Super Mario Unlimited Rom Hack

Sorry about my voice. This girl (me) is super tired at time of playing, recording, editing and uploading this video. Please forgive me. Super Mario Unlimite.

Super Mario Unlimited Rom Hack

Super Mario Unlimited Deluxe is a traditional-style Mario hack with difficulty ramping up from beginner to expert. It is based on the Super Mario Bros engine, but has been completely reworked into a whole new adventure.

Super Mario Unlimited Rom Hack

Changes from the original game include:

  • 41 Original Levels!
  • Unlimited Lives!
  • New Power-up! The stopwatch lets Mario freeze his enemies
  • New Mechanics! Mario can super jump off enemies by holding A
  • New Collectable! Find all 32 Mario coins to unlock secrets
  • New Graphics and Music! A familiar mix of new and old

New features and changes in this DELUXE version:

  • Save your progress with three save game slots
  • All new Bowser fight with new music
  • A “secret message” at the end of each world
  • Attempt counter aka lives counter
  • Mario coin count is displayed on screen
  • Indicator displayed for when a Mario coin has been picked up
  • Hidden power up blocks are now partially visible
  • Fire flowers always give you fire power, even if Mario is small
  • You can jump off enemies and kick shells while invincible
  • Kicked shells kill piranha plants
  • Different end game text depending on how you play the game
  • Bowser’s castle expanded with a second route
  • World 6-5 expanded
  • Hidden bonus level added
  • “Speed runner mode” - Can you beat your personal record?
  • Second Quest / “Hard Mode” enabled after you beat the game
  • Added stopwatch sound effect
  • Music doesn’t reset when you go in pipes
  • Extensive color overhaul and cleaned up graphics
  • Removed the points system entirely
  • Changed title screen
  • Added intro screens
  • Some levels have small changes to fix issues
  • Fixed issue where music wouldn’t start right after unpausing
  • Made shells go faster off ledges so Mario doesn’t run into them
  • Fixed whirlpools so they don’t suck you down when you get hit
  • Other minor tweaks, bug fixes and edits

Super Mario Unlimited Rom Hacks

Also included are a Strategy Guide with detailed information on all cheats and secrets, as well as cover art for use with a NES Classic.


Inspired by the likes of DahrkDaiz, ATA and other great rom hackers of the mid-2000s, Frantik started work on Super Mario Unlimited with the hopes of creating his own asm-heavy Mario masterpiece. It took close to 7 years, but eventually the game was released to the world in late 2011. Overall, The hack was well received and was even featured in a video by James Rolfe of AVGN fame. Despite the popularity, it was a little rough around the edges, most notably with some questionable choices near the end and a little too much of that infamous “Nintendo Hard”.

Super Mario Unlimited Rom Hack Download

In 2017 Frantik decided to go back and start adding a bit more polish, and Super Mario Unlimited: Deluxe was born. Everything good about the original has been made better, and everything bad has been removed or at least cleaned up. This is the original vision he had when he first began 15 years ago!

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