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ALL radios supported in one single software product. Fully integraded frequency database, Includes our 'Virtual Radio' (Select Models only), And all the necessary programming tools to program over 50 scanners from Uniden, RadioShack, Whistler, GRE and AOR.ALL radios supported in one single software product. Driver Install instructions or the Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT, BC125AT, BCD325P2, and BCD996P2. All of our Software Manuals, and OEM (owners) Manuals for most Radio Shack and Uniden Scanners) HTTP://WWW.SCANCAT.COM/ON LINE HELP. Software: BCprogtool-for Mac/PC OS and allows POI,DRD,DXG editing: Open Source-Radio Freeware: FreeSCAN-Freeware for Uniden models: ProScan-for Uniden models.

ARC125 is a programming software designed for the Uniden BC125AT / UBC125XLT and the UBC126 scanners. It is a versatile memory editor available on the market including cut/copy/paste options. You can also move channels up and down, import and export CSV data.

Scan125 Control Program
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Supported Scanners: Uniden UBC125XLT, BC125AT, UBC126AT and Albrecht AE126H

The Scan125 Control Program is currently Freeware with a Careware/Charity status and objective. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Careware).

Please Donate to my supported charity which I would very much appreciate, as will they, and will keep me developing and supporting the programs.
The Scan125 Control Program Suite consists of two programs. Then main Scan125 Control Program and the Scan125Convert Utility Program.
The project started in November 2013 with the first public non beta release in April 2014. Since then Scan125 has been regularly developed and supported into the product you see today with many of the features and functions being implemented in response to user requests. Since it's inception and release it has supported scanning real time control and virtual console/display function.
Up to 25 August 2018 Scan125 had achieved over 3500 registered users in 57 countries. Since then and with
V2.5.0.0 onwards the free registration is no longer required. The number of users will no doubt continue to grow and is a very welcome endorsement of the program's growth and equally important the feedback and encouragement I have received from so many people. Thank you all!

It would be really great to be world famous and earn millions of pounds from doing crappy software but it is not going to happen so until I win the lottery I'll have to be poor and boring.

Uniden Bc125at

  • Scan125 Control Program - the original full control program for real time controlling (with scanner display) and also the loading, saving and editing of data to/from the following scanners:
  • Uniden UBC125XLT - (Nov.2013)
  • Uniden BC125AT - (Nov.2013)
  • Uniden UBC126AT - (Jun.2015)
  • Albrecht AE125H - (Jul.2017)
  • Support real time control, with virtual console and display, for ALL the above listed Scanners.
  • Support setting of many scanner controls with a single mouse button click - e.g Close Call Settings
  • Support virtual bank naming
  • Support all these scanners in one package
  • Support real time logging and auto saving of scan hits
  • Support audio recording with automatic start/stop/pause and spilt file recording
  • Support for many other features not available in other software
  • ALL FOR FREE and supporting Charity if you choose to
  • Scan125Convert Utility Program - for reading CSV data files and converting them to Scan125 Control Program format data files.
These programs run on Windows up to and including Windows 10.
Scan125ConvertUtility Program is currently Freeware.
Both programs work individually of each other and each has their own version numbers and release cycles.
Please note that the Scan125 Control Program also requires the separate installation of the necessary Uniden Serial Driver which is also available on THIS website in the Scan125 Download location.
For Apple PC/MAC users using BOOTCAMP, PARALLELS or VMware to run Windows then by using the latest version the Scan125 Control Program you should be able to run Scan125 on your system. If not then please let me know.

Note! I check all my software before uploading with Malwarebytes Pro and Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus. In addition I use VirusTotal.com to confirm as they have over 60 scanner engines. Despite these actions you may find that your AntiVirus/Security software may flag my software. This is because I use a source protection obfuscator which confuses them. Please report to me via Email any cases where you find any issue with downloading my software. When I receive such reports I download myself and revalidate. I then contact the anti virus software vendor with a false positive report. It can take them 48 hours or longer to process and update their definitions. Meanwhile you can also use VirusTotal.com for yourself and decide if you want to create an exception in your software.

