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This page is an overview of how the damage amount of a damage instance is calculated.It covers armor and attack types, damage types, armor rating, ethereal units, minimum damage and abilities, that directly modify damage. ver. 2009-2013 Content © by the site owner, web designed by: zyx. Please note that the only official website is and from. Discord Giveaway: 3x Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition Microphones! Check out the #giveaway channel on our Discord for entry instructions. Consider subscribing to Wowhead Premium, for as little of $0.75 per month, support the site and enjoy an ad-free experience! Hey IV, I made a simple stats calculator stats calculator for wow classic in javascript. You select a class, then enter values into the fields for Stamina, Strength, Agility, Intellect and Spirit. As you type it updates the results which show you useful information based on what stats you entered.

  • 3Damage Types

Damage Instances[edit]

Damage instances are all instances that deal damage. Each damage istance consists of the damage source, the damage target and the damage amount.This page covers how the real damage is calculated from the damage amount of the damage instance.Damage Instances are usually created by:

  • Attack instances and their attack damage
  • Damaging effects of abilities

Armor and Attack types[edit]

Main Article: armor and attack types

Every damage instance (created by an attack instance) has exact one attack type and every unit has exact one armor type. The combination of the attack type of the damage instance and the armor type of the damaged unit evaluates to a damage modificator.

Damage Types[edit]

In warcraft there are a lot damage types, but only very few people actually know them. Damage types affect, if a unit is damaged by a damage instance and if the damage is reduced by armor and some abilities.The most important damage types are:

  • Normal (Physical)
  • Magic
  • Universal

The combination of attack type and damage type determines, if ethereal units are damaged. For more information read: Ethereal


All attacks in warcraft 3 have damage type normal. Even attacks with attack type magic have damage type normal. Normal (damage type) damage is reduced by armor rating.This damage type is also referred to as physical damage.

Enhanced Physical[edit]

Enhanced physical damage is similar to normal damage, but it is not reduced by armor.


Most spells in warcraft 3 have damage type magic. Magic damage (damage type) is not reduced by armor rating. Spell immune units take no damage from magic damage (damage type).


Universal damage is not reduced by armor rating and also affects spell immune units. Most damaging ultimates have damage type universal.


Main Article: Armor

Armor reduces damage taken from physical damage.


Main Article: Ethereal

Ethereal units are immune against physical attacks and abilities, but are more vulnerable to magic and spell damage.

Minimum Damage[edit]

Damage cannot be reduced below 1. However this will not increase damage that is originally below 1 damage.
This is important for Disease Cloud, as it will also deal 1 damage to heroes, even though hero armor would usually reduce the damage to 0.7.


There are some abilities, that modify damage:

Hit Point Reduction[edit]

Main Article: Hit Points

After the damage is calculated it is substracted from the current amount of hit points of the attacked unit. If a unit has less then 0.405 hit points, it will die.

Game Mechanics

This is not designed to give you an accurate dps figure, there's simply way too many variables.
It's designed to show you how different stats contribute to your damage and rage so that you may make more informed gear choices.

This calculator requires javascript to be enabled.

Stat Equivalency Points
Crit Rating
Hit Rating
Haste Rating
Attack Power
Expertise Rating
Armor Penetration
Main Hand Dps
Off Hand Dps
Extra Rage Per Minute Link
Pawn String
Best Meta Gem

