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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory will give you the opportunity to select the type of character you want, in them are a doctor, an engineer, or a soldier. The player will start with zero experience, but it will grow and get better and be able to get better abilities and aptitudes.

The Wolfenstein franchise has its roots deep in the first person shooter genre. The original game, Wolfenstein 3D, is considered by most to be the grandfather of the first person shooter. The original Wolfenstein paved the way for classic games like DOOM and Quake, and it laid the foundation of the genre we know today. Return to Castle Wolfenstein attempts to retell the classic story of Wolfenstein 3D with a modern day boost. Nearly 20 years after the release of Wolfenstein 3D, Return to Castle Wolfenstein looks to revive the franchise that created the genre in the first place. With stylish graphics, an extended narrative, and fast-paced multiplayer, the game is both fun to play and well designed.

The story of Wolfenstein 3D was appropriately simple, given the time the game came out. Set during World War II, the game followed soldier BJ Blazkowicz. Taken prison and kept locked up by the Nazis, BJ breaks free and goes on a killing rampage as he escapes from the prison. Return to Castle Wolfenstein takes the same setting and tone of the original game, but amps it up in some fun ways. Players once again take on the role of BJ Blazkowicz, who embarks on military missions to take down the Nazi machine. Working for a government agency known as the Office of Secret Actions, Blazkowicz tries to learn more about the evil General Deathshed and his range of paranormal experiments. Overall, the story is a fun mixture of military action and sci-fi. Besides shooting Nazis and other human enemies, players will encounter a slew of paranormal creatures and biological experiments. The narrative is smartly interwoven with the levels, and it remains fresh and entertaining throughout.

Gameplay is similar in nature to the franchise's original formula, but with a decidedly modern spin. Using a variety of weaponry (both realistic and supernatural), you attempt to fight your way through a number of stages. Along the way, you'll complete objectives, find collectibles and new weaponry, and explore the environment. Like the original game, many levels can feel maze-like. Early stages especially are full of tight corridors and narrow passageways, which you'll have to navigate to find the exit. Weapons are easily obtainable, and you'll get to enjoy blasting enemies with a great range of weapons. From pistols and combat knives to shotguns and SMGs, there are a slew of fun guns to engage with. Each area of the game also contains numerous secret areas to discover, as well as hidden treasures to find. You'll have to search far and wide to find these cleverly hidden spots, but the rewards are often worthwhile.

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Overall, Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a great first person shooter that is loads of fun to play. It succeeds in paying homage to the classic shooter franchise while also offering new and fresh ways to play. The environments are well designed and surprisingly destructive, the story mode is lengthy and exciting, and the multiplayer is quick and engaging. Although it is grounded in realism, Return to Castle Wolfenstein explores some interesting supernatural elements, and isn't afraid to let loose every once in a while. Bottom line, the game feels awesome to play, and will go down as one of the finest in the Wolfenstein franchise.

Overall rating: 9

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is basically the sequel to 2001 most popular first person shooter game Wolfenstein: Return to Castle, without the single-player campaign mode. Enemy Territory was developed by “Splash Damage” in order to cash the popularity of multi-player mode of Return to Castle.

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Today I am going to tell you how to play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory on LAN using Wi-fi in windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Software and Hardware Requirements:

a) Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game software. (You can download it from torrentz.eu from this link http://www.torrentfunk.com/torrent/1427865/wolfenstein-enemy-territory.html)

b) A laptop or a Windows tablet with Wi-Fi

c) Minimum of 1GB DDR2 RAM and Pentium 4 processor.

Here are the steps to play Enemy Territory on LAN after you have successfully installed it:

Step 1) Create an ad hoc network from a laptop or use your smart-phone to create a hot-spot and connect all the other laptops (having Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1) with it.

Step 2) Start the game and create your profile. Write your name in the space for “Player Alias”, and select “LAN/Cable/xDSL” in the space for “Connection. (In case you are playing this game for the first time, a window will open simultaneously asking for your permission to access private or public network; click on “Allow Access”.)

Step 3) Click on “Host Game” option

Step 4) In the “Host Game” window under “setting” section

a) Under “setting”, type the name of the server you want in the space for “server name” option.

b) Select “Single-Map objective” for the “Game-type” option.

c) Select “No” for “Auto-configure server” option.

d) Select “Yes – LAN” for “Dedicated Server” option.

e) You can also create a password or can leave it to “none”.

Step 5) Select the stage in which you want to play/create the game under the “Name” section and click on “Start Server”.

Step 6) “Start Dedicated Server” pop-up opens, click on “Yes”; and the game window minimize.

Step 7) Now again click on “Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory” shortcut and start the game.

Step 8) Now click on “Play Online” option present at left upper corner.

Step 9) In the “Play Online” window select “Local” for the “Source” option.

Step 10) Select the server and click on “Join Server”; then press L and select the either team (Axis or Allies) and enjoy the game J.

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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Single Player


1) After you have followed all the 10 steps, ask the other friends in your LAN network to follow Step 7, 8, 9 and 10.

2) Read carefully the Step 2, as this step is mandatory for all the players.

3) At times you will be requiring putting off the windows firewall to join the server to join the game.

4) You will receive a patch file named “Enemy Territory 2.60 patch.exe with the game set-up from the link mentioned above. Do not forgot to install that patch.

5) You can learn to create ad hoc network in Windows 7 and in the other Window OS’ here http://gadgetultra.com/nfs-wanted-lan-play-windows-8-1-wi-fi/

Check out the Special Report on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and other tricks in game at http://gadgetultra.com/enemy-territory-special-report/

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