Current Release - V3.3.0.0 - 10 October 2020

The current release version, files and MD5 checksums are as detailed in the table below:
MD5 Checksum
10 October 2020
10 October 2020

NEW in V3.3.0.0
  • Add - Add HTML Frequency Monitoring File (useful for audio streaming information and website information)
  • Add - Error message trap for when scanner returns more status data fields then expected (stops hard errors)
Modifications in V3.3.0.0
  • None
Fixes in V3.3.0.0
  • Fix - Notepad data not being written in release V3.2.0.0 only
  • Fix - Fix _waveWriter.dispose exception if recording not done (only visible in Windows Event logs)
Known Issues in V3.3.0.0
  • None
To Download the current version please follow the link below BUT PLEASE also ensure you install the Scan125 according to the Driver Installation Instructions and the Program Installation Instructions . Failure to do this will result in avoidable installation issues which will waste both of our time.
Go to Scan125 Download page.
All documentation, including the User Manual is included in this download.
Previous Release Details can be found here:

Next Release will have:

  • Possibly - Anything else users ask me for

Thanks to Everyone

Just a 'top note' to say thanks to everyone using my program. With each release not only are new functions being added BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY those bugs (silly or large) that people care to tell me about are getting fixed. So if you see/experience a bug of any description then please let me know. Please Donate to my supported charity which I would very much appreciate, as will they, and will keep me developing and supporting the programs.
The Program is currently FreewareBc125at (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeware) with a Careware/Charity status and objective (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Careware). It operates with no limitations. The author reserves the right to change the program status and limitations on any future release. Existing releases will retain their status and your right to use them but support may not be available.
The Uniden UBC125XLT is a European region orientated scanner. The BC125AT is the equivalent US reqion orientated scanner. The UBC126AT is the equivalent Australia/New Zealand region orientated scanner. They are very similar but not identical. The Albrecht AE125H scanner is a licensed and branded clone of the Uniden UBC125XLT scanner for the European market..
This program supports the UBC125XLT, BC125AT, UBC126AT and AE125H scanners. I must be point out that as I do not have the BC125AT, UBC126AT and AE125H scanners I have relied on people who have these scanners being very helpful in testing and reporting issues. If you find a problem/issue with any of the supported scanners then *please* let me know so I can try and resolve it.
Scan125 written in Visual Basic and .NET V4.5. The program is currently portable and will run from any 'user' directory it is placed in. It also currently makes no registry changes or any other system changes, no required network connections etc. so is benign in nature and operation and protects your privacy. If a Windows system directory, like Program Files, is chosen then administrator rights will have to be assigned to the program. For security reasons it is suggested/recommended that a User directory is chosen.
The program also makes no hidden calls home and will not automatically check for program updates by default. There are however some functions that the user can manually invoke which will make a URL connection to my Scan125 website. Also a program option can be set to allow it to check my websites for updates every 'n' days, as set by user.
The Program also requires the installation of the Uniden_Universal_Driver USB/serial driver which is available for download on this site.
For Apple PC/MAC users using BOOTCAMP, PARALLELS or VMware to run Windows then from Version of the Scan125 Control Program you should be able to run Scan125 on your system. If not then please let me know.

Screen Shots

Everybody wants to know how a program looks so here are three screen shots. If you view the manual then more will be revealed.
For the Uniden UBC125XLT and Albrecht AE125H Scanners you will see this: (for Model: AE125H you will see Model: AE125H on the form title line)
For the Uniden BC125AT Scanner you will see this:
For the Uniden UBC126AT Scanner you will see this:

Functions And Features And History

The User Manual is the comprehensive place to see and understand this program.
The History file details program development features and bug fixes.
The ReadMe file covers some basic information relating the program.
To Download the current version of Scan125 please got to Scan125 Download page.
Please see the Program and Driver Installation section of the User Manual for program download and installation instructions.
All documentation, including the User Manual is included in this download.

User Manual

You can view the user manual here.
The manual is included in the software download which can be found on the Scan125 Download page/directory.

