Virtual Riot Serum Presets For Preset Junkies Download

Samples / presets, expansions, impulses Like a true production Jedi, Virtual Riot has mastered the ways of Serum. His expertise in synthesis, effect processing, sound design, and studio wizardry all come together in this wonderful array of presets and new sounds.

  1. Virtual Riot Serum Presets For Preset Junkies Free Download
  2. Virtual Riot Serum Presets For Present Junkies Download Free
  3. Virtual Riot Serum Presets For Present Junkies Download Full
  4. Virtual Riot Serum Presets For Present Junkies Download Torrent
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Comment by MOONSTAR

the intro is better than the VIP, but that's all it has going for it. I think the vip is better in every other aspect

Comment by KizKrash

YO I make DUBSTEP and DRUM N BASS!! Go check me out!!

Comment by cadthegreat #1


Comment by kol9.sharko

3 drop good

Comment by PRANA LINK

Forst drop in vip but 2nd and last on the original

Comment by 1110

I like this preset

Comment by Tezzcatra


Comment by Tezzcatra

Virtual Riot Serum Presets For Preset Junkies Free Download

@cobycobycobycobycobycoby 😂😂

Comment by Jupitrean

VIP a bit better

Virtual Riot Serum Presets For Present Junkies Download Free

Comment by Paprika

still the best track ever

Comment by Elimer


Comment by Elimer

Maybe my favorite VR dubstep track

Comment by Shane Potts


Comment by Adkow

here we go!

Comment by Darii Ramirez


Comment by Omer Zakariboshaba

cut sounds:)

Comment by Jonah Longoria

The OG is better tbh

Comment by EsoVer

@digitalcitiesofficial: tbf a VIP does adhere to the form of the og track

Comment by Digital Cities

@pixelm4ncer: wel to be honest it sounded like he copy and pasted the drop in the VIP for each drop but changed the drums and the presets

Comment by EsoVer

Virtual Riot Serum Presets For Preset Junkies Download

@digitalcitiesofficial agreed, this time has a drop for every type of brostep fan

Comment by Swanky_Sklaxtik

@lckade-larsen: not in a million years the only par of the vip that is better is the second drop

Comment by Norrrsu

Best song

Comment by Digital Cities

@pixelm4ncer: yes dude this song blew me away after hearing the vip because this one had insane variation

Comment by Ximm

@lckade-larsen: absolutely wrong

Comment by EsoVer

@lckade-larsen but the third drop imo is better than the vips third

Comment by ScaryParadise

Vip is better

Comment by Fabio Falossi

This sounds like a collab bu its just him

Comment by JBeccaceci


Comment by Focal Flare ✪

VIP mix out as an EP.

Comment by SIKE X

Heavy hitter.fxp › ▼ Virtual Riot Serum Presets Vol 2 Download ▼

Are you tired of searching all over the web for free Serum presets? Well we have a treat for you. We’ve made a huge list of thousands of free presets on this page to make your life easier.

Nightmares Vol 2 Hybrid Trap Serum Pack by Cymatics (75 presets + wavetables + project files) Virtual Riot: Serum Presets by Prime Loops (64 presets) Vicious Dubstep Serum Presets XL by Production Master (300 presets) Trap for Serum by Zenhiser (150 presets + samples) Silhouette Serum Trap Presets by ModeAudio (50 presets + samples + wavetables. Our Vintage Movie Samples series is back with Episode 2 - Download 558 original old school movie dialogue samples! 560MB+ of vintage movie vocal samples. High-quality gut-wrenching leads, and massive thunderous builds with a selection of Serum presets and one-shots and is available in 3 formats; Full pack, Samples only or Serum presets only. Back with a slammer of a pack, it's Virtual Riot with another incredible volume of immaculate Serum presets, all stunningly crafted with the latest bass music developments in mind. Years of his own highly accomplished sounds shine through these fully customisable and easily controllable presets, all ready for use in your own creations. 2 pairs perfectly with Vol. 1 to give you the ultimate hybrid trap arsenal. This pack also contains 151 Serum presets inspired by artist Boombox Cartel, Tynan, RickyxSan, NGHTMRE, Nxsty, Getter, Dillon Francis, Marshmello, Virtual Riot, Eliminate, Rezz, 1788-L, Skrillex and many more.

Serum is a state of the art wavetable synthesizer made by Xfer Records. It is a computer program that combines high quality sound production with a creative user interface. Expert musicians from all electronic genres use Serum to design next-level sounds for their music.

By downloading Serum presets, you can see how the artist made their music first hand. You can also use these presets to you make your own tracks. These files usually cost money, but there are also thousands of free Serum presets online.

We have created a huge list of these free samples below. You will find presets for dubstep, trap, and much more. We’ve also organized the lists by genre so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Free Serum Preset Pack From BassGorilla

Virtual Riot Serum Presets For Present Junkies Download Full

First of all, I’d like to tell you about this awesome preset pack we put together for you. It contains 86 presets, including presets for Serum, Native Instruments Massive and Sylenth. It’s ideal for making powerful music for the dance floor.

Free Serum Presets for Dubstep Music

Dubstep has taken the music world by storm over the last decade. With the list of presets in the list below, you can start making your very own dubstep. These pros put these files together, and feature drops, wavetables, and much more!

