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Now I gotta wait for the 2.3.0 patch to download. Where did you find the patch? Update it straight to V2.2.1 then to 2.3.0. Street Legal: Racing Redline.

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Jump Into Your Own Custom Car and Put the Pedal to the Metal in the Exciting World of Street Racing!

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Game Description

Test Your Racing and Mechanic Skills in Street Legal Racing: Redline

Trick out your whip and put the pedal to the metal against racing clubs and other street racers.

In Street Legal Racing: Redline its up to you to buy, build and maintain your suped up cars so you can prove yourself out on the streets. Beat all the clubs and get enough upgrades to reach the ultimate destination: the race of champions.

Thousands of Customizable Parts

Street legal redline racing update patch download pc

In Street Legal Racing: Redline you start with the choice between a new or used car. Then you fix it, trick it out and race it for more money.

Add nitro packs, custom paint jobs, fresh body kits and specialized racing parts. With thousands of customizable parts and pieces you have to know what you're doing. Match the parts up right or your car won't run.

A Realistic Racing Game!

The cars are real. The cops are real. And the crashes are most definitely real in Street Legal Racing: Redline.

If you damage your car you are able to see the damage either on the body or under the hood while your in the garage. It's completely up to you to fix these parts before your next race. With a triple-section status bar (green means your car is fine, yellow means you should head to the garage and red means your car is about to die) you can easily tell when your car is about to break down.

Race At Your Own Pace

You have plenty of gameplay options in Street Legal Racing: Redline. You can roam the streets free, drift, drag race or outrun the authorities.

This game is great for the casual beginning racers as well as serious racers.

When the Sun Goes Down, Things Get Serious

In this game, inspired by hit movie 'The Fast and Furious,' you race for prestige during the day, which will give you more opportunities for races and upgrades, but when night falls races get serious and money and pink slips are on the line.

Win or you might have to fork over your ride!

Keep Your Eyes on the Road!

Hop into the driver's seat or survey the upcoming roads with multiple views in Street Legal Racing: Redline. Watch your crashes from the inside-car view for a wild scene.

Race Hard, Win Big!

Find shortcuts, win races, win money and cars from other racers and eventually you will receive the bonus car. This will help in the race of champions.

If you like racing car games and upgrading your ride frequently to win more money and cars then Street Legal Racing: Redline is the game for you!

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Game Video

Player created video showing custom cars and then crashing them


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Street Legal Racing: Redline


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Street Legal Racing: Redline

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