Driver Installation Required

The Scan125 Control Program also requires the separate installation of the necessary Uniden Serial Driver.
The required driver can be found on the Scan125 Download page in the Uniden_Universal_Driver folder.
Please see the Program and Driver Installation section of the User Manual for driver download and installation instructions. The programs is written in .NET Visual Basic (V4.5) as a portable applications that has no install program and does not make Windows Registry changes.. This means that basically it will only run on a Windows PC that has .NET V.35 installed. I've not researched the Linux and Apple platforms to see if they can support .NET based applications. If they do and you can get this program to work on any other platform, e.g. Linux and under Wine then please let me know and I will put the details here for others to see.
For Apple PC/MAC users using BOOTCAMP, PARALLELS or VMware to run Windows then from Version of the Scan125 Control Program you should be able to run Scan125 on your system. If not then please let me know. At the bottom of this page, in the programs and in the User Manual you will find my contact Email address.
I will do my best to fix any bugs that you hopefully do not find. If you are reporting a bug then please give me as much information as you can. Operating system (e.g. Windows XP/Vista/7/10), sequence of events or actions that you went through, and anything else that may assist me.
I cannot guarantee to fix all bugs, nor agree a time frame for any fixes. Having said this, as previously stated I will do my best. I do guarantee that I will acknowledge your bug report as soon as I can, providing I can contact you via a valid Email address.
If you do not wish to be contacted then say so in your bug report. I will then just note the problem and delete your Email and associated address at my end.
See my Privacy Policy. Just below and at the bottom of this page, in the program and in the User Manual you will find my contact Email address.
I welcome any Function Requests and/or Suggestions. I cannot guarantee to implement them, nor a time frame if I decide to. If you are contacting me to suggest function or make suggestions then it will be to both our benefits if I can respond to you via Email.
If you do not wish to be contacted then say so in your Email. I will then just note the request/suggestion and delete your Email and associated address at my end. See my Privacy Policy. If you want or need to contact me about this program then please Email:

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From The RadioReference Wiki


  • 500 Channels, 10 banks
Frequency Coverage
  • 25-54 MHz
  • 108-174 MHz
  • 225-380 MHz
  • 400-512 MHz
  • 10 Channel Storage Banks - You can store up to 50 frequencies into each bank for a total of 500 frequencies so you can more easily identify calls.
  • Close Call RF Capture Technology - you can set the scanner so it detects and provides information about nearby radio transmissions
  • Close Call Do-Not-Disturb - checks for Close Call activity in between channel reception so active channels are not interrupted.
  • Close Call Temporary Store - temporarily stores and scans the last 10 Close Call hits in the 'Close Call Hits' system.
  • PC Programming - you can download information into the scanner and control the scanner via your personal computer.
  • CTCSS and DCS Squelch Modes - rapid search for CTCSS/DCS tones/codes used during a transmission. You can identify up to 50 CTCSS tones and 104 DCS codes.
  • Direct Access - lets you directly access any channel.
  • Lock-Out Function - lets you set your scanner to skip over specified channels or frequencies when scanning or searching.
  • Temporary Lockout - makes it easy to temporarily lock out any channel or frequency. The lockout is cleared when you turn power off, then back on so you don’t have to remember to unlock the channels later.
  • Triple-Conversion Circuitry - virtually eliminates any interference from IF (intermediate frequency) images, so you hear only the selected frequency.
  • Text Tagging - you can name each channel, using up to 16 characters per name.
  • Service Banks - frequencies are preset in 10 separate Police, Fire/Emergency, Ham, Marine, Railroad, Civil Air, Military Air, CB Radio, FRS/GMRS/MURS, and Racing banks to make it easy to locate specific types of calls and search any or all of these banks.
  • Priority Scan with Do Not Disturb - lets you program one channel in each bank (10 in all) and then have the scanner check each channel every 2 seconds while it scans the banks so you don’t miss transmissions on those channels. Do-Not Disturb keeps the scanner from interrupting transmissions during receiving.
  • Priority Plus Scan - you can set the scanner so it scans only the priority channels.
  • Scan/Search Delay/Resume - controls whether the scanner pauses at the end of the transmission to wait for a reply. You can set the Delay time for each Channel, Close Call Search, Custom Search, and Service search. You can also set a negative delay where the scanner stops on transmissions for a set time then automatically resumes.
  • Custom Search - lets you program up to 10 Custom Search Ranges and search any or all of these ranges.
  • Quick Search - allows you to enter a frequency and start searching up or down from that frequency.
  • Turbo Search - increases the search speed from 100 to 300 steps per second automatically for bands with 5 kHz steps.
  • Search Lockouts - you can lock up to 200 search frequencies: 100 temporary frequencies and 100 permanent frequencies in Custom Search, Service Search, Close Call Search, or Quick Search Modes.
  • Weather Alert Priority - the scanner scans active WX channels every 5 seconds to check for the presence of a 1050 Hz Weather Alert Tone.
  • Weather Alert Standby - the scanner allows you to monitor for weather alerts broadcast on NOAA channels.
  • Display Backlight - You can turn on/off the LCD backlight, set it operate on squelch only, keypress only, or both.
  • Signal Strength Meter - shows the signal strength for more powerful transmissions.
  • Flexible Antenna with BNC Connector - provides adequate reception in strong signal areas and is designed to help prevent antenna breakage. Or, you can connect an external antenna for better reception.
  • Memory Backup - keeps the frequencies stored in memory for an extended time if the scanner loses power.
  • Two Power Options - let you power the scanner using the included two AA rechargeable or alkaline batteries or the supplied USB cable.
  • Built-In Charger - allows you to charge Ni-MH batteries in the scanner using a USB port on any computer and the supplied USB cable.
  • Key Confirmation Tones - You can turn on/off a tone that sounds when you perform an operation correctly or if you make an error.
  • Key Lock - lets you lock the scanner's keys to help prevent accidental changes to the scanner's programming.
  • Battery Save - works when there is no transmission for 1 minute in Scan Hold Mode and any Search Hold Mode (without Priority Scan). This feature turns off RF power for 1 second and turns on it for 300ms to extend the battery life.
  • Battery Low Alert - the icon will blink in the display and a tone warns you every 15 seconds when the battery power gets low