50+ Dubstep Presets and Wavetables by Dack Janiels
Free Presets and Samples by Zenith
Free Presets and Loops by Deflo
Serum Dubstep Preset Pack
Dubstep Preset Pack for Serum
BunnFace’s Free Serum Dubstep Presets
Tampa Style Dubstep Presets by Bara
What About: Free Serum Dubstep Presets
Free Serum Dubstep Presets by St4rbucks Vol 1
Free Serum Dubstep Presets by St4rbucks Vol 2

Jul 29, 2019 Real-Time: Yes; Correction Type: Real-Time. Check it out. Antares AutoTune Pro. Antares lead the pitch correction revolution, but soon got left behind by their competitors. Though still the most well-known and best-selling product in the category, Autotune has lost some of its luster from its heyday, which makes the announcement of the new AutoTune Pro. Best real time auto tune songs. Auto-Tune is not solely about pitch. There are other factors such as Formant Correction, Throat Modeling, and Flex-tune. These ensure the changes to the pitch remain completely believable and tweakable. You can vary the length of the throat to alter the timbre of the sound. Jan 08, 2017 Auto-Tune as an Effect. It was only a year later in 1998 that use of Auto-Tune as an effect rather than repair tool happened. Called the 'Cher Effect' after the singer's hit, 'Believe,' artificial and abrupt pitch changes came into vogue. Later, real-time pitch correction hardware brought both effects and repairs to the stage.

Serum Presets for Trap Music

Nothing compares to the sub-fuelled beats found in trap music. The free presets below are all excellent examples of how trap producers make this style of music. You can use them for inspiration or to add some spice to your own tracks.

Free Serum Trap Presets by Jak Wilks
What About: Free Trap and Dubstep Presets for Serum
Free Trap and Brostep Presets for Serum
Free Serum Trap Preset Pack
Serum Trap Presets by SoundShock
Vandalism’s Hybrid Trap Presets for Serum

Virtual Riot Serum Presets For Present Junkies Download Torrent

House Music

Fans will tell you house music comes from the soul. It’s unique bass and vocal usage truly makes it one of a kind. With the free Serum presets in this list, you can start making your own house tracks.

Free House Presets and Samples for Serum
Catalyst – 120 Presets by Pro Artists
What About: Free Bass House Serum Presets
Synthferatu’s Heavy Bass Presets for Serum
Free House Serum Presets by Soundshock
30+ Free Serum House Presets Pack
50+ House Presets for Serum

Free Presets for Future Bass

Future bass is a recent breakthrough genre that followed dubstep and trap. It uses heavy bass, 808s, and fast beats. The free presets below will allow you to start mixing your own tracks.

Kawaii Future Bass Serum Presets
Free Marshmallow Future Bass Preset
50 Future Bass Serum Presets
Future Bass Presets and Samples by SoundShock
Reddit Users’ Future Bass Community Serum Preset Pack
50 Future Bass Serum Presets by Bantana
Future Vibes – Future Bass Preset Pack

Virtual Riot Preset Junkies Presets

For General Electronic Music

Electronic music’s use of synthesizer and drum beats is unlike any other music. Many musicians have made a career out of making this music with programs like Serum. The free presets in this list will help you understand and make your own electronic tracks.

Outrun Synthwave Serum Preset Pack
Dance Leads Vol. 1 – Free Serum Preset Pack
SBaker’s Serum Presets
Free Serum Preset – Deadmau5 Pluck
64 Presets and Wavetables
11 Presets Plus 4 Wavetables by Origins of Audio
Free Serum Preset Library by Fire Bass

Free Effects Presets

The free serum sound effect presets in this list contain a large number of effects you can use in any style of music. You will find synth sfx, wavetables, drops, kicks, lasers, drums, and much more! These effects are a staple in electronic music.

30 Free Presets For Serum – Wavetables and Effects
Free Pack of Serum Laser Presets
30 Free Serum Leads, Basses, and Synths SFX Presets
Dark Silence’s Free Serum SFX Presets – Kicks, Risers, Drums, and More
Pip Boi’s Free Serum SFX Presets – Bells and Wavetable
Cinematic Journey – 100 Serum SFX Presets Plus Wavetables
50 Wave Tables and 50 Serum Presets – FX, Basses, Drums, Arps, and More
Free Bass Preset
25 Presets – Ambient, Wavetables, Growls, Synths, and More
1000+ Wavetables for Serum by BalancetheUniverse
2.5GB of Presets and Samples by Black Octopus
Terminal Waves Presets – SFX, Noises, and Sounds
30 Free Serum Sound Presets by Puzzle Vortex

Virtual Riot Serum Presets For Present Junkies Download Pc

Publisher : Splice Sounds
Website :
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Virtual Riot Presets Free

Description : Like a true production Jedi, Virtual Riot has mastered the ways of Serum. His expertise in synthesis, effect processing, sound design, and studio wizardry all come together in this wonderful array of presets and new sounds. The demo-track uses only presets from the pack with no further processing (just some light instances of mastering with iZotope Ozone 8), and all the drums source from Virtual Riot’s sample pack earlier this year.

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