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Official channel for Virtual DJ, for inspiration & tutorials, about how to use the VirtualDJ How to get Sonique Plugin on Virtual DJ. Follow the instructions please! LINK: (see Visuals-tab) Song; Magnetic Man - I Need Ai.

This tutorial describes how to setup broadcasting in Virtual DJ. Sign up for a FREE account first, to create your personal broadcast slot. Then, proceed to the first step to connect Virtual DJ and start broadcasting.
Step 1 - Configure broadcasting in Virtual DJ
After you've signed up for a Livesets account, login to Livesets with your new account. When you've logged in, the 'Broadcast setup wizard' is displayed. In the first step of the wizard, click on the 'Configure other software' button to see your broadcast settings. Follow the next steps to add the settings to Virtual Dj:

Virtual Dj Youtube Plugin Downloader

  • Open Virtual DJ and click on the 'Record tab' underneath your decks.
  • Click on 'Broadcast' in the left menu.
  • Then click on 'Config' in the main section.
  • A new window will now open.
  • Select 'OGG (Icecast/Icecast2)' as format and 128Kbs for 'Bitrate'.
  • Select 'Broadcast to a radio server'
  • In the section 'Server', enter '' followed by your 'Mount path' (for example: '').
  • In the section 'Name', enter 'source'.
  • In the section 'Password', copy and paste your Livesets password.
  • In the section 'Genre', enter the Genres that you (optional).

Virtual Dj Youtube Plugin Dj

When you have entered all settings in Virtual DJ, it should like like this:

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