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Super Metroid soundtrack list:

Download all 34 tracks in one zip (100 mb) - WinZip or 7-Zip required to extract the files.
Track #Track nameSizeLength (mins)
01Title Theme2.40 mb1:42
02Prologue3.83 mb2:44
03Approaching the Space Colony0.40 mb0:14
04Deserted Ceres Space Colony0.82 mb0:32
05Ridley / Draygon Boss Theme2.44 mb1:44
06Escape from the Space Colony0.27 mb0:09
07Approaching Planet Zebes0.50 mb0:19
08Samus Intro Fanfare0.24 mb0:08
09Crateria - Zebes Planetfall (Exterior)3.84 mb2:45
10Crateria - Zebes Planetfall (Interior)3.83 mb2:45
11Crateria - The Space Pirates Emerge5.10 mb3:40
12Chozo Statue Awakens1.69 mb1:11
13Item Room Ambience1.48 mb1:02
14Item Acquisition Fanfare0.24 mb0:09
15Brinstar - The Jungle Floor5.16 mb3:43
16Brinstar - Underground Depths5.33 mb3:50
17Spore Spawn / Botwoon Boss Theme3.24 mb2:19
18Hostile Incoming1.71 mb1:12
19Kraid / Crocomire / Phantoon Boss Theme2.17 mb1:32
20Norfair - The Fires of Zebes3.58 mb2:34
21Crateria - Main Theme5.28 mb3:49
22Wrecked Ship - Lost Vessel (Power Down)6.44 mb4:41
23Wrecked Ship - Lost Vessel (Power On)6.49 mb4:41
24Maridia - Sandy Desert5.49 mb3:59
25Maridia - Swampy Caverns4.18 mb3:00
26Norfair - Ridley's Hideout6.52 mb4:42
27Failure0.18 mb0:06
28Ambient Silence0.86 mb0:34
29Space Pirate Statue Chamber2.40 mb1:42
30Tourian - The Rebuilt Headquarters5.35 mb3:51
31Mother Brain - Final Battle3.40 mb2:26
32Evacuate Immediately!2.44 mb1:44
33Planet Zebes Explodes0.65 mb0:25
34Staff Credits / Finale4.75 mb3:25

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Composed by Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano, some of the best musical pieces in Metroid history sprung from Super Metroid's atmospheric soundtrack. Here we present a collection of the game's music in crisp 192kbps MP3 format. Listen to Wii Channels - Mii Channel.mid, a free MIDI file on BitMidi. Play, download, or share the MIDI song Wii Channels - Mii Channel.mid from your web browser.

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Wii Theme Song Mp3 Download

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