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Rori Raye Blog: I turned my own conflict-ridden and fading marriage nearly overnight into the vibrant, thrilling, totally satisfying marriage it is now. My husband is the same man he was during 'the awful years, ' and yet he seems to have changed completely. I know I 've been transformed. From the moment I made my commitment to refuse to try to 'manage ' my husband and my destiny, my.

The Modern Siren Pdf File

The idea is this:

You use the Tools.

You learn to be self-aware and notice when you’re feeling co-dependent, and so step back.

This new “vibe” begins to attract new kinds of men, more thoughtful, more mature.

The “old guys” we once attracted and were attracted to now seem “boring” to us.

We, like we do with all boring men, let them go, gently.

We don’t have any interest or energy in talking about them or their problems, or the “why” of what they do – we treat them kindly and don’t spend time with them because we find them BORING!

Just because we’ve begun to “bring out the best” in a man still doesn’t mean he can do the job for you.

As you shift inside, things happen differently on the outside out there.

The landscape changes.

You ARE healing these men.

They’ve shown up in your life specifically FOR your healing!

AND – that has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether or not you want to be in a RELATIONSHIP with them!

Make sense?

Love, Rori

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The Modern Siren Pdf File Pdf

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The Modern Siren Pdf File Download

The modern siren pdf file download


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The Modern Siren Pdf

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