Classic Wow Dmg Calculator

Combat Table
  • Dodge reduction cap raised to 6.25%, which seems to be the current beleived value.
  • Sharpening stones now properly boost main and offhand damage(2.4 functionality).
  • Enter your fully buffed stats.
  • Devastate damage calculated with 5 sunders up.
  • Mainhand and Offhand weapons assumed to be a sword/axe/mace.
  • Whirlwind strikes with both weapons.
  • Assumes max 1h spec, focused rage, and imp sunder.
  • Assumes 14.6% of your attacks get avoided(you're attacking from behind so 5.6% dodge 9% miss), in addition to the dual wield +19% miss penalty for white dmg.
  • Assumes 25% glancing blow rate, with a 35% damage reduction on glances.
  • Values are calculated with a method which supports WoW's table based combat.
  • The 'Crit cap' is properly implemented. Keep in mind the caps are different for white and yellow damage attacks.
  • The 'Use Heroic Strike' option uses all rage not being used for the global cooldown abilities(if any), and considers rage opportunity cost from decreased main hand white attacks. While the rage per minute statistics shown don't reflect this, the calculator considers these parameters internally.
  • When using both heroic strike and windfury, results are now more accurate due to using a circular calculation(Heroic strike is yellow, which misses less than white attacks. Less misses on mainhand begets more windfury procs. More windfury procs beget more rage. More rage begets more heroic strikes, which begets more windfury procs and more rage and so on...).
  • The 'Use RED'(Relentless Earthstorm Diamond) option only adds the increased crit dmg component. However, the SEP value for it properly includes bonus dmg from the agility as well, and properly considers kings buff.
  • Deep wounds is not modeled(yet). You can estimate about 1% dps increase for deep wounds, as the high frequency of attacks tend to refresh deep wounds often, preventing it from ticking.
  • Choosing a rotation which requires more rage than you generate, or could otherwise maintain, will produce innacurate results.
  • The 'Extra Rage Per Minute' field is useful to model talents such as anger management, using bloodrage, or to simulate taking some damage. Increasing this value will only increase dps if the 'Use Heroic Strike' option is enabled. Your dps still may not increase if you already have enough rage to heroic strike on every swing.
  • You can place your mouse over certain dps or rage numbers(such as devastate dps) to see additional info:
    • Normal Hit: The typical number shown in the combatlog when your attack actually hits(not a crit, not a glancing blow).
    • Average Swing: Average damage after accounting for attacks missing/being avoided/glancing/criting.
  • Stat Equivalency Points help you choose better peices of gear by decifering how much different stats are 'worth' towards your dps. All values are for 1 point of the stat listed.
    • Dps Increase Equivalency Points: How much your dps will increase by adding 1 point of the listed stat.
    • 'Use Kings' and 'Use Unleashed Rage' will not adjust your stats for you. Rather, it looks at the stats you entered and assumes that these stats are the fully buffed result.
    • Relentless Earthstorm Diamond will almost always be the best meta gem.
    • Make extensive use of the prepopulated link. It is updated dynamically with your SEP values. Ignore the weapon and trinket recomendations from lootrank. They're not modeled, so they're not accurate.

- You must manually adjust armor values for all armor reducing effects/debufs.

- Keep in mind at lower levels of gear, rage generation may be too low or too inconsistant to maintain the rotation this calculator assumes. This is a major shortcoming of this calculator, as well as others like it( and the spreadsheets found at The calc assumes that if you generate enough rage in a given time period, that you should be able to fire off an instant ability precisely at the moment the global cooldown becomes available(with respect to latency and reaction time of course). In reality, a severe miss streak may cause you to be forced to wait an extra second or two before being able to use an ability. If you encounter this frequently in game, assuming you're doing your best to properly store an appropriate reserve of rage, then you should value stats which improve rage generation consistency a bit higher than this calc tells you. Hit Rating, Haste Rating, and Expertise Rating are superb for rage generation consistency. You may also find that using only Devastate, and no Whirlwind, may produce higher dps in game if using whirlwind is consuming too much rage, causing you to miss global cooldowns.

- I don't include Weapon Dps or Weapon Speed into the link. This is because I don't currently feel that the results are realistic. Weapon dps SEP is accurate, however the SEP values for weapon speed are very sensitive and tend to fluctuate a lot. If lootrank one day decides to offer a way to rank weapons which includes a way to rank by speed, and weapon type, then I may add support to this calculator. Until then, the results are simply too innacurate.

- SEP calculations are computed as follows. The stats and options you have entered are used to calculate total dps. This is used as the baseline dps. Then, 1 point of a stat is added(for example, 1 crit rating, 1 str etc...), and the increase in dps is recorded. This Process repeats for each stat independantly. While most of the time, SEP rankings will smoothly change based on your stats, you must be aware of certain points where mechanics change. For example, additional hit rating is much less valuable if you already have more than 9% hit(because yellow attacks cannot miss with 9% hit). So if you enter 8.99% hit, the SEP calculations will cross this point of change in game mechanics when it adds hit rating, and your resulting SEP value for hit will be much different than if you had stayed well above or below this point. Expertise is another one, entering more than 23 or more skill will cause the SEP value of expertise to be zero, because additional expertise past 23 offers no further dodge reduction. While these changes in mechanics are correct in modeling the game, you should be aware of them because if you have crossed one of these, your SEP values may not promote proper item selection.

- More improvements coming( style gear/enchant selection coming soon, with weapon and enchant procs modeled!).

Raid boss armor values can be found at this elitist jerks thread.

  • Most bosses have either 6200 or 7700 armor.
  • Sunder x 5 is -2600 armor.
  • Faerie Fire is -610 armor.
  • Curse of Recklessness is -800 armor.
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