Owner's Manual

Firmware Updates

Hidden Menus & Features

  • USA Band Plan - '1' + 'Power On'.
  • Canada Band Plan - '2' + 'Power On'.
  • Reset & Clear Memory - '2' + '9' + 'Hold' + 'Power On'.
  • Reset & Clear Memory (same) - '8' + '9' + 'Hold' + 'Power On.'
  • Load Test Data - '3' + '9' + 'Power On'. Overwrites channels with 144-146 VHF Amateur frequencies.
  • Batt. Save Test - '1' + '7' + 'Power On'. Then 'Hold' to toggle.
  • Batt. Charge Test - '2' + '7' + 'Power On. Then 'Hold' to toggle.
  • Key Touch Test - '3' + '0' + 'Power On'.
  • Display Contrast - '3' + 'Hold' + 'Power On'.
  • Contrast & Key Test - '3' + 'Scan' + 'Power On'.
  • Others? ...

Related Pages

External Links

Reviews, etc

  • This is a fantastic scanner for its class, similar in design and function to the BC72XLT, BC92XLT and BC95XLT series of scanners, with a vastly improved set of features and narrow-band support. This is your best buy for a non-digital, non-trunking scanner; Made in 2012. Owner for 1+ years.
  • Critique: Incorrectly includes common U.S. Business Band itinerant frequencies in the FRS/GMRS/MURS service bank without mention in the manual. (Ch28: 'Red Dot' 151.6250 MHz, Ch29: 'Brown Dot' 464.5000 MHz, Ch30: 'Yellow Dot' 464.5500 MHz, Ch31: 'Silver Star' 467.8500 MHz, Ch32: 'Gold Star' 467.8750 MHz, Ch33: 'Red Star' 467.9000 MHz, Ch34: 'Blue Star' 467.9250 MHz)
  • Critique: Adjusting squelch requires several button pushes and knob twists. Adjusting volume requires a button push and knob twist. Wish there were options to configure this. My only real complaint.

Supporting Software

  • BC125AT SS (Uniden Programming Software) (freeware)
  • Scan125 (Now supports UBC126AT) (freeware)
  • ARC125 (costs $24.99)

Note: The BC125AT SS software saves a tab delimited file format that can be edited and managed in most text editors and spreadsheet software. Lines can be safely omitted or reordered.

Mailing Lists / forums

BC125AT Scanners for Sale

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