Using Crossover Mac With E- Sword

Cannot Complete Installation of e-Sword 9.9.0. Dave, According to Andrew at CrossOver, to Crossover.go to the Configure-Install Software. Question: E-sword X is a different program than the e-sword for mac run through CrossOver, correct? Guestrickrick. The latest version of e-Sword X is 6.5 on Mac Informer. The e-Sword X looks familiar to e-Sword users. El costo es de $9.99 USD o $169 pesos mexicanos.

  1. Using Crossover Mac With E- Sword Download
  2. Using Crossover Mac With E- Sword Pro

e-Sword is the VERY BEST electronic Bible, and you know that I use it ALL the time! Well, thanks to a special deal with Codeweavers, you can get a 25% discount off their “Crossover” product to allow e-Sword to work on Linux and on the Macintosh! Neat! Check it out at the link below!

For those of you that use a Mac, or have made the transition to Ubuntu, or other distros of Linux, this is GREAT news, and, of course, Crossover will allow you to use other Windows software as well as e-Sword!

Using Crossover Mac With E- Sword Download

– Dr. Bill

Using Crossover Mac With E- Sword Pro

  1. CodeWeavers and e-Sword have teamed up to provide Mac and Linux users with accessibility to e-Sword as well. By downloading CrossOver, Mac and Linux users can now have the same access to volumes.
  2. Para poder instalar e-Sword en tu MacBook como yo lo explico en el video solo necesitas de tres programas, CrossOver, (este lo encuentras en Google, y es de pago), y e-Sword PC, (este lo descargas.
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