Spitfish De-esser Download

Update: I just finished the work on version 1.2, which I now offer as a free download below.
This version brings an all new “decent” GUI, kindly created by DeLaMancha (www.delamancha.co.uk), the de-normal and multicore-problems are (hopefully) fixed. Also a few other internal improvements are addressed in this release.

A screenshot of the current version (loaded in Sonar):

I think a de-esser should use a certain frequency range only to detect sibilance, but compress the whole signal, not only the sibilance frequencies. You can do this with Maximus using its Mid-Master mode (or with Fruity Limiter and a bandpassed sidechain input), but not with conventional multiband compressors.

Here’s a little description taken from the included user manual:


Tonmann DeEsser is a basic high frequency dynamic processor VST plugin, called a DeEsser
because it’s mainly designed to get rid of “stinging” sibilants that may occur on vocals after
compression or adding a high boost.
It may be used with any host software that can load and use VST2.4/32bit-compatible plugins,
tested by the author are Cakewalk Sonar (4, 7), Sony Sound Forge (9) and DirectiXer (2.5).
It should work in 64bit hosts using a “bitbridge”, but this is untested by the author.
User-feedback about compatibility (or not) with other host softwares is welcome and very
The plugin has been carefully designed to suppress any artificial or alienated sound that may arise
under awkward situations with some other (even some hardware) DeEssers.


• True independent stereo operation, but also runs in mono mode
• Wideband and lowpass reduction modes selectable
• Fully adjustable center frequency and bandwidth of the detection range
• Adjustable detection threshold to retain the “crisp” sound character of a vocal
• Look ahead feature for sibilants with short and sharp attacks
• Adjustable release time
• Wide-ranging adjustable attenuation for being able to use it before or after a compressor, just like you prefer
• “What you remove” listen mode, one actually hears what’s going to be suppressed
• Two level readouts for optical supervision

There’s a small tutorial on YouTube about vocal processing that features my deesser. 🙂


Spitfish De-esser Download


At the moment this plugin is Windows-only and still 32bits. If your DAW does not support loading of 32bit-plugins, you may need a wrapper like jBridge or try to find another solution.


If you experience a problem with this plugin in your host software, please try if the former release works for you:

If you like this plugin and use it a lot, please consider a making a small donation of any value you want. Many thanks for your contribution! 🙂

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