lab possible. Greg Wilson is the mastermind behind Sniffy’s behavior, and we thank him for making the achievement of an improbable task a reality.

Sniffy The Virtual Rat Free Download Mac

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Sniffy The Virtual Rat Free Download Mac Full


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