The Mavericks Gentle On My Mind

Learn how to play Glen Campbell – Gentle On My Mind note-for-note on guitar.

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Difficulty level: Intermediate

Gentle On My Mind was first recorded by Glen Campbell on May 17, 1967. It was released on the 19th June, 1967 from the album of the same name. The Band Perry version of the song was recorded in 2014 for the soundtrack of the Glen Campbell documentary Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me.

Barre chords: No

Thumb over chords: No

Playing Style: Fingerpicked (Travis picked)

Tuning: Drop D

The lesson teaches an arrangement of the song for solo guitar and voice. The original has a strummed guitar deep in the mix but here we teach it as a fingerpicked accompaniment in drop D tuning.

The complete file contains a lesson video, a performance play thru video, full tabs, chords and lyrics. You’ll receive a link to download the lesson which will download as a zip file of 169 Mb containing all the lesson content.

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Gentle on My Mind Songtext

It's knowing that your door is always open
And your path is free to walk
That makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag
Rolled up and stashed behind your couch
And it's knowing I'm not shackled
By forgotten words and bonds
And the ink stains that are dried upon some line
That keeps you in the backroads
By the rivers of my memory
That keeps you ever gentle on my mind
It's not clinging to the rocks and ivy
Planted on their columns now that bind me
Or something that somebody said
Because they thought we fit together walking
It's just knowing that the world will not be cursing
Or forgiving when I walk along some railroad track and find
That you're moving on the backroads
By the rivers of my memory
And for hours you're just gentle on my mind
Though the wheat fields and the clothes lines
And the junkyards and the highways come between us
And some other woman's cryin' to her mother
'Cause she turned and I was gone
I still might run in silence tears of joy might stain my face
And the summer sun might burn me 'til I'm blind
But not to where I cannot see you walkin' on the backroads
By the rivers flowing gentle on my mind

I dip my cup of soup back from a gurglin'
Cracklin' caldron in some train yard
My beard a rustling, cold towel, and
A dirty hat pulled low across my face
Through cupped hands 'round the tin can
I pretend to hold you to my breast and find
That you're waiting from the backroads
By the rivers of my memories
Ever smilin' ever gentle on my mind

The Mavericks Gentle On My Mind

Writer(s): John HartfordLyrics powered by

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